Friday, June 29, 2012

Count Down

July 4 2009
I was the only girl (PeeEss, this is
not really me)

July 4 2010
Cousin E made me a Birthday Hat

July 4 2011
I look so GROWNUP and I am just 2!

July 4 2012
What great things await me for my THIRD birthday?

Stay Tuned

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Confused

So it is already THURSDAY and it is almost the WEEKEND again. I woke up totally unprepared to face the end of the week! Don't get me wrong - I LOVES LOVES LOVES the weekends as that is when I get to spend all day with the 'rents. But with school being out and Mommy #1 home a lot more, I find the idea of a weekend confusing because - really there is no END.

I'm Confused

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tribute to Tuni

For Tuni

Your sense of STYLE 
It brought me SMILES
You were always in the GROOVE
Especially when you had to MOVE
But through all the CHANGE
Just to be in TUNE

Your sweet sweet EYES would glow
Your silly TONGUE that hung just SO
The wardrobe worthy of a QUEEN
I know there were some I hadn't seen
When I look at your photo, what I SEE
Is a grand Ol' dame I strive to be
When I reach a RIPE old age
Like Tuni Woons, my personal SAGE

I am gonna miss you TUNI

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If I Stare Just a Little Harder . . .

If I stare just a little harder
Will this lovely morsel at last be mine?
If I hope and dream some more
Will the taste be more sublime?
If I will it, will it happen
Or will I just be put aside?
If I seize this very moment
Will it last an extra extra long time?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rollerblades, Rolling Hills and Rolling Eyes

Getting my rollerblades on . . 

This past weekend was just a MARVELOUS weekend, weatherwise. Gone were the TRIPLE digit threat and in came the wonderful SEVENTIES. It was a little breezy so my nose did get a little runny, but otherwise it was NIRVANA.

The Park near my house

Mommy #2 took me to the park so I could stretch my legs and lose a few ounces. I need to keep in trim form for upcoming PAWties, you know. PLUS, the BLOGVILLE Olympics are coming up and if I am gonna compete I need to TUNE, TONE and TRIM.

We had a lot of fun while there. I saw Squirrels, and Geese, Ducks and assorted wildlife I could not properly identify. Oh, Mommy just informed me those UNIDENTIFIABLES were human CHILDREN. I dunno. . . I have never seen human children running around screaming like BANSHEES before so I assumed they were some other creatures. Huh. Go Figure.

Anyhow, after about an hour we had to head home and prepare dinner. Did someone say FOOD? I KNOW that is an Olympic even I would excel in!

I loves loves loves the PARK

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

The first full weekend of Summer is upon us and I have no idea how I am going to spend it. I know there will be walks involved since an unseasonal cold front has moved in bring the temperatures down 20+ degrees. For me that is IDEAL. For my humans it is not so much. Mommy #2 especially because she loves HOT weather and laments that I cannot handle it so well.
I have given it some thought and came up with some possible activities for my weekend. No matter what, I know I will have fun because my 'rents will be there with me every step of the way.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'll Take an EXTRA Hour ANYday

Happy First Day of Summer and Welcome to the LONGEST Day of the Year. I am so so so excited to have all of these extra hours to do what I love to do.

Such as



How about you? How are you gonna spend all those extra DAY LIGHT hours?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just a Little Taste

Sunshine the Cat here. I love Summer and its infinite smells and tastes. I am an indoor cat, if truth be told; but once in a while I like to sneak out the back door and experience the WORLD. I don't go far, just to the grassy area behind the house. It is sheer heaven - that is until that MOUTHY pug alerts the 'rents to my whereabouts.

Then it is all "Get BACK in here Sunshine!" and "Don't you DARE run away." My favorite is "Sunshine, come in and you'll get a TREAT!"

Shuts the yappy hound up as well.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A-Buzz Buzz

WHAT was THAT???

I had this really WEIRD dream last night. I was all alone in the back yard checking out my SPOTS and listening to the neighborhood gossip. When all of a sudden I heard this loud BUZZING. Now, I have never had a BEE encounter and I do NOT intend to have one anytime soon. So I immediately started looking around for the bee hive, bee swarm (yes, we had one not long ago), bee ANYTHING. I looked under the APRICOT trees (mmmmmm! I had a snack while there), under the plum and apple trees (not ripe yet), under the play structure, through the roses and cacti (how did I miss all those thorns???) and around the house. I did not spot a single bee. I did not spot a single wasp. Nothing buzzworthy at all was floating, landing or sunning in and around MY YARD.

But the buzzing continued and finally I forced open one eye . . . wait, why are my EYES closed, I thought. Is this why I couldn't FIND anything in the yard? 

Hmmmm. So I FORCED open my eye and looked around. I was in my BED! Asleep! The buzzing was the alarm clock!

Oh Noodles, I thought, you are so ready for a REAL ADVENTURE! But what should it be?????

Friday, June 15, 2012

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day keeps the VET away
I love my APPLE but only to play
It is soft and squishy and has a squeaker
I can bite or ROLL or store it in a sneaker
But best of all I can hold it near
Cuz it reminds me of my MOMMY dear

So the other day I told Mommy #2 that I was a little bored with my toys. I still love my Sock Monkey and Rocky Raccoon, but once in a while I need a little variety. So Mommy said to relax, she thought she had something put away for a rainy day. Lo and behold, she wanders out of her bedroom with this bright red APPLE made by someone named Martha Stewart. I admit, I scoffed at it. Looked like a silly imitation APPLE and not very realistic. But when she SQUEAKED it and handed it to me . . . suddenly I was in HEAVEN. The texture, the shape, the squeak!!!! It was all too much for me. I played with that APPLE for over an hour STRAIGHT.

For right now, it is my new best friend.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to SNARF an Apricot

I live in SUNNY wonderful CALIFORNIA. Aside from the crowded freeways, occasional smog (thanks SF) and nearly broke CITY government, it is PARADISE. This time of year (late Spring to Summer) is especially fine as we still cling to those AGRARIAN roots of ours so FRUIT is abundant and fresh. In MY yard there are two APRICOT trees. Once is an early ripening variety and the other a late variety. WHY is this IMPORTANT? Well, because it means we have apricots through most of the summer.

If you have never tried an APRICOT, then lemme tell you - YUMMMMMMMM!!!! Try one today.

I am an expert APRICOT snarfer. Because I do my bidness in the backyard, I am often the first one to notice when the APRICOTS are ripe (they start to fall to the ground). I had snarfed yummy morsels for a couple of WEEKS before then humans noticed and started HARVESTING the 'cots off the ground. So I have to share now. But we all know I am a MAJOR SHARER, so it is okay. I get plenty. . . almost too plenty as I have had to HIDE a couple of tummy aches from Mommy #2.

I am going to reveal to you, my Blogville FURiends, the gentle art of APRICOT SNARFING. Here goes

To SNARF and APRICOT one must

  1. Snuffle around the yard until a ripe (or nearly ripe) APRICOT is found
  2. Take your RIGHT or LEFT paw and move it away from the pack
  3. Touch your nose to the 'COT and savor its rich aroma
  4. Maneuver your muzzle around until your mouth is placed just over the 'COT
  5. Go at it with all your SOUL
  6. Lick your CHOPS to get all the sweet nectar
See the orange in my 500th Post Cakelet?
Could it be APRICOT???

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Less Wordy Wednesday

Our defining features

Hmmmmm. I think I will join a blog hop

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pinch Me I'm Dreaming

Me and my balloon teddy from the 500th Post PAWty

I woke up this morning - early, as usual.
Mommy #2 got up with me, as usual.
I went outside to communicate with my pups, as usual.
I came in and ate breakfast - FAST, as usual.
Mommy #2 got dressed for work, as usual.
Then she left for work, as usual.

and this is a BIG BUT

Mommy #1 stayed in bed and DID not get ready for school!!!!! She is staying HOME with me!!! And she said she will be home for a couple of months until school starts again!

So I cuddled with Mommy #1, NOT as usual.
And went for a walk in the am, NOT as usual.
I stayed out of my pen and crate, NOT as usual.
I watched TV with Mommy #1, NOT as usual.

Wow! I think I won the lottery.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Up-swelling of Pride

I really did it!

This cakelet is EATABLES

So my 500th post passed and I couldn't even post any photos of my SHINDIG. It was so fun and I hope to make it even FUNNER when number 1000 rolls around.
But rather than BE-LABOR the point of no photos, I decided to move on from here. I shall post pictures sparingly until Mommy #2 can figure out a workaround for the MISSING BYTES. You all know I had a BLOW OUT PAWTY that was OPEN KIBBLE and everything. And believe me when I say BLOGVILLE knows how to make a PRETTY PUG PRINCESS feel really really special.

And to those of you awaiting your prizes from Sunshine's Caption Contest. . . they are soon to be on the way - I PROMISE!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh Hank I Will Miss You

Dear Angel Hank
I will miss you. I would often visit your blog,, just for a chuckle and that warm feeling shared between FURiends (although we never met in the furs).
The stars will be a little brighter now that your EXTRA large one has joined the heavens.
Love Noodles

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonderful Wordless Wednesday

500 POSTS!!!!!!! I Did It!

(Thanks for the tip Frankie Furter and Ernie. I was able to free up a little space.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All In The Name Of FREEDOM

Mommy #2 voted today. She always VOTES. She said it makes her feel a part of the machinery that makes the country work. She is funny like that. . . always wanting to be in control and leading the march.

Like when we go for WALKS. She puts me on a leash and gives me just enough slack to make me think that I am IN CONTROL. But if I stray too far to one side or take too long to SNIFF a particularly SMELLY patch of grass, she yanks on the leash (lightly, she is not a MEANIE) and reminds me we are supposed to be WALKING.

I asked her what she was VOTING for - was it just one thing or person? No, she said. It was more for an ideal, a PATH that she hopes the politicians who REPRESENT her follow. Otherwise, she said, they have NO IDEAS but their own of which way to take the country.

Freedom, she explained, is best represented in voting - in having a VOICE in what your government does or doesn't do. That, she said, is what differentiates us from the rest of the WORLD.

Mommy! I yawned. You are getting WAY too HEAVY for me. I even forgot the QUESTION I asked you and why it was even IMPORTANT to me. I, uh, I think. . . yes, I am sure, that I VOTE for a second breakfast. All that "EXERCISING my FREEDOM" has made me HUNGRY.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Corbin's Birthday and Pitty Post Day 2012

I cannot post any pictures RIGHT NOW but that SURE isn't gonna keep me from POSTING. Especially when it comes to somedog as special as my buddy CORBIN. Happy birthday CORBIN. I hope you have nothing but a fun-filled, food-filled, and pain-free day because YOU DESERVE IT!

Corbin, my buddy changed the way my Mommys (and many many others) viewed Pit Bulls. Because Corbin is a GRRRR8 SON for his 'rents and he showers just as much love on them as they shower on him. Not only that, BUT THE DUDE SHARES!!!!  And I am not just talking about a toy or two. I am talking he shares his HOUSE, his FOODABLES, and his 'RENTS with foster dogs. That is NOT how a mean dog-type acts.

Pit Bulls get a very bad rap which is WRONG for a dog that is charming, companionable and cute. It is NEWS when a Pit Bull bites someone and it shouldn't be any more newsworthy than a POODLE bite (which is just as common).

If you wanna read about CORBIN's and MY DREAM DATE check it out here. Sadly it did not really happen - SIGH!!!! - but I had fun dreaming it.

Happy Birthday Corbin and MANY MANY good times ahead.