Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sunbeam Adventuring

Sitting in the SUN - it is so FUN

What’s THAT I wonder - I think I’ll wander

Ooh smells SWEET - what a TREAT

You caught me, I admit it - time to take a SIT for a BIT

Huh? What’s up little Flower?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It All About My ME!

I have something NEW to show you and I gotta say, I am super proud of it. See my new BOWL for foodables? It has my NICKNAME on it - Noods. You KNOW something is extra special when it has your special secret-not-so-secret NAME on it. And you know what? I absolutely love love love it.

My new bowl and THIS AWESOME tee shirt was given to me as A PRESENT by Mommy #1’s bestie Auntie A (or S depending on her mood but that’s another story). She gives me lots of head skritches and cuddles when she sees me which isn’t as often as I would like. So anyhooooo - she and Mommy were out shopping post-Christmas and she saw this stuff with my NICKNAME on it. And she thought of me. Isn’t that the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever heard?

 I feel absolutely like a SUPERMODEL in the tee shirt and it didn’t take too many treats for Mommy to bribe me into posing. I WANT to show it off and eat from the bowl and, well, I just like staring at it. I can’t even get mad that the company who designs and sells the stuff STOLE my very own unique NICKNAME for profit and gain. Why? Because it is so CUTE, like me

 As you can tell, I LOVE IT!
Thank you Auntie A/S for being such a super auntie and thinking of me and spoiling me but not in a bad way but the GOOD way. I am gonna give you an EXTRA special SMOOCH next time we meet.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Weather Permitting, of Course

Hi my peeps and pups
It is I, Noodles the pug coming to you from NOT so Sunny California. It’s cool, too.
Well. To be completely honest - and I am - it is downright cold. In fact, we have snow on the mountains behind the hills behind my house. It’s much closer than these photos make it look. These were taken from my Mommy’s new work place. You cannot see most of this snow from my house. BUT you can feel it.

If you BiGIFY these pics you can really see it.

To a lot of you, snow is NBD. But for me - it really is. 

I don’t mind a little rain when I go outside to do my BIDNESS. But I really don’t like it to be cold. I drag my paws BIG time when it is cold. 

And to quote my new fave television show “The Mandalorian” 

“I have spoken.”

Monday, January 13, 2020

Wrinkles of Worry

Many of you know my sisteroid, Sunshine the cat. She has been around a long long time- nearly 17 years, if you can believe it. She is the grand dame of the house and I consider her my BIG SISTER - even though she isn't bigger than me.

We used to all be close to the same size. I, being a PUG, has always weighed a little more; but otherwise the three of us have always been similar in size. But these past few months - well almost the whole year - we kinda noticed that although she has a good appetite and drinks plenty of water, Sunshine has gotten very very skinny. Generally she is pretty healthy acting so we don't worry too much about it.

But the other night, Sunday to be specific, something happened which totally unnerved Molly and Me . . . and indeed the whole family. It appears Sunshine, my beloved (most of the time) BIG SISTEROID had a seizure. Aunt T noticed it when Sunshine had trouble negotiating the two stairs into the kitchen. She was listing to one side and kinda went limp. He eyes were dilated really really wide, too. She was OUT OF IT. Molly and I started BAWLING because we knew something was wrong but we didn't know what or why. I am afraid we DID NOT make the situation any better with our behavior.

But I was so worried. She did come out of it and within a couple of hours, she was acting her normal cantankerous self.

I am still worried. I know she is OLD and frail BUT I am not ready to lose her yet. Sure, she can be a bully. And yes, she conveniently forgets the litter box is where she is supposed to poop. But even with all of that, she is still my best FURIEND as only a sisteroid can be. I want us to grow OLD together so she needs to get it together and stay well.

This little PUGGY needs her.