Friday, October 25, 2019

Pinky Pink PINK - What More Can I Learn About Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Did you know there are many ways you can help raise money for CANCER RESEARCH and to help Breast Cancer victims? Well CHECK this out
(my source is GAME PINK)

  1. COACH POTATOES TAKE NOTE = You can play video games to raise money! Check this out If your thing is cracking the gaming code and raking up points, this challenge may be just for you. Gamers gather SPONSERS and then donations are based on amassing points. It couldn't be easier. A lot easier than running a marathon, don't you think? 

  2. MEGA SHOPPERS LOOK HERE = You can shop and talk your friends into shopping as well at There are so many kinds of merch to choose from. A good place to do some serious Christmas shopping. And the best part - you KNOW the proceeds will funnel right to Breast Cancer programs.

  3. BLOGGERS and VLOGGERS = Add a donate button to your site and help raise funds without doing a thing. It is easy - just download the code from here

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Halloween Countdown

We took this photo at PetsMart way way back when. The flying pig costume was one of the first Mommy made for me. It was good but too big - especially the hood with nose. It flopped down over my head and I couldn't see where I was going. You see, PUGS have very small heads despite having rather large necks. So hoods are hard to fit.

Mommy also made Molly's cap which does not really stay on her head either. WHY? Because she has a pin head. That's really all. Her head is as small as Sunshine's.

Mom also made these TUTUs for us that year and it looked really great on me.

Sunshine chose to wear it like this.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Fruitiest Fall

Mommy! What'd you say? My ears are missing! 
Fall my Mommy #2 goes nearly NUTTY. She is nutty all year round but NOT quite as much as during the Fall. It is all about the FRUITS and the jams she makes. She cannot stop herself. And here's the rub . . . she seldom eats jam. Once in a blue MOON she might. But as a rule - no way jose.

Here is a sampling of what the last few weeks have brought

The FIGS were everywhere, she had Asian pears and augmented them with Bosc and Bartlett, a variety of jalapeno and salsa peppers, and lemons. She made fresh Lemon curd, Fig pear jam, Fig and Merlot jam, Ginger Fig jam, Red Pepper Flake jam. THEN THIS WEEKEND she comes home with apples galore, and yesterday she came home with 2 large bags full of LARGE pomegranates. There seems to be no end to this bounty.

Well, there will be and we will all be sad when it ends.

In the meantime, Mommy is busy chopping, jamming and freezing - not exactly in that order. Oh, and yes, eating fresh fruit . . . a lot!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Noodles the Pug - College Senior

Doesn't it seem like only YESTERDAY that we sent MY GIRL off to college? It went by so quickly and here it is. . . SENIOR year. I can hardly believe it myself.

This weekend I spent with Mommy #1 on campus. No, her school is NOT that progressive and does NOT allow students to have dogs (or even PUGS) in the dorm or suites. But Mommy gets special permission to once in a while bring me on campus for a long weekend visit. It is so special and I love it so much. She has a 2 bedroom suite so it is like having space ALL TO MYSELF when I hang out in her room. And we sit together in the common area A LOT studying and watching movies. It is so nice.

Then there is the SOCIAL aspect of a weekend visit. I get to see A LOT of Mommy's friends who also live in the suites or nearby off campus. They all take time out of studying to come by and say HI. What I like most about being on the college campus is the sense of purpose that everypuggy has. It is kinda exciting. I will miss it a lot once Mommy #1 graduates (Spring 2020).

We didn't go a lot of places over the weekend, just hung out together. I really really enjoy doing that. We don't get to often enough.

Today Mommy #2 came by to get me. It was an extra special thing because I got to go to Mommy #1's work(campus job) and meet all the people she gets to work with AND THAT is from where M#2 picked me up. They are some pretty cool folk and I was so happy to put faces with names AND scents. Mommy talks about them a lot - but you know humans, their ability to accurately describe another BEING is quite limited.

I am happy as a clam to be back home. I know Molly missed me a lot. I know Mommy #2 likewise missed me a lot although she won't say as much. She does not want Mommy #1 to think it is NOT okay to steal me away for a couple of days. She thinks like that - my HuMOM #2 does.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday is MY Day to FLASH Back

Happy Friday
I decided to take a walk down memory lane today and post a photo of me at 2 years old. Wasn't I stunning? So adorable. I was also a little heavier than I am today. I began to concentrate on keeping my weight down not long after this. Of course, in my APRON you cannot really tell how TUBBY I actually was.

This photo was taken when Mommy and I were testing TREAT recipes for PUGLET'S treat book. It was so much fun to work out what to put in my treats and then TO TEST THEM. Then when Puglet's awesome Mommy compiled them into an e-book, well . . . We still have it to this day.

Here is a photo of me and Molly when she was just a little puppy! She was about 4 months old when Aunt B adopted her. We are both so young in this picture as I am only 3 years old.

We used to go to the park a lot back then. My Mommy #1 was still a little girl and Cousin C was a toddler. It was so much fun. But then again, playgrounds always are when you are a youngun. Mommy #2 thinks about taking us to the park but she just doesn't. Life got so much busier when the kids grew up and their activities were so time consuming.

But once in a while we do walk that way. Sometimes we sit and chat.

Here is ME and Molly in my SNOOPY BED (I no longer have it. Mommy said it was gross). She looks big in this picture - but she is HALF MY SIZE weight-wise but a little taller than me. She really needs ME to be with her because she has anxiety. I am fine when I am not with her because. . . well I don't. BUT it is totally fine with me to be her EMOTIONAL SUPPORT pup because it makes me feel good to help. In this photo, I am 6 and Molly is 3.

And finally, this is me participating in my very FIRST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (OCTOBER). I was about 1 here. Don't I look very very cute in pink?

Thanks for joining me on my stroll down memory lane. Have a good weekend everyPUGGY!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

So Sew!

Hi Everypuggy
I am working hard trying to finish my Halloween costume in time. It has not been quite as easy as I thought. But I am confident I will have SOMETHING done on the day of the HAUNTING.

First of all, I had to find a pattern. That SHOULD have been easy but Mommy has found that ready made patterns DO NOT fit a pug. Even if a PUG is featured on the pattern envelope - it still never quite fits me right. The ONLY sewn costume that ever fit me right was the StormTrooper costume. And MOMMY created that one from scratch using a template online for a HUMAN costume. She's pretty clever, that Mommy of MINE.

Looking around the internets, I found something that MIGHT work even though it is not specifically a PUG thing

It gives Mommy the basic outline of what she needs to cut out. From there we can design something.

The next thing we had to do was shop for fabric. Have you ever BEEN to a FABRIC store before? It is OVERWHELMING. There are so many kinds of fabric and so many colors to choose from. I did not know where to begin!

I mean, do I want something HALLOWEENY or something I can wear some other time or something not HALLOWEENY but good for a costume of unexplained type? There was just so much I had to decide!!! But I did have my socks to build off of and so I took some of them along.

We spent hours. . . . NO DAYS . . . wandering in and out of the aisles comparing colors, textures, and overall CUTENESS. Because, in the end, I want to look CUTE and not scary. I am totally NOT into the scary.

Then it was down to business - cutting out and preparing to sew. This is the hard part but I am pretty sure I can do it. Mommy has to start working on Monday so I am ON MY OWN with this project. Wish me luck. I can sure use it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pink, Pink, Pink

It just so happens I like PINK and I wear it well. Occasionally I ROCK a pink sweater or a pink DRESS. on rare occasions, I wear a pink WIG. I have rather short fur - a lot of it, but it's short. So when I want to feel extra special, I wear a PINK WIG. I also like PINK because it is the international color for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (October).  It is symbol of hope and a symbol of the continuing battle to make people aware of breast cancer. It, cancer, does not happen just to women, though. Despite the pink logo and pushing of pink ribbon products, breast cancer is NOT just a womans' issue. It happens to men as well. Have any of you seen the television show "A Million Little Things"? well, one of the storylines deals with this topic because one of the characters is a man who has battled breast cancer. And he bonds with an auxiliary character who is currently battling breast cancer. Sounds droll but it is a very good show which really sends the message that breast cancer can happen to anyone. I highly recommend this show - I generally snore through the whole program - but some of the time I am fake snoring and I am really watching and taking in the story with one eye open. I found this blog that talks about the show - specifically the cancer storyline:

Here are some of the things from  you STILL HAVE TIME to do in Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  1. Download our free Dense Breasts Q&A Guide
  2. Share the story of how you or a loved one have been affected by breast cancer
  3. Make a one-time or monthly donation to help provide a mammogram for a woman in need
  4. Host a fundraiser benefitting NBCF
  5. Volunteer to join in Helping Women Now
  6. Proudly wear a pink ribbon during October or year-round
  7. Share about Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn
A lot of little things done by a lot of people add up to a lot of things happening 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Fallish Around Here

It's cool and clear today. The sunshine spreads for miles and the winds have died down (it was SO WINDY on Friday). In other words, FALL has arrived in NorCal. My favorite things about the FALL are the cooler days so IF I want to go outside or go for a walk, it is cool enough for me to do so as much as I want. In Summer, my excursions are minutes long at best. Can't be too careful with flat-faces in hot weather.

So you all know huMOM #2 went to Apple Valley on Thursday. She came back the same day - well, evening, but had to go straight to work! I saw her only briefly that evening before we headed to night-night.

Saturday was a pretty fun day. Mommy #2 had a friend over to help make LEMON CURD. Well, actually it was more Mommy teaching her how to make it. They talked A LOT and giggled A LOT. The kitchen smelled so wonderful with lemons, too. I helped by making sure I was RIGHT BY THEIR feet while they were cooking. I was careful I did not trip anyone with a hot pan in their hand, though. That was all afternoon and then Mommy and I sat in the couch watching movies the rest of the evening.

Sunday was FUN DAY. We got up early and went to breakfast with Mommy #1! How special is that? We went to Panera and it was a nice enough morning to sit outside and eat. That is why I got to go! We were outside. After breakfast, we walked around the shopping center which included a visit to PetsMart. I like that place. The cashiers give me TREATS.

Then we drove to Mommy #1's apartment on campus and GUESS WHAT!!!!! I got to spend the NIGHT with her! Yes! I really did and I liked it so much. I loves loves loves spending time with Mommy #1.

Mommy DID LEAVE ME for a while in the evening (I stayed with her roomie - but mostly I slept) so she could attend the SAN JOSE SHARKS game. It was the first home game following the return of Patrick Marleau to teal. The whole town was buzzing with excitement over this one and both of my mommys said it was one of the BEST games they'd ever gone to. It was helped a lot by them winning the game.

My Mommys are in this photo of Patrick Marleau. They were
at the glass for warm-ups

Mommy and I cuddled a little while before heading to bed and this morning Mommy #2 arrived to pick me up. I am ready to snooze now because I am so exhausted from all the todoing this weekend.

Happy Monday everypuggy.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Apples AND Nothing to DO With Me!

I am staging a bit of a protest today. You see - Mommy #2 took off yesterday morning and did NOT return until AFTER her night job. Yes, it was close to night-night time. And that meant I had to NOT ONLY hold my pee for a long long time, but I also had no HUMOM to cuddle with and chat with and . . . just BE with. She is my WORLD, after all. That is unless Mommy #1 is home and then SHE is also my WORLD.

She went to visit our furiends in Sacramento - Auntie S and Sif, Xena and Thor. Sif and Xena are doodles - Thor is a newfie.

Sif (front) Xena (back) - I don't have a good
photo of Thor

That is BESIDE the point. What she did while there is the POINT. They went to Apple Valley and SMELLED (and ate a little bit of) APPLES. I loves loves loves APPLES, as anyone who follows my blog knows.



Mommy had been PAST APPLE VALLEY, but had never actually been to AV. She really liked it because it is beautiful and quaint and filled with farms nestled in the Sierra foothills. It is amazing territory. She said they had fun and ate apple donuts. She DID NOT bring any apples home for me to taste. I am a little sad about that.

Like I said, I love APPLES.

I am working on my peevishness about this latest Mommy transgression - meditation helps.

Graphic by TeePublic tee shirts

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Hello. I am back from the DOGTER's and feeling pretty good. I was a little woozy at first so I took a POWER NAP. Then I woke up and was so HUNGRY! I had not eaten in DAYS, I tell ya (in truth, it was 24 hours)! I woke from my nap and realized that I was sincerely HUNGRY! So I did what any self respecting PUG would do - I whined and begged like the DICKENS.

But NO ONE gave in until the magical hour the DOGTER had told them to feed me. It was AN ETERNITY (it was 30 mins). And when it finally was time to eat, I got this much food

I TOLD the humans it was NOT enough food but they didn't believe me and so this is all I got. Surprisingly, I was not hungry after finishing it so I didn't pursue the point any further. In fact, I lay down and went back to my napping. I pretty much did this for the rest of the night.

This morning, other than a little sensitivity in my throat from the breathing tube, I felt GOOD TO GO. My mouth feels great despite losing 2 teeth. My paws feel great despite the extreme pawdicure. And I just feel good all over - I wasn't sick anyhow. And Mommy says she is SURE if I would show her my teeth that they would look great. But NO ONE sees my teeth - not even the Dogter, unless he catches me unawares.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hi From Molly

Hi. It's me, Molly. I am taking over Noodles' blog today because she is at the DOGTER. No, nothing is wrong with her. She is getting her teeth cleaned and paw nails trimmed really low. She should be home by this afternoon. It's important that we pups get dentals at least every couple of years (and teeth checked more often than that). Just like HUMANS, heart health is related to teeth health. It's like getting two for ONE!

I want to say THANK YOU all for the outpouring of good wishes during my recent health crisis. I appreciate it so very much. I am back to my normal self and I have a lot more energy than I have had for MONTHS! Who knew? Not me. I only knew I didn't feel better. The DOGTER said he had never seen so many stones in a little doggy tummy before. Especially one who regularly went for check-ups and such. Now we just need to make sure it does not happen again. As such, I am on a very strict diet now for urinary issues. It tastes okay so I guess I can do it. I still get an occasional treat - but as you know, despite the abundance of treats in this house, we don't get more than 1-2 SMALL treats a day.

Like Noodles, I am currently working on my Halloween costume. It is so difficult. I like this one my Auntie M bought for me BUT it is too small. Fits Sunshine, though. She hated it but it fit.

MAYBE Mommy can find another IN MY SIZE. But if she can't, I can always raid Noodles' costume closet.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Building Blocks for My Halloween Costume

Mommy! These are TWISTED! Maybe you put them on too

I take my costume making very very SERIOUSLY. That is why I do NOT wear the same thing year after year after year. I CUSTOMIZE them every year. This year I decided to use one of my FAVORITE accessories ever - Power Paws by Woodrow Wear.

This post is NOT a review nor am I paid to write it. In a way it's an endorsement because I LOVE MY POWER PAWS. So this year my SOCKS are what I am building my costume on. It is a small touch that I think makes my costume uniquely MINE. If you don't know much about POWER PAWS, there is a link above and in my sidebar to their website. I also did a review of them a couple of years ago but it is so far down the list I cannot find it. I have worn them for years. Originally we got them for Molly because when her FOOT FUR gets too long she falls on the stairs. These are TRACTION socks so Mommy thought they would help her. AND THEY DO. They are traction socks, sure. And they are also good for SNOW socks, I know.

I like them because they are so stylish.

I have so many now here is an example of the variety available (and I have all of these . . . I mean MOLLY and I have all of these)

So you can see there are enough styles and colors that I can do almost ANYTHING like . . .

Imagine this with green socks

With Pink Socks?

Or something really WACKY like'

With my Halloween Socks

I am getting so inspired now. . .