Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something Exciting is Coming TOMORROW

This is RIDICULOUS!!! Do you see the background to this picture???? It is THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! I think it is time we get some NEW pictures Mommy - I mean, REALLY new!

This is NOT ME. Note the LONG
legs which I DO NOT
Update on PoochieBells: Molly has begun to ring the bells. Yep, it is true. Mommy or aunties have to prompt her to ring them by saying "Potty" but she will then ring them. She is one smart cookie. What about ME, you ask? Well - I COULD ring them if I CHOSE to but I am a PUG PRINCESS and I do not ring bells - POOCHIE or otherwise. I will come running like there is no tomorrow when SOMEONE else rings them. I like the sound.

Mommy said they are just what she always wanted so we could SIGNAL when we have to go outside. I tried to ACCIDENTALLY hit them for a TREAT but SHE caught on to that one right away. We, and by WE I mean Molly, thank POOCHIEBELLS for giving us this opportunity to try out the bells and review them. We will be doing a FULL BLOWN review next week.

TOMORROW we have something special happening. I was going to hint at what it will be but I decided NOT TO. So you will just have to check back and see what the BIG DEAL is.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hedgehog Heaven

See that in this photo? It is a CHEWABLE hedgehog and I loves, loves, loves it! My auntie bought it for me when her and Molly went to their last puppy class. I guess it was my prize for NOT going, hehheh.

It made me think of a new poem, so here goes

You have spikes on your head
and lots on your bod
You smell kinda funky
but I like you a lot
Mom says you are veggie-ful
and organic in some way
I don't really care 
cuz you're mighty taste-eh
Unlike most treats
I can't just gulp ya
Like most treats 
I truly adore ya

Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Molly

Hi, My name is MOLLY - as Noodles has reminded me YOU already KNOW! I am now 7 months old and I weight about 7 pounds. Isn't it funny that I weigh my AGE??? I have grown taller and longer too. Noodles calls me weasely but I am not at all a weasel, nor do I look like a weasel, NOT that I even know what a weasel is. I AM a particularly CUTE lil' PURSE-type puppy who loves loves loves my FAMILY and my BIG sister Noodles.

We are embarking (HAHA, I said Bark) on a new adventure in our household. It has to do with P-O-T-T-Y and specifically ME. I am pretty well potty trained but I do not always communicate my NEEDS. So I might sit by the door or sniff around but I don't really know WHAT TO SAY! I have said "Uh, excuse me, gotta PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Or something to that effect, but it has not worked cus I sound like I am YIPPING unnecessarily.

So, we are trying a new method BEGINNING this week - called POOCHIEBELLS. There are really pretty  JINGLE bells on a BLUE ribbon and they hang on the door that goes OUTSIDE. All of my Mommys and Aunties have been calling me to go POTTY and ringing the bells at the same time. I even got some treats when I showed up at the door and that seems to be an easy way to score NOMS. If that is all I accomplish, then I am happy.

I have a SNEAKY suspicion that this is not the END of the LESSON. I will keep you posted as I learn more. I am very very excited about this new adventure. Thanks POOCHIEBELLS for my extra treatables!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh, I Forgot . . .

These are the TREAT BAGS we got from Biscuits - Give a Dog a Bone.

Each bag contained a sweet potato chew, a bully stick and an animal cracker. I also got some organic wipes for my nose fold and ears. They make me smell all lavendery and stuff.

It was a fun way to spend an extra long weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dog Fun or Human Fun?

After the DOG PARK, Molly and I went to the HUMAN playground. We can't be off-leash there but we managed to find some fun things to do.


I know, I know. We LOOK like we are having a lot of fun - BUT ARE WE REALLY?

Decide for yourself


It was really a lot of fun, to tell the truth. Afterward, we all went to our FAVORITE dog boutique in downtown Japantown - Biscuits - Give a Dog a Bone. They have all kinds of healthy yummy foods there, bakery treats, fancy clothes, FORTY NINER JERSEYS FOR DOGS, Bully Sticks. . . oh the list goes on and on! And the owner, Jennifer Pan ALWAYS gives me a special HELLO and, if I let her, a quick hug. She is SUPER!

Mommy #2 let ME and Molly choose 3 treats each! We got small bully sticks, a small animal cracker, and a dried sweet potato chew. The animal cracker was gone in a flash!

I cannot wait for my next big adventure!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dogs at Play on a Sunny Day

Last weekend was a LOOOOONG weekend with a lot of Mommys time. It was really great, too because for me it meant a lot of snuggle time. Molly gets carried around ALL THE TIME so it was pretty much business as usual for her.

One of the FUNNEST things we did was go to the dog park. The weather (until today) has been sunny and mild - perfect for a PUG in a PARK.

Look how tall Molly is getting! She is nearly as tall and long
as me.

So off we went to the park. There were a LOT of small dogs at the park. They were all yapping and running around like crazy. Molly didn't know what to think because this was her FIRST adventure at the dog park. She didn't hesitate long as you can see -

I am a bit more reserved but there were a couple of times I joined in the fun. We met this 6 month old English Bull Dog named Miles. He was so BIG he lumbered when he ran. For some reason, he scared poor Molly. None of the other dogs, no matter how big they were, scared her like he did.

After the park we went to the playground for a different kind of fun. I will write about our continued fun tomorrow.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Today is Martin Luther King Jr day and it is a day to reflect on who we are as a nation, as a people, as a PUG.

So I did some reflecting and came to the conclusion that I AM living the DREAM of many many pugs and PETS out there. I am talking about those in Shelter/Puppy Farms/Abused situations. . . and really, what makes me so special? Yes. . . I AM a princess pug and all that. But I could have just as easily ended up at the Humane Society looking for my FURever home. Instead, I was born into a privileged situation - a show family of champion PUGS - with a future as bright as the sun. I was BORN gorgeous. If it weren't for a LITTLE personality quirk (I kinda like to do things MY way) I was destined for the show ring. Instead, I became the ruling PRINCESS of a wonderful family of a Mother and Daughter who happen to also live with a couple of Aunties, Cousins, cat, birds and now - another dog. BUT I AM THE RULER, make no mistake.

Oh DOG!! I totally digressed from my appointed topic of FREEDOM and EQUALITY. Well, as Dr King said. . . .

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

We, as a nation, can no longer ignore the situation of mistreatment of pets UNDER the guise of ignorance. Pick today to join one of the many groups trying to make a difference in a pet's life. The rewards will be legion.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Something Fun This Way Cometh

Sometimes I like to change things up a bit. This week I have decided to participate in Feeling Beachie's Friday Fill-In Fun Blog Hop. I often hop, but this week I am playing with the rules and PAWticipating! So here goes. (BTW, if you wanna play along, click on the logo and it will take you to FEELING BEACHIE.


This week’s statements:
1. I am a ____
2. Sometimes I don’t know when to ____
1. My two favorite words lately are ___________ and ____________
2. I would like ____________ if ____________ didn’t happen

  1. I am a PUG PRINCESS, of course!
  2. Sometimes I do not know when to SHARE! I try, real hard. But there are certain toys AND MY MOMMYS that I do NOT like to share!
  3. My two favorite words lately are FOOD and TREAT!
  4. I would like Molly if her POOP eating didn't happen. She is determined.

So there you have it. Have a GRRRRR8 weekend, Go Niners!!! Go SJ Sharks!!! Go SUNSHINE!!! (and I do not mean the cat).

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Thank you Idaho Pugs for awarding me this REALITY. I am honored that you think so highly of me to do so.

I had to erase all of my previous awards when I ran out of space and Mommy couldn't afford to pay for more. Now that she budgeted in BLOG PHOTO space, we no longer face that problem.

I love to get awards but I admit I seldom play by all of the rules. I don't like to randomly give them out because then the award seems more like a chain letter.

So I will kinda play by the rules here and answer the questions that go along with this:

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?
I would love to change the minds of all the people who think a pet is 
expendable. Just because that pet is old or sick does not mean it should 
be disposed of.
2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be? any year?
I was much more easy going when I was 1 and a half than I am now. 
Although I am friendlier with other dogs now. So I guess MY current age 
(3) is the best.
3) What is one thing that really scares you?
Reflections in the glass doors!!! My 'rents look disembodied and THAT is 
so scary.

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think 
you’ll be able to complete it?
I LIVE my dreams!!! Everyday!!!

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

I am a PRINCESS PUG. Why would I want to be ANYpuggy else?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whisper Wednesday

I WANT to shout out loud about this. But since this is Wednesday, I will just WHISPER. . .

Look what my Mommys got for Christmas from our FURiends
The Zs

This is the COOLEST present EVER!!!! This portrait of MOI is 2"x3"
And it sits on a TINY easel


PEE ESS Don't FURget the Blogpaws Blog Hop Today

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Artic Survival and TALU Archiving

I saw this fun idea on a blog this morning. You post something from your archive and then you blog hop to a bunch of OTHER sites that are doing the same. So I took some time out of my BUSY morning to look through my old posts. I found this one from 2009 that I really really really like. I hope you all like it too.

I know I have been BE-LABORING this point lately, but it has been COLD in these here parts lately. I mean LEGIMATELY cold (zero to SUB zero) and not just CALIFORNIA cold (i.e. 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

As proof, I wanna share a little something from yesterday with you:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Warm Wishes

I am wishing for some warmer weather. Not too much. . . but some as it has been toooooooo cold lately. I went outside to do my BIDNESS this am and the grass was CRUNCHY! It was crunchy yesterday and the day before and the day before. This is not right. We live in an area where the mean temperature is 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) year round! That means WINTER does not get to freezing. Winter does not get to 40 that much. Heck!!!! Winter should hoover in the 50s if you ask me.

I don't think it would be so bad except my mommys were too busy all weekend to spend much time cuddling and so I felt colder than I otherwise would have.

Lessee. . . Oh yeah, my Aunt B (not to be confused with AWESOME Auntie B . . . although Aunt B is awesome in her way, too) took all of MY Christmas cards into her work last week. I got a lot, you see. . . almost double what any ONE person in the rest of the household received . . . and they were almost all of adorable PUGS. A couple were pug mixes and some other FURiends. But all were ADORABLE. So Aunt B took the pile to work so everyone she works with could see them. They LOVED them!!! Some got good gut-giggles from them. You know how funny PUGS can be sometimes. Most thought they were adorable to the NTH degree.

So thanks eFURRYone who sent me WARM WISHES in a Christmas card. They made my day AT THE TIME and here we are, 3 weeks later, and they are still making people happy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Molly's Day in the SUN

She's really SCARED here. The sill is up high and she does not
jump down from up high

Last Saturday Molly spent all day in her mommy Cousin E's lap. Cousin E was studying for finals and Molly was just lazing in the SUN.

Okay . . . Okay! There is more to this story. In  the 3 short months Molly has lived with us, she has:

  1. Doubled in height and length (she is nearly my height and easily as long)
  2. Doubled in weight BUT NOT girth (she is still weasely skinny)
  3. EARNED her Certificate of Achievement from Puppy School
  4. Learned to walk on a leash, although she still pulls A LOT
  5. Learned to go potty outside ALL BY HERSELF
  6. Learned to SAY she has to go outside to go POTTY
  7. Had 2 HAIRCUTS and a zillion BATHS
That's pretty good for a KID, don't you think?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not as SAD as I Look

Hi, it's me Noodles. I have just noticed that the most recent photos of me have me looking positively MISERABLE or at least BOTHERED. Well, I am neither. I am my usual happy self going about my day making my Mommys happy, too.

But I do want to discuss something with you that has been CHEWING at my craw for a while now. . .  it is this new-fangled thing called Facebook.

Yes, I have a Facebook page. I am hip. I am cool.

I also have all of 2 Followers and 5 Friends. I don't wanna beg, or anything. . . but . . . can't you follow me or something?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two Times The Fun

Wordless Wednesday AND a Blog Hop - It doesn't get any better - ENOUGH said.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Edible PETS?

These are the cupcakes my Cousin E made for Lil' One's 7th birthday celebration last week. See what she did? She made one that looks like ME, one that looks like MOLLY and one that looks like my sisteroid SUNSHINE the CAT. I don't know what that other one looks like. . . . maybe the BIRD'S uh. . . . . . . . . . T-U-R-D?

Anyways, they were eerily accurate, don't you think?

I heard they were DELISH but I was not allowed EVEN a crumb of one OR a lick of the frosting. Mommy said something about CHOCOLATE but I really think she was saving us from cannibalism.


As if. . . . . .

Monday, January 7, 2013

Me and Molly Tearing It Up

This is me and Molly in MY CRATE! She likes to STEAL it from me so I have been taking to running like a MAD PUG to my crate whenever I get wind of her intentions. Then she arrives all flustered and stuff BUT insists on JOINING ME in the crate. Sometimes when it is cold in the room I don't really mind because for a little weaselly thing she sure generates a lot of HEAT.

Yesterday - well it was really more like last night because the sun had already gone down even though it was not yet 5pm - we were put into the pen so the 'rents and aunties and cousins could go OUT TO EAT for Auntie T's birthday. Molly was a little amped up cuz they fed us BEFORE they left just in case they were out too long after our normal dinner time.

It is all a blur now but what I can report is the Mommys started yelling LOUD when they got home about the pen being trashed, toys thrown everywhere, blankets draped on lampshades. . .  but WORST of all . . . the water bowl had SOMEHOW turned over and there was water EVERYWHERE even under my crate. We were quickly ushered out of the room so they could clean up and THEN we were RETURNED to do penance for our crime.

That Molly - she sure makes life interesting.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

PUGZ Make for A-Stylin' Pug

My main Christmas gift this year, besides toys, were PUGZ - the canine version of Uggs. See how well they fit? And how PERFECT they are with my Christmas jammies?

And they feel really good on my tootsies, too.

I will be WALKIN' in STYLE for 2013.

Molly got this here padded jacket for cold weather. We have had some already this year so she is gonna get a lot of use out of it.