Monday, September 21, 2020

It's Teddy


Hi EveryPUGGY! It's been a long time, huh? I am doing quite well for an 11 year old PUG PRINCESS! I am not quite a sprightly as I was as a pup, but I can still get around. And bath day zoomies are still a thing.

I want to introduce you all to a new family member - only this one does not live in our house, whew! This is Teddy, my new cousin. She is the new furbaby of my Cousin E and her husband Cousin J. They have their own house now. Teddy was born in July and arrived in her forever home 2 weeks ago. She is a DOODLE. 

I went over to their house on Sunday to meet Teddy for the first time. I was chosen because I am pretty mellow about meeting new pups. My only hesitation was - the last two times I met puppies, they came home with us. It worried me, I will not lie. BUT. . .
It was fine. It was pretty evident that in no way was Teddy coming to Casa de Noodles to live.

So we circled each other and she challenged me to a zoomie contest (I let her win). Then she got up in my grill so I had to LET HER KNOW I WAS ALPHA. After that she was a little scared. Before too long, she discovered she could GET MY GOAT by cuddling up to MY MOMMY. I tried not to get jealous. Really I did. 
My SMART Mommy was wise to her manipulations, though and put me on her lap to stay. Eventually Teddy tired out and all was well.