Monday, January 18, 2021

A Year in the Life of Noodles - 2020 Version

So it happens that I AM still around but many many many of my BLOGVILLE furiends are not.  I thought I was remiss for not blogging in 5 months and then I see most of my LONG TIME Furiends stopped blogging 5 Years OR MORE! What Tha? I get it - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are all more immediate and accessible. The times are changing and the face of Blogville with it. I am considering whether or not I will continue A BOWL OF NOODLES. But for now, well you can still find me here.

It is so hard to find the time for Ms Thumbs to sit down and write for me. 

This has been a hard year for all of us, hasn't it. And yet a lot has happened in a not-happening way. Here's what I mean -

1. My Mommys planned a 5 week trip to EUROPE to celebrate Mommy #1 turning 21 and graduating from university. But the best laid plans fell apart when the whole WORLD went on COVID-19 lockdown

2. Instead, Mommy #1 brought home a new family member - Rigatone. I love the guy, to be perfectly honest. He has such a sweet personality and he is snuggly and funny. BUT THAT PUPPY energy coupled with him being more than TWICE my size . . . well sometimes it is like a war zone around here. Molly can't tolerate him invading her space (and by her space she means the whole house) so she is usually yelling at him. Then I chime in telling her "Stop yelling. . . Stop yelling . . . Stop yelling!" And before you know it, everpuggy is yelling.

Rigatone THEN  

Rigatone NOW


3. Mommys planned a Trip to Disneyland as a consolation for not going to Europe

4. Mommys canceled a Trip to Disneyland when the Happiest Place on Earth shutdown 

5. Cousin E and her Bf J postponed their planned wedding

6. Cousin C and Mommy #1 had virtual graduation ceremonies which were NOTHING like in person celebrations would be. But we got cake

7. I turned 11 years old and Molly turned 8. I think we wear it well

8. Teddy the Doodle happened. Remember I mentioned Rigatone's PUPPY energy? Double that. Thank goodness she does NOT live in this house. Three PUPS are enough.

9. Mommys canceled ANOTHER trip to Disneyland because the park remains CLOSED!!!! In November they canceled the holiday in CORONADO which would have also been another Disneyland trip. Alas the base was not allowing non-military personnel onsite and THE PARK REMAINS CLOSED!!!

10. Cousin E and he Bf J canceled their wedding. They had a civil ceremony so its all good. I am happy because I really like J. He ALWAYS makes sure to show each pup attention.

11. We got a new PRESIDENT. Change is a good thing - I am hopeful

12. No Christmas Eve party (so no Tiffy and Fezzik visits). No Auntie D on Christmas Day, either. But Sandy Paws did show up and I got lots of presents.

And so here we are - a NEW YEAR with the same old PANDEMIC. I hope and pray it ends soon and we can get back to PUG MEET UPs and PAWTIES and all social things. I am happy, in the meantime, that my family is safe and healthy but SICK AND TIRED of each other's company day in and day out.
Me? I am happy to have constant access to my Mommy #2's lap!