Monday, April 30, 2012

Wonderful Images

I KNOW many of you are wondering how the pictures from my 1000Pugs experience came out. Well here you go . . .

Isn't this one above FANTASTIC???? How it was possible for me to look ANY CUTER I could not IMAGINE! But here is proof of just how MAGICAL Puglet's and Dutch's human Amanda's work is. I look 100 times CUTER!!!! OMP!

The feet belong to my Mommy #1. Believe or not, I think even her FEET look cuter in this picture!

We took the pictures in this really amazing park up in the hills of San Francisco, Buena Vista Park. It is a really cool plot of forest in an otherwise urban area. Truly wonderful.

This is a picture of me looking a little like an ADVENTURER. I was OFF LEASH and totally working the camera. It was fun fun fun, I tell you. And the experience was augmented by the tasty treats with which Ms. Amanda kept plying me.

If you have a chance to become one of the 1000Pugs - definitely DO IT! It is so worth it because

  1. You get some FANTASTIC photos to share
  2. You get to MEET Amanda and sometimes Puglet
  3. Your fee includes a donation to PUG RESCUE and that is so GRRR8
  4. You get to BRAG about being ONE of the THOUSAND
Check it out today
Click here for

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback on FUN

Two Words


How can two words conjure up so much FUN remembrances?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talent and THEN Some

So I was watching me a little PUG BONZ the other day. Have you HEARD these dudes? Seen their videos?
All I can say is


It got me to thinking about MY future and how to tap into the talents that I have (yeah, they are vast) like

  1. Licking - sometimes I can even lick THIN AIR
  2. Smiling - especially when the temperature is ABOVE 70 degrees
  3. Googly eyes - yeah, I got em . . . I use em
  4. Farting - can clear the room on a good day
  5. Stink butting - yeah, look out when THIS pug relaxes
  6. Begging - tried the whine, liquid eyes and working on the yip
  7. Yapping - like barking only higher, incessantly and for no reason
  8. Barking - communication is my thing
  9. Ignoring - sorry, what that ME you were talking to
  10. Cuddling - if I wedge in HERE we BOTH feel good
The list just goes on and on.

So how can I turn these talents AND my spectacular PUG looks into a money maker???? Hmmmm!!!
Ideas welcome.

In the meantime, I think Pug Bonz is coming back on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Perfect Mommys

MY Mommys are perfect for ME.
They give me hugs just for FREE
I LOVE them so much
We're the perfect bunch
My TWO Mommys and ME

Wednesday - FLASH!

Ah Mommy! Do we need to have the FLASH on?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Playing the Game

Okay, okay. I get it. I am almost 3 years old so I totally KNOW the score. Do a TRICK and get a TREAT.
I have even perfected a few moves, like the one above - the HIGH FIVE. I can do that one in my SLEEP! In fact, I think I HAVE done it in my sleep a time or two just to score the inevitable TREAT.

Another trick I have mastered is the SHAKE. It looks just like the HIGH FIVE but it isn't at all. If I had a picture of it, you would see that my HUMAN'S hand is in a totally DIFFERENT position. This is what makes it a SHAKE.

I am an extremely accomplished KNUCKLE PUNCH pug, too. Okay, I know what you are gonna say (or would if I had a PICTURE of that one, too) it looks just like the HIGH FIVE and the SHAKE; but again, look at the HUMAN'S hand for a clue. It is so cool and I get LOTS of oohs and aahs when I do it.

I also do the LIE DOWN and PLAY DEAD. They also look like the same trick BUT THEY TOTALLY ARE NOT because I don't THINK they are. After all . . . one is LIE DOWN and the other is, ummm, PLAY DEAD.

In any case, performing these tricks are a guarantee of TREAT every time - so I do them . . . OVER and OVER and OVER again.

It is the PUG way.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I took a nice long bath - so I look and SMELL sweet
I had my face and ears cleaned - so I REALLY smell sweet
I had my nails trimmed too - so I SOUND sweet when I walk

So Mommy #1 WHEN when when are you gonna come home? I miss you.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Three RRRs

What can I do to help the Earth?

This Sunday, April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. What is Earth Day? It a day of unity and celebration for everyone concerned about the health of our planet. And we should all be concerned EVERYDAY about the health of our planet as it is . . . HOME!

So I am following the THREE RRRs as part of my observance of Earth Day 2012

  1. REDUCE - I have already gone through my toy box and took out toys I seldom pay attention to anymore.
  2. REUSE - I washed them up and donated the ones in good shape to a charity organization. 
  3. RECYCLE - The not so good shape ones I put into the recycle bin so they can become something else. 

I realize it is just a small step but I am a small dog and that is what I take. At least I am making an effort and if everyone makes an effort (even a small one) it could add up to a really really BIG THING!

Next I am going to work on my Car Bone Pawstep. This may be a bit tougher.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lip Smacking Good

For Easter Mommys bought me some Pugs In the Kitchen (PIK) homemade treats. I have tried them and am here to report they are the YUMMIEST!!!! Thanks for sending such a quality product.

If you want some of your own (I am NOT sharing mine!!!) go to their very friendly website

I also tried my treats from Mr. Chewy! OH MY PUG but those are tasty. I wasn't sure I would like freeze-dried anything but I was wrong. And the KIBBLE is to die for!

With all this lip-smacking goodness is it any wonder that I CANNOT fit through the DOOR to outside??? And Mommy tried to put on my hockey shirt a couple of days ago. . . let's just say it looked more like she was putting me into pantyhose.

Please join me as I declare loudly

D-I-E-T     T-I-M-E

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Noodles the Super Sleuth

I have noticed a curious phenomenon in BLOGVILLE lately – oodles of pugs and poodles (and other assorted dogs) are doing reviews for something called Mr. Chewy™.  And it’s the same story ALL THE TIME

·         A big box arrives from Mr. Chewy™. FASTER than expected
·         It contains an amazing array of goodies from MY FAVE bully sticks to BANNED in my household snack like Snausages® dog snacks
·         Customer service is Grrrrrr8
·         The whole shopping experience was Grrrrrrr8
·         The TREATS are DEEELISH!!!!

I am gonna get to the BOTTOM of this

So I, Noodles the Super Sleuth, decided to explore this PHENOMENON called, for the purposes of clarity, Mr. Chewy™. I began my research – where else – on the INTERNET. I googled Mr. Chewy and up popped this colorful website featuring real and cartoon dogs ‘n’ cats and LOTS LOTS LOTS of different foodables. Did you hear me – FOODABLES! It was like getting a glimpse into Heaven – Pug Heaven, that is; cuz you know, for PUGS it is ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. I was getting dizzy from all of the choices so I called Sunshine the Cat over for a looksee. What she saw made her JAW DROP! More kinds of Cat Food and Treats than ever before seen by KITTY-KIND!
Look Sunshine the Cat, they have CAT food!

We were commencing to drool when I noticed a few more tabs on the site with stuff like POTTY PADS (I do NOT need these), KITTY LITTER (Sunshine the Cat DEFINITELY needs this!), and something called PET HEALTH. To get our minds off of FOOD we PAW-Strolled over to check out those tabs.

I fell OFF my office SEAT at the quantity and variety of everything from WeeWee pads to Vitamins. It was all I could do to shut off the computer and TAKE A NAP.

My senses were overwhelmed and I needed to plan my NEXT MOVE.

My next move was taken care of without any involvement by me! Mr. Chewy™ CONTACTED ME to try some of their products and review them. I was sure THIS WAS A SCAM so I laid down a series of carefully crafted TRAPS. Well, as it turns out I WAS WRONG! It was NOT A SCAM and there were no HIDDEN fees!!! In fact, Mr. Chewy™ GAVE me a CREDIT to try some product!!!
OH . . . MY . . . DOUBLE. . . DAWG!!!!
So back to the site we went. I had to keep a SHAMWOW® next to me to catch all the DROOL! It was so much fun. After about 72 HOURS, 200 pots of COFFEE, Sunshine and I were GOOGLY-EYED and no closer to any DECISION than we were when we started. Mommy walked in the office about THEN, PARTLY as an intervention AND partly to get us OFF THE COMPUTER, and told us (1) any high calorie treats were going into the contest box because both of us “ARE TOO FAT!” and (2) we can’t order anything we have tried before (so NO BULLY STICKS). That made the decision process much easier.

Some more HEMMING and HAWING ensued before we FINALLY decided on

·         Acana dog food (CUZ I ALWAYS wanted to try it
·         PureBites freeze-dried treats because they are relatively low cal
·         EVO Wild Cravings cat treats cuz it sounded good
·         ZIWIPEAK daily cat food lamb flavored
·         AN ELK CHEW because Mommy said it is good for my teeth

That’s a LOT OF STUFF huh??? And it was all FREE!!!!

We had to pay shipping because we were SIX CENTS short
of the $49 needed for FREE SHIPPING;  and Mommy said
we had enough stuff. But really, it is a small price to pay for
I figured that was the last we would hear from the
Mr.Chewy™ people. The box would NEVER arrive and
we spent all that time (and $4.95 for shipping) for NOTHING.

HA!!!! Again I was wrong (I am getting a complex Mr. Chewy™beclaws I am NEVER wrong . . . and yet, look at all the WRONG assumptions I made about you and you PROVED ME WRONG!!!) The order was made on April 6 – it was shipped on April 9 – IT ARRIVED APRIL 14! One week! One week was all it took for all of that GOODNESS to get to OUR HOUSE!

Me taking INVENTORY of the loot!!!!

Now we gotta TRY the stuff to MAKE sure it is UBER FRESH!!!! Hey Mommy! I am READY to go to WORK NOW!!!!!
Load up my dish! I gots a lot of KIBBLE to TEST.

(To be continued when I eats the goodies)

Friday, April 13, 2012


It's FRIDAY the 13th
It's RAINING like cats
It's warm and COZY in the house

Think I'll go back to bed until Saturday.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Week is Flying By


Our vacation week is going by too quickly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post Pondering

What shall I write about today?

You know, it is raining again! Not just raining; but COLD and raining. The only nice thing I can say about that is my Mommys are both home so I get a lot of cuddle time.

Mommy #1 and Mommy #2 decided to switch bedrooms. They have been working on it for almost 4 days now and they are almost finished. I was a little confused, at first, about who was where and what all. But I must say I am MOST confused by the lack of noise and people at the house this week. It turns out the REST of the family went on a VACATION - a Disney Cruise - for the whole week! You know what this means, don't you?


(Evil laugh) And No one can stop me from TORTURING Sunshine the Cat, either!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PIK Equals Please Indicate Kind

On Easter Morning I got up EARLY, did my bidness, and then ran into the kitchen and sat down by my bowl to await the "OKAY" command. I am not supposed to eat until I hear this command.

I waited and waited and Mommy had this really silly smile on her face. Then I took a glance at my dish AND I SAW THE BIGGEST EASTER EGG EVER!!!! There is was! Sitting in my dish! It was all bright yellow and shiny.

I waited for the command, though; and finally Mommy said "OKAY."

I ran over to my dish to inspect this HOOOOOOOOOGE egg! I licked it - nothing. I tried to turn it - wouldn't budge. What am I supposed to do with this, I implored (with my liquidiest eyes)?

Here, let me Help you, Mommy said. She picked up the egg and carefully opened it. It was FULL of treats! Not just ANY treats, not, it was full of the YUMMIEST Pugs In The Kitchen treats EVER. There were 3 kinds and were just the ones I asked Mommy for!

Thanks Easter Bunny! Thanks Mommys! Thanks Pugs In The Kitchen!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Time Fantasy

Shown - Pugs in the Kitchen Noms

I am all ready for Easter. I have taken a bath (see Tuesday's post), trimmed my nails, scrubbed my teeth. I have been on my BESTEST behavior
and I have been humble


Happy Easter Everyone! And Happy Passover , too! And Happy whatever Springtime celebration of which you partake!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mood Ring

JUST FOR FUN . . . . . . .

What is my MOOD?
Draw a line to the picture that best matches the QUOTE.
OR leave a comment with what you think best matches.


               1. The I DON'T want to sleep in this spot "SNORE"


                2.The I DON'T know what you mean "STARE"


                3. The I DON'T want to be touched "SNORE GROWL"


                4.The I DON'T like that "STICK EYE

                5.The I DON'T think this is the right spot "WHEEZE"


                6.The I DON'T care what you think "SMILE"   

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pour le Bain

I heard tell that I was smelling a bit RIPE the other day. I thought I smelled FINE but who am I to say? I sniff butts, after all. It had been the standard 2 weeks between baths but it had rained - a lot - so it was hard to maintain my usual standard of cleanliness.

I was lounging around, like usual on a Saturday morning, when suddenly Mommy #1 says - "Hey Noodles! You want a BATH?" I quickly jumped down from my precarious perch on the back of the couch (no. . . I am not SUPPOSED to sit up there but just try and stop me) and ran toward the stairs - FULL of anticipation!

I loves loves LOVES baths. Really! There is something soothing about the warm water and scented shampoo. I actually jump INTO the bathtub all by myself! Okay, that is kinda a lie because the bathtub is too tall for me to jump in . . . I can, however, jump out with no assistance. ANYhooooo. . . I do not fight when Mommy lifts me up and puts me in the tub. She lets me wander around a little and enjoy the SPA.

Then she starts to suds me up using the shampoo and one of these

I don't know if your 'rents use a scrunchie on you at bath time but I am here to say NOTHING BEATS IT for sudsing the coat just so AND giving you a mini-massage at the same time. I love it.

There are two things I DO NOT like about bath time. Rinsing off and being toweled off. I tolerate the rinsing part because of the nice warm water. But it goes on toooooooo long and then I do not like it so much. The toweling, well who LIKES it, I ask you? Just let me shake and then run around the house like a PUG on SPEED and I am good to go.

Oh. . . did you have those pillows arranged a certain way? Too bad, so sad - I used them as a tunnel during my DRY time drive. And that bed you just made? FUH-GED-A-BOW-IT!

That's just how I roll at bath time.

But - say - aren't the results MAGNIFICENT?

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Don't FEEL Any Different!

Got the BESTEST email over the weekend from 1000 Pugs. YAY! The photos from my UBER-fun photo shoot with Puglet's human were FINALLY ready for viewing. My PAWS were shaking as I tried to enter the link for the website and then navigate to the actual VIEWING gallery.

I finally got to the right page and there they were . . . the San Francisco PUGS. I did not immediately spot my photos because I was having so MUCH FUN looking through the gallery and seeing all my fellow PUGS.
There was such a tremendous variety of colors, ages, and  je ne sais pas. 

It was FUN!

 I finally came across a certain PUG with a very familiar face .  .  . IT WAS ME! There were 3 shots and I swear, I cannot decide which one I like the best. I cannot wait until I can download the pics. I will be sure to share them with all of you.

Puglet's human made me feel like such a SUPERSTAR. Once her book is published, it is sure to sell like HOT CAKES. Then I will be FAMOUS! There she is, they will say, PUG #75!

But despite all of that impending FAME-OSITY .  .  . I don't really feel any different than the Noodles who woke up at 4:30 am.