Monday, June 30, 2014

Countdown Week - AND How About a Little Contest?


Send me a picture of you in your BEST party hat (real or photoshopped, I don't care).
I will post the entries daily and the winner is the one who gets the MOST comments.

SO - The RULES are

  1. Send me your photo to The sooner the better. Multiple pets can have multiple photos but please specify who is who.
  3. VOTE FOR your favorite in the "COMMENTS" section of this blog. 
  4. You can totally vote for yourself. But ONLY ONE VOTE PER BLOG/PERSON/PET/ALIEN/ and so on.
  5. The WINNER will be chosen by NUMBER of votes and a panel of Judges chosen by ME!
That's it. Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing your party hats.

It's FINALLY here

Friday, June 27, 2014

Entitled to a Title BUT Couldn't Think of Anything. . . FRIDAY

I, Noodles the PRINCESS Pug, wish to thank each and every one of my FANS for sending me get-well-wishes. I a still not quite up to my normal PUGGINESS but I am on my way. In fact, last night I was LOUDLY begging in the kitchen while my auntie was cooking. I didn't GET anything. . . but at least I tried. I hadn't been trying at ALL.

So I look forward to next week - MY BIRTHDAY WEEK. A lot more is happening all at once and believe me - I DID NOT PLAN IT! This is just how it all came together. Here is the TIMELINE for the first week of JULY:

Tuesday, July 1 - I will publish my 1000th post
Friday, July 4 - I will have listed my 100th Happy Thing
Friday, July 4 - Happy Birthday to ME! I turn 5 years old

So I think you can see, it will be a pretty auspicious week for us all. I know what you are all thinking -
"So Noodles. How are we gonna CELEBRATE all this goodness?"

You know me all too well - WITH A CONTEST, OF COURSE!!!

I will post the details on Monday, June 30 and the contest will end Thursday, July 3 at Midnight PT.

Winners will be posted on MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Yes, I said - WINNERS. There will be multiple.

In the meantime, HAPPY FRIDAY.

Because Friday means you usually have a weekend of fun ahead of you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In My Mommy's Arms

Whenever I am lonely
Or feel a little BLUE
I have to find a place to be
I have to be near YOU

My favorite place to sit
And snuggle nice and Warm
Is the place near your heart
Supported by your ARM

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Under The Weather Means a Visit to the V-E-T

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. In fact, I started tossing my kibble Sunday Night and I was still doing it off and on Monday and Tuesday. Mommy noticed I was NOT charging my bowl for meal time. . . in fact, I TURNED MY NOSE UP at any food at all. AND I stopped begging like a fool whenever anyone was in the kitchen.

This is what made MOMMY realize something was not right. So last night she and Mommy #1 loaded me in the car and took me to the V-E-T. This was a new one, though. Usually I go to the HUMANE SOCIETY for shots and I also went there for my lady operation. But they don't handle the day to day sickies so Mommy tried a new place.

The office is pretty spanking new AND IT HAD PUG portraits on the wall! It also didn't smell like a DOGter's office. . . you know, all mediciney and stuff.

The nurse took my temperature - you all KNOW what THAT is all about - and weighed me. The good news is I lost a pound. The bad news is I am still overweight. Then the DOC came in to see me.

He concluded that I have an upset tummy. Everything else was good. So I got two shots to help with the tummy issues and was sent on my way. All in all not a bad visit to the V.E.T.

I feel much better today and even managed some excitement for my morning meal. I think I will spend the day napping, though, so I can get back to my energetic self ASAP.

HAPPY THING #94: Feeling better after feeling icky


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We Celebrate Our Family

Friday, June 20, was my Mommy #1's Gotcha Day. As you may recall, we hold GOTCHA DAYS in high regard in our family. Pretty much all of us YOUNGUNS in CASA DE NOODLES have one.

This was the 15th celebration of Gotcha Day for my mommy. She had the golden opportunity to meet up with a few of her GOTCHA SISTAHS at a pizza place near our home. I was not allowed to come which I consider a huge oversight. I forgave her and Mommy #2, though. I realize that not everything is in their control. Anyhow, when they came home they were all atwitter (the real kind, not the TWITTR variety) from the visit with their friends. It seems no matter how much time passes between group gatherings they still end up bonding like they did the first time (in China).

BUT MY MOMMY#1's real Gotcha Day was on Friday. To celebrate we went out for FROZEN YOGURT. I sat outside with Mommy #2 while Mommy #1 went into the shop and got FROYO for herself and ME! Then Mommy #2 went in and got her froyo.

This is what we got -

I gotta tell you - it was mighty yummy. Yep. I had a hard time stopping my licking even when the DREADED Brain Freeze hit. Whoa! That can knock you on your curly tail, I tell you.

All too soon, the froyo was gone as was the sunlight and it was time to head home. It was really a fun celebration for our little family.

HAPPY THING #93: Froyo with the Family

Monday, June 23, 2014

Eight More to GO

I said I was going to CELEBRATE 100 Happy Things. I have

I said I was going to CELEBRATE 1000 Posts on A Bowl of Noodles. I have

I said I was going to PAWTY TILL THE COWS COME HOME on my Birthday
after today there are EIGHT DAYS TO GO until I post the contest 

SO WHY does it NOW seem like it is coming too fast????

HAPPY THING #92: Finally reaching a GOAL

Friday, June 20, 2014

We Gots The Power

Wow! I am so convinced about the 
Power of The PAW

Happy Thing #91: POTP

Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Box Day

I noticed almost everyPUGGY is posting a picture of him or herself in a box. I don't generally get into boxes on my own. Sunshine the Cat will but I could not find any SUITABLE pictures of her squeezing her wide bottom into a miniscule box. So instead here is a picture of ME AND MOLLY with our most recent BOX from

I am not going to tell you what we got. 
We are still sampling the goodies and preparing our review.
I want you to INSTEAD focus on the BOX!

I don't know why. I don't make the rules up. I just follow the crowd and do whatever they do . . . unless it is something I don't really want to do. Then you would be hard-pressed to make me do it.

HAPPY THING #90: Boxes from a FURIEND

Former Mayor Frankie Furter is going to the FANCY SPECIALIST for a check on his eye. Let's all band together in true POTP spirit and hope for only good news.
JUJU coming your way Frankie Furter! And to you too, Ernie and 'rents. I know you are worried about the MASTER.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bath. . . Betrayal . . . Bribery

I had a bath on Saturday. I don't mind baths at all as they make me feel so good and clean. Plus I smell better so I get extra cuddles and pats on my pretty puggy head. After cleaning up my furs, face and ears, I tend to get the crazies and run around LA CASA DE NOODLES at full speed.

Once I had calmed down, I was treated to a PAWDICURE. I do not like those a whole lot because the Dremel makes my tootsies tingle. Especially my back right paw - it is insanely ticklish and Mommy usually begins any toenail grinding with that paw. She is so good at it that my toenails look spiffy in no time flat. I was feeling and looking good by this time.

Then Mommy #1 grabbed my harness and leash and put them on me. I was thinking "This day COULD NOT get any better."  AND THEN we went to the car. OMP! I loves loves loves car rides almost as much as a walk in the park. Off we drove in our little Pugsley car.

All was well until I trotted out of the car thinking we were at a NEW DOG PARK (of which we were indeed parked in front) when Mommy redirected my trot to the building adjoining the DOG PARK. It looked familiar as we walked to the door. It smelled familiar when we walked in the door. I came to a GRINDING HALT digging my newly manicured toenails into the linoleum. . . "HEY! This is the place where I GET those nasty shots! This is the place where I had my lady parts removed. This is the place. . ."

Shudder. I immediately tried to leave but that did not work. So when Mommy #1 sat with me on a bench I huddled as close to her as I could - she thought I was being sweet. . . but I was really trying to hide from the V-E-T.

My name was eventually called and even though I insisted I did not NEED to go into the office, Mommy picked me up and MADE ME go in. Once up on the examining table, the V-E-T hugged and kissed me. She looked into my liquidy brown eyes and murmered reassuringly. The she had Mommy cuddle with me while she petted me with one hand.

I never saw it coming. I never suspected anything until I felt a light pin-prick on my front leg. It was over before I knew it. And then the V-E-T gave me a handful of treats. Maybe a handful is a slight exaggeration - but it WAS more than one.

As a final gesture, she weighed me. "Oh No!" Mommy gasped. "Noodles you are THREE pounds overweight!!!" It HAS to be that extra food you get when you go all LAND SHARK over Molly's uneaten food.

Betrayed! Betrayed by a bowlful of food. Sigh. My rations have been cut. The treats all but eliminated. Molly has one shot to eat and if she walks away WHOOSH her food is taken away.

We walked out of the clinic and over the the Humane Society store where MOMMY bought me this tasty HEDGIE as a reward for being a good girl. It was taken away after this nibble.


HAPPY THINGS #88: Hedgies. Bribes or no - they are the best treat.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Everything is Beautiful. . . in Its Own Way. . .

Sugar's Second Anniversary SEE Beautiful

I definitely SEE Beautiful in everything. Life is a wonderful adventure and aside from hate, violence, and misunderstanding, everything about being alive is beautiful. Our FURiend Sugar the Golden Retriever is again hosting a SEE BEAUTIFUL campaign and sponsoring a Blog Hop every 2nd Friday.
This time, however, it is dedicated to our good BUDDY GOOSE who will receive some of that much needed green stuff for his emergency medical bills FOR EVERY SEE BEAUTIFUL POST.

Here is PROOF

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Me contemplating the beauty

So come on E-FURRYbody and join in. We can all use a little reminder that 
Everything is Beautiful.

It's The Noods and Molly Show

I like this picture because Molly looks so much bigger than me!

Molly and Me. . . Me and Molly. . . it seems like there is a lot of this going on these days. Before she came into the family it was all about ME! Noodles do this. . . Noodles you are so. . . Noodles, Noodles, Noodles.

Now it is all about ME and Molly.

The Noods and Molly Show

(Audience laughter. Fade in to kitchen scene)
Molly: Hi Noods. Howya doing this fine morning?
Noods: Oh Molly, funny you should ask. I tried to get a job yesterday.
Molly: Wow Noods. What made you do that?
Noods:  I was walking down the street minding my own business when I saw a "Help Wanted" sign. It     said must be able to type, must be good with the computer, and must be bilingual. So I went in.
Molly: What happened next? Did someone shoo you out?
Noods: Well a lady tried. She CLAIMED she could not hire a dog. So I pointed out that the sign said the     company was an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Molly: I bet she didn't like you pointing that out.
Noods: No she didn't. But I put on my best PUG MUG with the liquidy eyes and the lady relented; but         not before she told me she needed someone who could type.So I walked over to the typewriter               and wrote "The Quick Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" twenty times. 
Molly: I bet that really impressed her! What's she say then?
Noods:Well she said she was impressed but she needed someone skilled with the computer.
Molly: I bet that was a bitter pill to swallow. Most dogs do not know computers.
Noods: But I AM NOT A DOG! I am a PUG so I do know computer. I calmly trotted over to the computer and showed her my prowess with several programs. 
Molly: Oh you sure showed her, Noods. She HAD to hire you then - right?
Noods: She said my computer skill was impressive, to be sure; but she still could not hire me because she needed someone bi-lingual And with a smug smile she turned to escort me out the door.
Molly: I am sorry you didn't get the job Noods.
Noods:What makes you think that, Molly? I simply ran to the door to block her from opening it, looked her squarely in the eye, and said "MEOW!"
(Audience laughter crescendos as scene fades out)

HAPPY THING #87: Jokes

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mind Control On - Full Power . . . POTP Activated

POTP, Dude

Our dear FURiend Frankie Furter is having some problems with his eyes. It is mostly in one eye and he is on MEDICINE now to help it while tests are pending.

I checked his BLOG - Frankly and Ernestly Speaking - and his Mommy gives a pretty good rundown of the events as they happened. Take a look (link above) and leave her a message.

I don't have any pictures of Frankie Furter so this will have to do

You can imagine this is Frankie. . .

If all of BLOGVILLE holds PAWS and SHOWERS them with GOODNESS and HAPPY thoughts, I imagine there will be so much power in that action that ANYTHING is possible. That is because we are a COMMUNITY.

com·mu·ni·ty noun, often attributive \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\
: a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood)
: a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc.
: a group of nations

So here is my HAPPY THING for today

HAPPY THING #87: Community
Without it we'd be alone

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why It's Wordless Wednesday!!!

What's that? Did I just hear someone entering the KITCHEN?

My Happiest Place on Earth

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SPA and PAW Day

Because we are still on GRADUATION exhaustion mode, we decided to make yesterday a BEAUTY day.

So Molly got her HAIR done

Yes, this is her TAIL
And I went for the PAWdicure

Spoiling Yourself - Just a Little

Monday, June 9, 2014

Graduation - Moving On

We had quite the whirlwind weekend which culminated in a PAWTY to end all PAWTIES yesterday. We are exhausted so we are going to lay low today. Look for a HAPPY THING to make an appearance tomorrow.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Graduation Means More Adventures

SO the day is finally here (actually, it is tomorrow) when Cousin E graduates. I can hardly believe it! So grown up - so accomplished.

Molly and I whipped out our PUPPY SCHOOL mortarboards to help Cousin E celebrate. We are proud of our graduation.

Mommy and I were talking and she said she was a little sad that E is moving on, growing up, and leaving the house.  But Mommy, I told her, that means she will begin a new adventure as will we. And that, I told Mommy, is a really HAPPY thing.

HAPPY THING #84: Adventures

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mom Got a New Phone with CAMERA and I Got. . .


Um. . . HI MOMMY. Whatcha got there? A
NEW camera? Ummm . . . OKAY

I ONLY moved a fraction of an inch! Quit
pointing that thing at me!

I am POISED to exit this couch unless you
POCKET that camera RIGHT now

Well. . . at least they are NEW pictures.

HAPPY THING #83: A new Camera