Monday, October 31, 2011

Carving Out a Niche

Friday night was the Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at my Auntie J's house. She is not REALLY my Auntie - just a co-worker of my Mommy #2's. But I have known her MY WHOLE LIFE and she LOVES loves loves PUGS! Needless to say, we get along great.

It is a long drive to Auntie J's house. Everyone in the car was asleep except Mommy who was doing the driving! We got there and you COULD HEAR the PAWty noise from the parking lot!!!! I KNEW it was gonna be fun then!

There were a lot of adults (most I had met before) and A LOT OF KIDS! I was the only dog, I mean PUG, there. The two cats were hiding. I never saw fur nor tail of them ALL NIGHT!

We got busy carving and EATING and carving and EATING. I LOVES LOVES LOVES pumpkin and I got A LOT of it Friday night - along with a healthy dose of CARROTS (one kid thought it so funny that I do tricks for carrots that he musta slipped me a dozen CARROTS until Mommy cautioned him against it) I ate smidgens of TOFU DOG, COOKIE, and pretty much anything else that hit the floor.

After we carved, we set the pumpkins out on the patio and took pictures of them GLOWING!


Friday, October 28, 2011

It is PINK with a CURLY TAIL and It FLIES

Right at the top Mommy #2 wants to apologize that she does not have a lot of good pictures of the costumes. Too hot to react, maybe? In truth, it was too crowded to get good pictures AT the contest and before she was more concerned with MY COSTUME.

So here they are - MY GANG all dolled up in their costumes
Ooh and AAhh at will

Bellatrix as a Devil Hooker. Sizzling! (Photo by her Mom)

Spencer as an Aviator (poorly edited from a pix by Bellatrix's Mom)

Zoey (forground) and Phoebe as Flying Monkeys from Wizard of Ox

Aren't These GREAT Costumes?  Spencer and Zoey/Phoebe each took FIRST PLACE in their respective divisions. Bellatrix and I did not even PLACE but I think we totally rocked our costumes. Where is MY Costume?????
Look no further
Front View. Costume fits but hood is WAY big

Top View. Can you see my PINK TAIL?

I love Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stompin' the Yard - Pug-O-Ween Style

I look pretty scary in this pic, huh?


SO now you have met my posse and it is time to get back to the festivities. We had about 2 billion years of play time which is almost more than I can bear. Well, I can play a long long time but it was WARM when we got to Lodi and it just kept getting moreso.

That's MY toy . . . No, MY toy . . .

SNORTS, SNUFFLES, and out-right PANTING was heard all over the playing field. It didn't stop the group from finding a toy and running off with it; but the bursts of energy were increasingly rare and usually ended with a beeline for the water bowl (OR, in my case, Spencer B.'s grandpa who gave us ICE!) and SHADE!

Um, Mr. Spencer's Grandpa, may I have some ICE, please?

"Official" play time ended (we kept going, though . . . ) and they had this AUCTION thingy while simultaneously finishing theSILENT AUCTION and RAFFLES. Those were for the PEEPS, though and not us PUGS. I, personally, am not interested in a porcelain Christmas Tree with Pugs all over it. All I need to do is LOOK IN A MIRROR to see a lovely PUG MUG! I think the Auction was planned to go on like FOREVER but we started "Acting Up" and after 2 hours they closed the auction and told E-FURRY-PUGGY to suit up in their costumes for the COSTUME contest and prepare to out CUTE each other.

More on COSTUMES tomorrow.

Some strangers I visited with on one of my MANY trips around the field

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Once we FINALLY FOUND Pug-O-Ween, I immediately searched out my Peeps 'n' Pups - Bellatrix and Mom, Zoey, Phoebe and Mom, Spencer B, his Mom and her PAWrents. I met them all at Bellatrix's birthday PAWty and immediately considered them the bestest ever. So I was very happy to hang at the Halloween fete with them. We sniffed and gossiped a little before heading out on adventures.

For Wordless Wednesday, then, I am going to present to my Blogville Audience a GALLERY OF MY PALS:

 This is my Bestie Bellatrix. She is a funny pug with a wonderful Mommy who I like a lot. I gave her an ear nibble - I reserve those for SPECIAL peeps.

This is Spencer B, Bellatrix's hunny bunny. I have to agree that he is very handsome and suave. What you cannot tell from this picture is that he is TWICE my size!!!! I tried to stand next to him for comparison but his grandpa was calling me ;-)

Zoey (front) and Phoebe (rear) are a mother and daughter duo! They are two senior pals but I like them a lot. They are wearing neck scarves from PugPros Halloween PAWty the weekend before Pug-O-Ween. (I couldn't go cuz my Mommy #2 was working.)

WE SHARED SHADE with two other pugs who none of us knew until THAT DAY!

 This is Brady. He was a BIG boy but nice. He has a wonderful toothy smile. He was a hippy love pug for the contest. Suits him.
This is BB. She is not as old as some people thought - 7 or so. But she was FAIR FURRED and her ears were nearly white. Prematurely grey or just original coloring - I don't know. She also had a winning smile, don't you think? And those ORBS!!! Serious Bellatrix competition!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Did All Those Pugs Fit?

Stuck in Lodi, again? But Mommy, I have never BEEN to Lodi!

OMD I was so excited when I got up Sunday morning. I knew it was the BIG DAY - PugSavers PUG-O-WEEN! I could NOT wait!!! I KNEW my pals Bellatrix, Spencer, Zoey and Phoebe were also going to be there and THAT made me EXTRA happy.

It was a long . . . long . . . LONG drive to the place the party was held - Lodi is over an hour from our house IF WE DON'T GET LOST. We didn't EXACTLY get lost, we just misplaced our way a little - like about 10 miles! Oh Mommy - next time LOOK at the directions, PRINT them out, BRING a map or, gulp, use the GPS!!!!! Thank you Bellatrix's mommy for talking us in, SHEESH!

When we FINALLY got there I was completely taken aback by the LOVELY farmland everywhere. WINE GRAPES are the main crop in Lodi. It was so amazing. We turned down the CORRECT street, finally, and the street was tree-lined, with white fences and large trim ranch-style houses . . . . lovely. We were ushered onto the grounds and led to a parking place. By now I could SMELL dogs and HEAR them barking. OMD! It sounded like they were having so much fun.

We were let into the TWO gates by some very nice ladies (Hey Mommy! That lady in the BLUE t-shirt looks familiar .. . . I THINK she is Spencer's Grandma!!!). They gave up tickets and a schedule of events THEN told us to HAVE FUN!!!! First I checked out all the tables (I understand the FOOD was there) and got my bearings. Notice ALL THE GRASS! Notice I am NOT ON A LEASH!


I went a little giddy with the excitement of it all.

Look at all the people!!! And with them all were 2-3-4 A LOT of PUGS!!!! Pugs of all sizes and colors. A few puggles were also there. I think I saw one pup-pal that MIGHT have been pug and chihuahua. BUT it was pure, unadulterated and absolute PUG HEAVEN.

Hey! Look over there in the back . . . . . . I think I see Bellatrix, Spencer, Zoey and Phoebe . . . Oh yes, and there are the PAWrents as well.

More on them tomorrow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A TAIL of a TALE or is it a TALE of a TAIL?

3 PM Sunday October 23, 2011
Hi Pug Fans
This is PUG, your reporter from The Pug News  coming to you LIVE from Pug-O-Ween in Lodi California where the CURLIEST TAIL competition has just finished. It was a heated battled between TWO very close competitors.
The winner by A TAIL - or should I say HALF A TWIRL is NOODLES!!!!
Here is the winning TAIL

And the winner with her ribbon and her prize. Noodles' win was aided by the addition of PINK paint to her already adorable and curly tail.

 This has been a LIVE report from Nor Cal Pug Rescue in Lodi CA.

Pug-O-Ween was so much fun. I will talk more about it as the week progresses.

Friday, October 21, 2011



Yesterday there was a couple of SMALL earthquakes centered in Berkeley (about 50 miles from my home). They were quite small - both hoovering in the 4.0 area. Normally, being a  TRUE Californian and USED to such things, I don't even feel the little ones (under 6.0).

In fact, I ONLY felt ONE of the two that hit yesterday and it was the SMALLER ONE????? I thought it was just me being unsteady at the waterbowl.

Til the water SLOSHED and I was no where NEAR it.

Because we live in EARTHQUAKE country, my Mommys make sure we are prepared for emergencies.
Here is a great site with tips to prepare for ANY kind of natural disaster:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Bee

I am exploring various options for the BIG HALLOWEEN festivities. One look is this one, a Bumble Bee. What do you think?
I like the way the body suit HUGS my body without making me look too portly. I also like the way the antennae are a little off center adding to my Je ne sais quoi -ness.

Nothing is definitive here. I am working with what I have and deciding from there. Mommy was GOING to make my Bee costume but found this one for $5. I think she made a wise choice, don't you?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday WHAT???? Oh - Blog Hop

How's this Mommy? Is this where you wanted me to snuggle?

I am stalking. . . I mean heading over to BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Gonna join me? It is always a lot of fun . . .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Natural A/C

This is a doggie drinking fountain in MY PARK and has nothing to do with A/C.

I know many of you were stunned that my house MIGHT still have the A/C on and here it is October. Well, it IS in the EIGHTIES here although the nights are a lot cooler. Still, that is a little too cool for A/C in the house.

But not in the car which is where the picture in yesterday's post was taken. It is a Honda, after all. Even when the weatherperson sends us cooler weather like in the SEVENTIES it can get pretty hot in the car. So Mommy indulges me and turns on the A/C. She THINKS it calms me down - HAHA!!!

Beyond the regular A/C, I am lucky enough to live in a place with NATURAL AIR-CONDITIONING! Yes, the Bay Area is renown for it. It happens a  lot this time of year when the days are hot but the sun is moving away from the Earth in preparation for Winter. Frosty finger of FOG curl over the Santa Cruz Mountains in the afternoon cooling down the parched Bay Area. Sometimes it even lingers through the morning so the temps during the day don't climb quite so high yet don't get much cooler than mid-Seventies.

Natural A/C - for a PUG this is the best of all worlds. Yay Bay Area!!! I love you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Air Conditioning

If I sit right here

. . . no RIGHT HERE

. . . . .  . . NO HERE!!!

Ah, that's it. The Air Conditioning can hit me now.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm wearing PINK cuz I CARE

I can't say it any better than this. Let's all join together to fight for a cure.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time is of the Essence

I am working FURiously on my Halloween Costumes!

OMD! OMD! I think I am going to run out of TIME!!!!
So much to do and so little time! First there is the PugPros  PUG-O-WEEN on October 16 and then the PugSavers PUGOWEEN on October 23!
THEN there is the BIG day itself HALLOWEEN! What's a PUG to do?????

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Working On My New Look

I am considering changing my LOOK, just a little. Oh no, I will not give up my PUGNESS, not totally. I was inspired by Zoolander's appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

What do ya think?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Have NO Idea What You Are Saying!

So I was laying on the bed minding my own business (NOT to be confused with BIDness which I most certainly way NOT doing on the BED) when all of a sudden Mommy told me to GET OFF THE BED!

Well, I looked at her like she had lost her cotton-pickin' mind because, well, I did NOT want to get off the BED. I was quite COMFORTABLE, thank you.

She UNCHARACTERISTICALLY raised her voice to me. . . telling me to get down NOW! I think her exact words were "Noodles get going - I need you to DOFF your head (?) so I can put a NEW PUG on there."

Wha'?????? That cannot be! Mommy CANNOT and WOULD NOT replace ME! And furthermore, I did not DIG being commanded in such an UNHAPPY way! So I admit, I grumbled a bit and maybe I laid my ears back in a sorta DEFIANT way. But I was not being BAD!

Next thing I knew I was sliding off the BED and toward the FLOOR! What in the Wide Wide World of PUGS is going on here Mommy, I BEGGED (which I look SO CUTE doing, I must say)? The blankets and sheets kept sliding DOWN, Down, Down. Next thing I knew, I was on the FLOOR!

"Silly Noodles," Mommy said as she picked me up and cuddled me. "I SAID I need you off the bed so I can put new  SHEETS on it. That is all."

I guess that just goes to show you, Mommy, I said. You and I need to WORK on our COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Wrap Up

So a lot went down this week, doncha think? What with the WORDS and Mr. JOBS. I was laying in my COMFY PLACE (crate) thinking about it all and trying to put it in perspective. What, you say, could that BE, Noodles?

Well, I guess I will share with you my FRIDAY WRAP UP of the World From A BOWL of NOODLES.

Monday and Tuesday
We concluded that in general PETS RULE. Like WE didn't already know this . . . but once in a while I think our humans need to be reminded just how special we are. Well, okay, maybe not OUR humans but others . . . non pet owners, pet haters, and those who mistreat animals because they think it is FUN. A PET, ALL of us, brings such joy to our families and communities. Our love is unconditional and our willingness to obey can be bought with a treat. All in all, the world is a much better place with PETS. Along those lines, we said hello to a few new fosters who I hope will all find their forever FAMILIES real soon.

Word games. I loves loves LOVES me some word games although usually my Mommys don't realize I am playing a WORD game with them when I yip and grumble PLAYFULLY. They GET IT cuz they laugh and gesture at me as I am supposedly acting silly. Nah, Mommy, it's just my WORDS. So I posted a word game to play and many of you joined in the fun

Noodles - SHOCK
Stewie -  SHOOK
Payton -  SPOOK (Thinking of PUG-O-Ween?)
Anonymous -  SMOCK
Slimmers - STOCK (cuz that's what their Daddy does)
Benny & Lily - Stuffie (say what???)
Marlene - STORK (Her mommy is having an ALIEN in 32 days)
Luna - STARK
Frankie Furter - SHARK (my fave hockey team)
Tweedles was confused
Hayley didn't play but said she LOVED word games

Also Wednesday I BLOGged for BOWLS to help feed orphan pets. I hope we earned a lot of bowls of food.

Master of the Universe, Steve Jobs died (I really am not being irreverent just clever). He changed our world (some would argue for the worse but I don't think so) and patterned a way of thinking that only a few ever have. He told graduates to go out and experience life. He told consumers that music and messages can go with us anywhere. For us pugs - well he created another way our PROUD HUMANS can carry MILLIONS of adorable pictures of us everywhere.

Here we are at the end of the week and life goes on. For me I see a WALK or two in my future . . . a nice BIG bowl of FOOD and some SNACKS (PUH-leez!!!) . . . and a snuggle BETWEEN my MOMMYS. Life is good - let's take the time to SAVOR IT!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bite Heard Round The World

My Mommy #2 insisted we pay tribute to the man who changed our world - RIP Steve Jobs.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogging for Bowls

So along with my little word game, I want to give a shout to all of my pals in Blogville
With the Power of the Paw so strong in our little community I KNOW We can make a positive change in the lives of orphan dogs everywhere.
Go to Oskar's/PBU today to join the blog HOP!

Thinkin' of a Word Wednesday


Change one letter in the word and keep the game going   . . .

Note from Mommy I HATE chain emails as a rule - but for some reason I will "play" along with this word game which arrived via email. I am compelled to play word games. I think I need help.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

High off the PUG

I am still WORKING this Bully Stick, believe it or not

Okay, okay. I admit I got a little overwhelmed with my personal PUGNESS that I may have alienated some of my NOT SO PUGGY pals. This was never my intent. I have lots of non-PUG pals and even non-DOG pals who I love LOTS. They are loving and funny and caring and crazy, and so on. It is their UNIQUENESS that makes them all so special.
A few shout-outs (please don't get mad if I happen to OVERLOOK you. There are just so many. . .)

  • Frankie Furter - you are so right about Dachshunds being extra special in their own right. Take you, for example. . . the MAYOR! HA!! And a SOCIAL yet CHARITABLE leader, as well. Let's not leave out HIGH-LARIOUS!!!
  • Tessa, Benny & Lily, and Luna - your sense of Humor endears you to all and your CUTENESS wins you extra treats and huggables, too.
  • Dutch, Mango, Corbin, Havi and all you  BIG DAWGS - You are all kind despite having extreme height advantages. And Dutch, your love of PINK and chin CHUCKLES (yes, I am still jelly-ows of that) make you SUH-WEET beyond words.
  • Artemisia, Cody, SUNSHINE my SISTEROID, Gracie and other cat-pals - You ROCK with your UBER-coolness, devil-may-careness, and CUTE kitty PAWS!
  • Minnie, Ebony, Bruschi - all of my PUGGLE pals . . . you cannot be MORE SPECIAL as you ROCK the best of TWO BREEDS. I cannot add how much I envy your long legs and SNOUTS!
  • AnyFURRY else I left out - you are ALL SPECIAL TO ME. When it comes right down to it-                          PETS RULE!!!!!

You all can't help it if you aren't PUGS  . . . but I love you ANY-HOO!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh! For Pugness Sake!

I am puzzling through what it is to BE A PUG. I mean, we all know PUGS command a special place on the PET HIERARCHY just by virtue of their special looks and unbelievable personalities. Cuteness aside, though, what does it really take to win the hearts of HUMANS.
This is what I came up with.

  1. A (smooshy) NOSE for NUZZLING
  2. A heart-shaped TONGUE for LICKING (kissing)
  3. An (wide) EYE for ORBING
  4. A (walrus) MUZZLE for SMILING
  5. A (cinnamon bun) CURLY TAIL for (human) MOOD-CHANGING
  6. An (bottomless) APPETITE for FUN and FOOD
Other dogs, cats and pets may possess some of these traits, but a PUG is blessed with all SIX of them.