Monday, March 23, 2020

A Little Calm is in Order Here

This is a Live Shot which may not work as a video

This is a live shot which may not work at all but is pretty
The OCEAN is so calming. I wish I was there right now, but I understand the need to stay home

YOU need to CALM DOWN humans!!! What is the big deal about SHELTER in PLACE? So you stay home and watch TV! Isn't that what you all aspire to do anyhow? I've seen you on the weekends - jammies all day, beverage at your side and a table of snacks. The only exercise you get is lifting the remote control and letting me out to do my bidness.

What's the big deal now? Just because it is mandated? Same stuff.

So get back over here and gimme your lap. Enough of this whining about not being able to go to TARGET! Let's savor this lap time while it lasts.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Pee Pee Pads All the Way to the Horizon

Hi FURiends. It’s been a crazy week here at Casa de Noodles. So much is happening and not happening. But one thing is for sure - it is NOT dull.

I am reminded every day that life with a puppy is challenging. We aren’t just talking the biting and barking and chewing; although those things are definitely happening. And I am trying so hard not to react harshly to the little guy although sometimes I cannot help it. I find myself getting fonder and fonder of him each day.

I gotta say, though, WHEN CAN WE STOP the WALL-TO-WALL pee pee pads? You cannot walk a step in this house without stepping over or around a pee pee pad. Bless his lil’ puppy heart, though - he USES them! Accidents? He’s had a couple. But mostly he is a good boy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mommy's a Writer Who Knows a Writer Who IS a Writer . . . and So On

This AWESOME bed is from Mommy #1's friend Auntie A.
When I am in it, it is A BOWL of Noodles - BOL!!!

I am kinda out of practice so bear with ME.

Mommy loves to READ. And I love to BE on Mommy's lap when she READS. (I am actually talking about Mommy #2 but this is true of BOTH of my Mommys). By osmosis, I believe this makes me a reader, of sorts.

Mommy has a lot of FRIENDS. She has this one friend who always dreamed of being a writer and one day, SHE DID IT!!! So far her books are all self-published; but some day she hopes a PUBLISHER will pick her up. Then she might make a living on this thing called WRITING.

Currently Mommy is reading "Mom Genes" by Hilary Grossman. It was written by this friend.

Mommy met this friend through BLOGVILLE. You may know her as "Feeling Beachie." Mommy says she related to the blog right away as she loves the beach. They eventually exchanged some emails as well. So when BEACHIE decided to write a book, Mommy said she would love to read it.

The rest is history, of sorts. Beachie has published 4 books and the fifth, "Mom Genes" is set to roll out NEXT WEEK. Here's a LINK to Amazon where you can order the book. You can also find it at other places online.

So Mommy is still reading the book but she wanted you all to know that it is true to Hilary Grossman's style - it has believable and complete characters and an entertaining plot. Some of it Mommy says she has lived as a MOM on the PTA. And also true to BEACHIE's books, Mommy is enjoying it even though Chicklit is not a genre she generally reads.

Consider this more of a PRE-review. She hopes to say some more. . . maybe tomorrow. Might as well take advantage of this SHELTER IN PLACE law.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sheltering In Place

Oh! I KNOW it has been a long long time. Ever since Mommy #2 took that job at the county, she has been so erratic in posting my blog. She tried Pre-writing them but she hated that they were untimely. So we are figuring it out.

But right NOW she has no excuse. Silicon Valley is under siege from the Coronavirus and she is home because of a SHELTER-IN-PLACE order from the county! All of her jobs are on hiatus. It is a little scary and a little groovy because she's home. And because of the nature of her job, she cannot work from home. So she is basically being paid to clean our house and write my blog. Good deal - for me.

At the same time Mommy #1 graduated from university. Not exactly just that, though. The school closed face to face classes during dead week and THEN closed altogether as finals approached. Online is where it is at. Thank goodness this is the era where online tests are possible. She will graduate on time.

So Mommies #1 and #2 spent the past weekend moving her home. HOME!!! I am so happy to have her back here. . . BUT

She came home bearing gifts - more specifically, this one

Meet Rigatone (Tony for short) my new brother. Yes, a brother with a snout. He is 10 weeks old and a total mutt. We are seeing dachshund for sure in his stubby legs and snout. Colorwise he looks lab. Who knows at this point. . . But he is HERE to STAY which means I am constantly confronted by puppy TEETH, BREATH and ENERGY. It is a little overwhelming on this semi-old gal. But at least I am handling it better than Molly. She stays upstairs as much as possible. She is curious but intolerant. She went full-on POODLE on him yesterday. He was a little shocked but not scared. He is a feisty one.

I think I will like him fine.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Barking for Change

And the only way to make Change is to 


I pugsonally helped my ‘rents decide because - well I am brilliant.
So even tho the primaries are over here in CA, I say INVOLVE yourself in politics. No matter what the level. It your voice and your right. Make it happen.

Note: I wrote this yesterday but my THUMBS got busy and did not publish this. Sheesh.