Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magic TODOings in the Air - It's Halloween EveryPUGGY!!!!!

I know most of you THINK you have seen my 2013 Halloween costume. But if you REALLY think about it, I never officially wear the same costume twice. I MIGHT wear it unofficially, sometimes. Just for a giggle or something.
So LAST week you saw me in my Pig With Wings costume for a PHOTO shoot at PetSmart. It was a last minute decision by ME because at the time my REAL costume was still in the planning stages.

Are you SICK of this one yet?

After we came home from this affair, I told my Mommy #2 we had to get busy on my REAL costume toot sweet. So she brought out the MACHINE:

Next thing I know, I am being measured and turned all over. Then I get fabric thrown over my head and pins stuck in my fur! It was OUTRAGEOUS! Then it was Molly's turn. At the end of a MILLION hours she had these sitting on the counter to be tried on:

She made wreaths?
We tried them on. They looked cute so we figured it was a WRAP! Costumes ready for HALLOWEEN!!!
BUT we were wrong.
I don't know about you, but I feel PRETTY.

Yarn comes out of the office and each color was scrutinized next to the TUTUs. Then Mommy got real busy like with her knitting NEEDLES and after a zillion movies, one football game and an episode of "Phinneas and Ferb" she had these:

My ears are HEATING up and I cannot hear a thing!

Mommy had done it!  Molly and I are OFFICIALLY the cutest pumpkins on the BLOCK!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Enough With the Funny Fotos, Already!

I am all about taking things a little on the lighter side. But I am here today to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! How many unflattering photos should there be out there? Can't I just look cute now and then?

So I asked Molly how she felt about it. She said she hadn't noticed because, frankly, she considers EVERY picture of her to be CUTE. Oh REALLY, Molly? What do you think of this one then?

"Well," she said, "it isn't ALL that bad. After all, my face looks like a HEART and a heart symbolizes LOVE. So I look like LOVE."

Uh. REALLY? That is all you take from this? I said. You look like one of those digitally skewed dogs one sees on funny BIRTHDAY cards! How can that be good?

I walked away, shaking my head.

So what do I then find out there in CYBERSPACE? This charming example of a FUNNY FOTO:

YOU give me yogurt. You make me eat OUT of a BOWL on the FLOOR. And I don't have THUMBS. Then you laugh when it gets all over my face??? And then you publish it?

Does this happen to anyPUGGY else out there in Blogville?

I mean, WHAT DOES IT TAKE to be taken seriously around here?

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's BRET not BRETT - But No Matter, We have a WINNER!!!!

Every rose has it's thorn 
Just like every night has it's dawn 
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song 
Every rose has it's thorn

I'd like to say HAPPY MONDAY to all my PUPS n PUGS (and some CATS too)! We have a WINNER in the Gotcha Day drawing. It was really tough because I wanted EVERY entrant to win. REALLY. But alas, life is just NOT like that.
BTW! I am guilty of misspelling Mr. Michael's name. It should be spelled BRET and not Brett. Sorry, Dude.

So Here are my entrants:

Here is how I entered their names into the Randomizer:

Click the BUTTON and here are the results:

CONGRATULATIONS JASPER AND SARGE!!!!! You have won the Bret Michaels toy.

Send me your address via my email address and I will mail your prize to you asap (promise):

Friday, October 25, 2013

It will be Better . . . If You'll Just Smile. . .

This has been a tough month for Blogville. So many of our FURiends have crossed the bridge that I honestly feel like I am reeling a little. So rather than wear a frowny face and wallow in my sadness, I decided I would celebrate all the good times I have had sharing adventures with Pip, Gracie Lynn, Benson, AKA Benny and all the rest we have lost this month with some


This is as close to a smile as Sunshine the Cat gets

Smile though your heart is breaking. . .
Smile even though you're aching. . .


We'll See you in the Stars my FURiends!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Land of GAZILLION Treats!!!!

Here is a photo of me and Molly showing off - uh, I mean displaying - all of the goodies we got at the PetSmart Pet Party. This was some major eatables, I tell you. There were one, two, three foodlike stuffs for PUGS and dogs and ONE for kitties. Even though Sunshine did not attend, she scored some treats. For a picky eater she sure likes her treats!

AnyWHO........ Look how big those Brett Michael toys are! Amazing. What is MORE amazing is I only have TWO entrants into the Gotcha Day drawing. I am going to sweeten the pot and INCLUDE an assortment of EATABLE with the winning toy. Let me know if you want to enter the drawing.

It is painless and FUN!!!!

Oh, and dig the new bed we are sitting on. It was on SALE for $10!!!! Can you believe it? It can fit all three of us, plus toys and still have room for more. And Lil' One sometimes curls up on the giant bed while she watches her HOCKEY games! That was a S-C-O-R-E for Mommy!

Drawing ends Friday, October 25, 2013 at MIDNIGHT PST.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gotcha Gone But NOT Forgotten

Let me tell you a tale of a GOTCHA DAY
gone wrong - but then it was RIGHT.

October 16 was my Gotcha Day. Some days before, October 14, was Molly's. Did the FAMILY celebrate these two INCREDIBLE events in our lives? No. They fell during one of those busy weeks of a crazy busy month and no one thought the dog and the PUG would notice.

Well, I DID! I huffed and snuffled about with a frown on my face all week until Mommy asked me what was wrong. She was apologetic but there was nothing she could do to make it right.

Apparently, somewhere along the way My Mommy #2 and Molly's Mommie #1 decided to celebrate by taking us to the Petsmart Pet Party early Saturday morning. Did I mention that it was EARLY? It seems the FIRST pet through the door was going to get some special toy of something. Molly, of course, wanted that because for her it is all about toys. KIDS! Me, just gimme the snacks (I assumed there would be snacks) and I will do anything you ask!

I am wearing my flying PIG costume from 2 years ago and Molly has on a
pumpkin tshirt and a hat my Mommy made.

So we looked up the hours of our local PetSmart and headed over there 30 minutes BEFORE that time (8am). We were sure there would be this grande line. When we got there we found out (1) the place actually opened an hour BEFORE the website time and (2) the Pet Party was not to start until 9am! We had a whole hour to kill. Oh, and there were no lines of pets in costume anywhere! ANYWHERE!!!!! So we wandered around in our costumes gathering tons of ooohs and aaahs from the employees because they were about the only ones in the store at that hour!

Clearly, we were the first ones in costume so we earned the special toy. It is a Brett Michaels Love-a-Pet that PetSmart is selling AND part of the proceeds go to PetSmart Charities® to help save homeless pets. 

Is that cool or what????? We also got GOODIE BAGS with eatables and another toy. Finally, we were able to take a picture at the special PetSmart photo backdrop. We had to settle for an iPhone photo though because neither Mommy nor Molly's Mommie remembered a camera. They assumed PetSmart would be taking the photos as they had in years past.

Yeah, I was sliding and Molly was being a DOOFUS!

It was still fun even though there were only 3 other dogs in costume AND there was no party other than a photo op. Lame, yes.

On the way home we decided we really didn't need 2 of those awesome big toys. So in honor of our Gotcha Days AND Halloween, we are having a drawing to win one. Just leave a comment below and let me know you want to be entered in the contest. We will pick a winner over the weekend and post the name on Monday. 

All entries must be in by MIDNIGHT FRIDAY - OCTOBER 25, 2013!

Oh and while you are at it, would you vote for me for PetSmart's costume contest? You must like their page to vote.

Check it out:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sadness Overload

Hi everyPUGGY! I am very very sad today and cannot really shake my frown. I lost a couple of very very dear FURiends this weekend and it was/is just too much for me to handle.

First of all - from Blogville we lost Pip. He was a great doggie - and a FURiend to all of us. We went on many adventures with him because he shared each and wonderful moment. We laughed at his antics and rallied behind his causes. Pip was just plain FUN. He will be sorely missed by all of us in Blogville.

Secondly, my Mommy #2 lost a really dear friend of hers. I met this friend - she was really nice and even pet me some. She was a CAT lover but she didn't let that get in the way of showing me a lot of love. She will be missed by us all.

Hopefully tomorrow my smile will return and I will tell you all about my weekend adventure. It coincides with my FORGOTTEN (ahem) Gotcha Day last week! Actually, Molly's and mine are pretty close together and NO ONE in the house took notice that they had passed. So WE are celebrating this week with a giveaway.

Check back tomorrow for the details.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Molly is More Than a Pretty Face

My sister Molly is the PRETTY one. She is rail thin and BLONDE. Plus she has this dainty walk on dainty little feet; and her tiny BUTT sways side to side when she trots. While I am BEAUTIFUL in the world of PUGS, she is MODEL beautiful.

Because of this, she is often overlooked as just another pretty FACE. But the truth is, she is a very talented poochie. I cannot do HALF of the tricks she can do because my short legs and my wide-ish girth makes balancing difficult.

Last week Cousin E taught Molly to do what she called "Pretty" - which is balancing with her paws up. It was a step in learning first to raise a paw. The hope is she will eventually be able to "wave" with one paw in the air. If anyone can do it - Molly can.

I am not really jealous of her talent with tricks. After all, I am a PUG PRINCESS and we really don't do TRICKS.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Moment of Hilarity

Molly walked downstairs the other day. I was sitting in the kitchen, basically doing nothing but daydreaming. All of a sudden, she starts to LAUGH! I mean tears-in-the-eyes hiccoughing laugh! The she started snorting and reverse sneezing like a crazy DOG! What is UP with you, I asked? She never answered - she just walked off laughing.

Along comes Sunshine the Cat. She begins to titter and snort - eventually she built up to an all-out LAUGH, too? What is going on, I asked? Is there someone behind me clowning or something? No, said Sunshine, between breaths. No one is clowning. But. . . then she gets a giggle fit and HIGH-TAILS it out of the kitchen.

Lo and behold, a whole group of humans come downstairs to the kitchen. They were all talking and stuff. Suddenly they all stop, IN UNISON say "Oh My" and start to LAUGH! I had no idea what was so funny. I am just sitting here enjoying some PEACE and QUIET and you all come in here disturbing my GOOD MOOD. What is wrong with you people? No one answered - they just laughed some more. Then my Cousin E grabbed her iPhone and took a picture to show me WHAT WAS SO FUNNY.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Losing My Girlish Figure - Is It Worth It?

I have received this food free in exchange for my
HONEST opinion. My opinions are my own and
I have received no other compensation.
Love Sunshine

So as you know, I have been a recent recipient of all things CHEWY.COM - much to my sisteroids' displeasure. Where they get all barky and silly when something arrives for them, I am quietly pleased and inwardly gloating. Case in point the photo above. That is me looking excited about the BOUNTY beside me.

So this is what I received from the venerable purveyor,

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Shredded Grammy's Pot Pie Canned Cat Food

Like all of Merrick's fine foods, both Grammy's Pot Pie and Surf & Turf Pate are made with Merrick's "Five-Star Standard" which includes real whole foods locally sourced (when possible). And they cook the food as little as possible to ensure the healthful benefits of that food are retained.

This sounds quite thrilling to me - as a cat, I am infinitely interested in the healthful benefits of what I am fed. (Unlike those DOGS I live with who only care that it is ((marginally)) edible!)

So, I must say, WHY a DOG???

I asked, quite loudly, " - Why should I, Sunshine the Cat, choose Merrick over the other FINE brands you carry?"
Well, diplomatically they answered:

Merrick is a company that has been in the pet food business since 1988. Over their decades of service, they have consistently produced healthful products at the highest possible level of excellence. 

Okay, I'll TRY it if only for that reason alone.

First I tried the Seafood Pate. It was fragrant and the texture was like fine tuna. But I have to admit, I was not BOWLED over by the meal. I kept after it. . . for an hour and a half I kept at it. So it WAS tasty to some extent. It just wasn't my cuppa, you know? I am not too keen on seafood, unfortunately.

Second I tried  Grammy's Pot Pie. Although the name is reminiscent of a DOG food, I have to admit I found the pleasant poultry aroma, fine not flaky texture, and the TASTE much more to MY liking. I ate it lickety-split with not even a sliver left in my bowl. It was, a success, I dare say.

All in all, my experiment was quite the successful one. I had 2 more meals worth of samples and I did indeed eat them all up. I am a little worried about one side effect of my MERRICK PURRFECT BISTRO extravaganza, though. . .

It seems my expanding bottom now resembles a
bowling ball.

For more Merrick Purrfect Bistro choices AND other cat products, visit today.

ONE MORE THING    ---------->>>>>>>>>>>>>  

CHEWY.COM will have a monthly blogger giveaway with the three prizes (first, second and third place). The giveaway will be extended into the first week of November to include Halloween fun this month, so the end date will be November 7th, 2013. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear - About Sunshine. . .

As you know, Molly and I are loyal fans of yours and look forward to receiving goodies from you as often as possible. So it is no surprise that we get really really excited when we hear the DELIVERY truck stop in front of our house.

Such was the case LAST WEEK. This time, when Molly's Mommy (my Aunt B) opened the front door to get the package, Molly and I RAN OUT THE DOOR to THANK the UPS delivery man. Aunt B didn't know we knew him personally, so she ran after us in a total panic, something about the street and other cars. All I know is we ended up ON TIME OUT for the longest time ever. But we didn't care, we KNEW we had something from waiting for us.

Imagine our disappointment when we noticed the package was NOT addressed to US but to

Sunshine, a fat happy cat

The HORROR!!!! How could this be????? We thought WE were the chosen ones!

Please,, please make sure the next time the package is for us. We are STARVING and in dire need of TREATS.

Noodles and Molly

PeeEss: Sunshine said her review will appear tomorrow. Harrrumph! Now she is hogging my blog as well!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Two by Two

The weekend is ripe
for having an adventure
I think the car's just right
for getting to the spot
And if I have to share the crate
I think it is okay
Cuz having a friend along with me
Makes for a more fun day

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rollin' With The Home Boy (and FURiends)

BEST GOODIE BAG EVER - Bully Sticks! Thanks Spencer B!

Last Sunday my two Mommys and I ventured over the hills to the town of Livermore. It is where our great FURiend Tiffy lives and on this particular day, she was hosting a birthday party for the immensely handsome Spencer Bartholomew.

Livermore is nestled in the Calaveras Hills near the windmills at Altamont. All that means nothing to you, I am sure; but it is also home to some of the finest wineries in the land. It is usually one of the hottest cities in the SF Bay Area, too. While this was true on Sunday, for Livermore it was a mild 80 degrees. Perfect for the party.

We had all kinds of fun at the party. Almost all of our Bay Area FURiends were there to help Spencer B. celebrate his 5th birthday in style: Tiffy, Phoebe and Zoey, Noodle and Mochi, Baloo and Hanna, Ellie and Angel, Bellatrix, and Me 'n' Molly. It was so fun I can hardly stand it TO THIS DAY! I love my NorCal peep and pups so much - everytime we get together we have a blast.

Check it out for yourself

You can click to Bigify!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spaghetti Girl

See that lovely black harness on me? See how well it fits and how adorable I look in it? You'd never know I could ESCAPE out of that in 30 seconds or less, huh?

But I can. You see, I am the master at the SPAGHETTI move. Right when you think you have a grip on me - BOOM - I become SPAGHETTI GIRL and limply ooze out of your grasp. My Mommy used to lift me up using the backside of the harness. Why not? It is safer than almost any other way to lift me up and the harness is nice and snug on my gorgeous PUG body. Ahhhh, but not when I employ my Spaghetti Girl powers. Faster than you can say Noodles - I am on the ground staring up at Mommy with my big brown eyes.

This is how I ride in the car. It is safe and comfortable although not too convenient. So why am I crated when in the car?

Well Mommy tried first the fuzzy harness and then something similar to the plaid one
Looks secure!
This is NOT me. It is a model portraying
me. My car harness was actually red
She hooked me in, checked the fit, and then got into the driver's seat and pulled away. She was halfway down our street when I jumped up on the passenger seat to navigate. WHAT? she sputtered. HOW? she queried?

She returned both to the pet store for a full refund. Were they broken? she was asked. Uh, no. . . she replied . . . but they were no match for


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is It Monday Still?

OMP!!! I completely missed MONDAY! How did that happen? I was all prepared and everything!

PROUDLY wearing the PINK!

I will be back tomorrow with a Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Costuming Conundrum

Time is running by so quickly! I am in a little bit of a panic regarding Halloween this year. Yes, I could wear something from my VAST costume closet; but that just isn't satisfying. I am a creative PUG, you know. I must come up with something new and different this YEAR.

So I rummaged all through my fabric piles, pattern piles, craft piles AND I STILL have no idea what to do. In the past, I have done costumes like:

A Bowl of Noodles
Karate Kid

A Buzz Buzz


So what should I do this year? Should I be conservative?

Or should I venture to the more DARING?

What do you think???