Friday, April 29, 2011

Tee Gee Eye Eff

T - Tremendously Titillated To Tellya 
G - Graciously Glad Going Gala
I - I Interestingly Invited Innocent Idolers
F -  For Famously Friendly Fun Frivolity

Happy Friday Everyone - Now GO have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sublime Suburban Spring

SUBLIME Suburban Spring
From high on every TREETOP Sing
Our lil PARK in the 'Burbs
Fills with Flowers, Frogs and BIRDS

A WALKIN' we must undertake
Fresh AIR a healthy body makes

Flora, FAUNA and this tree
Make a lovely Pic of ME

We wander 'round the center POND
Move aside that BRIGHT green frond

To make this trek bring good LUCKS
Don't forget to feed the DUCKS

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am so excited I could piddle on the spot! At last I can present my MUSIC VIDEO with Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer, a NorCal boy) from Glee. Mommy arranged it so I could lend my pipes to his in a heartfelt rendition of the Beatles' "Blackbird."
Backing up on harmony is my DEAR FURIEND ANAKIN MAN!
Sorry it took so long to edit. We had to use several cameras to get just the right shots - and everyone knows how log it takes to edit THAT!
So sit back and enjoy my DUET with KURT!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Hangover

My Sock Monkey Easter Basket LOADED with goodies

I am just about to see what's inside of this BIG Easter egg

I shoulda stopped after two Easter eggs
I hope your Easter was just as wonderful as mine

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ahem, Ladies and Gentledogs/cats of Richie and Ronnii's Pawty. . .

click on the picture to go to Ronnii's Birthday Bash

Two Poems to our honorees

You're an angel now, the very best
Along with Molly you lead the rest
Looking out for sister Ronnii and Momma Tea
And maybe, just maybe, a little wink at me

You had a long life, some not so good
'Til you joined Momster and Popster in the 'hood
You brought them joy and a laugh or two
In return they LOVED you

We miss you Richie here in Blogville
Remember us always, as we know we will
Send you our love and a little bow
Cuz you are over the rainbow now

Happy Birthday to a gal
A pretty dog who is a pal
She hasn't had the best of times
Yet today for her Mr. SUN shines

Today it's LIFE we celebrate
Music and laughter demonstrate
Our love for you and Angel Richie
A kiss for you, a smile for HE

Raise a paw - all who agree
To party hard and share love free
A nuzzle, a cuddle, a tail waggin'
No one should leave with heads saggin'

Today we send a message far
Way up to the brightest star
Shower Ronnii with LOVE ever more
And send unhappiness out the door

Friday, April 22, 2011

The PARTY of ALL Parties

Glitter Photos
[ - *Glitter Photos*]

Hello Blogville! I am here to announce the Party of ALL Parties! Yes, I am talking about the LIFE celebration for Ronnii and Richie on Saturday, April 23, 2011. Be there to honor sweet Richie who so recently went over the Rainbow Bridge. Be there to also let Ronnii know we are NOT forgetting her special day. It'll be great . . . it'll be BIG. . . it'll be the PARTY everyone will talk about for years to come. Stop by and be a part of HISTORY.
CLICK HERE for the secret entrance . . . and remember the password is FUN!

The Easter Pug will be there
 Pee Essss
I know you are all waiting for my Kurt Hummel duet video. It is still in editing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Here Comes Noodles Curly Tail
Groovin' down the Bunny's Trail
Hippity Hoppity what's that on her HEAD

She's thinking of the days ahead
Wonderin' what her Mommy said
Will SHE get an Easter Basket RED

Here Comes Noodles Curly Tail
What do you know - the PUG'S got mail

Hippity HAPPITY Happy Easter Day!
Thanks Slimmer Pugs for the Card!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P-A-R-K IT Already!

Me - priming my pipes for my duet
It was supposed to rain on Sunday but it didn't. I was home minding my own business when all of a sudden Mommy yells "Noodles - wanna go Bye Bye?"  I have been a bit leery of going bye bye since the last 2 times I went bye bye I ended up with shots and surgery. Not pleasant memories. So I sauntered over to Mommy rather indifferently and slowly acknowledged her words. I pretended to not hear her when she told me to get my halter and leash on.

Oh - and I sorta planted my feet when she tried to get me into the car. Lucky for me Mommy did not give up at this point. Once in the car I got soooooo nervous and paced around and whined like I was being tortured!
A short ride later and we stopped and got out of the car


OMD I was so excited! It had been raining sooooooo much lately that we had not had a chance to go to the PARK!!!!!

I sniffed and sniffed! I ran and ran (on a leash , of course)! I tried to sneak wood chips (unsuccessfully)! I said hi to other dogs, ducks, geese and gophers! It was so fun and the sun felt so wonderfully warm.

Since tonight is my duet with Kurt from Glee, I also took some time out to practice my song. I cannot wait

Monday, April 18, 2011


Winter 2011 - WHY do I have this on!

I am a world class pouter. 

I POUT seriously and, a-hem, frequently.

This post was inspired by Klaus of Two Pugs In a Pod and his incredibly cute POUT PICTURE.

Summer 2010 - Why'd I have to get out of the pool?

Christmas 2010 - I only got TWO gifts?

Camping, Summer 2010 - I don't WANT to sit here!

Winter 2009 - This hat makes me look DORKY!

Fall 2009 - You disturbed me . . . WHY?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunflower - A Haiku

Friends unite in love
Sunflowers reach for the light
Growing and Glowing

Happy Friday - Peace Out

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is How a GOOD Sports Acts!

Check this out. You recall my POSTS about the Giants Fan who was beat up at a LA Dodgers game? Bryan Stow remains in a coma and in serious condition. The Giants raised $70,000 for him and his family on Monday!
Today this was announced (click on the link)

Tim Lincecum


Announcing the Winner of the Caption Contest

Whose CAPTION will it be Sunshine the Cat?
Go HERE to read the entries

  1. I entered the names of the contestants in the order they commented
  2. I pushed the button to start the process.
  3. And the winner is CHOSEN!!!!

 WILMA is our First Place Winner with MachoMochiMarshmallow as Second Place Winners!!
Wilma and Mx3 send me your address (mailing that is) to and I will get your prizes in the mail ASAP!

Thanks for playing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Your Snoop On!

I love my Snoopy bed almost as much as my Sock Monkey Bed. Mommy got it for me because they were being closed out at Walgreens and so it was super cheap. I like it because it is a little bigger than my SM Bed so I can stretch my puggy legs out when I sleep in it.

 I once heard a tale of a dog named Snoopy who had a  BUDDY named Charlie Brown. Snoopy had a lot of adventures, including flying in a plane over France (Huh???). But in the end he always came home to his pal Charlie Brown.

I think that is what life is all about -
and a cushy bed to sleep in.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Duet with Kurt

I am a GLEEK. Really! I love to watch those crazy kids and their zany musical adventures! I sit with my Mommys all snuggled up on the couch, close my eyes and just float in the lovely music. I have a confession to make - other than the one about being a Gleek -

My favorite character is KURT.  His voice is so lovely and I think perfectly matched to mine.  Plus he has a keen fashion sense as do I. My one BIG DREAM is doing a duet with Kurt.

Tune in NEXT week to see if my dream comes true to sing a duet with KURT.

If you have not played my caption contest . . . DO IT!
The DEADLINE is tomorrow, Wednesday April 13. Good luck to ALL.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I TROT For Food

Do you have a FOOD TROT?
I certainly do. And I TROT the same pattern each and every MEALTIME - accompanied by a series of pants, yips and whines.
Here's what I do.

  1. Trot to Mommy - the food retreiver
  2. Trot around the kitchen in anticipation
  3. Trot to the garage (where the food is) and immediately return to the kitchen
  4. Trot downstairs to the den (2 steps, really) and QUICKLY trot around the coffee table
  5. Trot to the garage and back again
  6. Trot around the kitchen
  7. Trot to the front door and back
  8. Trot ONE MORE TIME around the coffee table (I leap past the steps)

After all that TROTTING, I am more than ready to chow down.
What is your FOOD TROT like?

Friday, April 8, 2011


I GOTS PRIZES for the BESTEST caption - to be selected by Randomizer.
You have until Wednesday April 13, 2011 to come up with a clever caption.

Leave your caption in a comment or email it to

Good luck . . . Now PUT those THINKING CAPS on!

Just Grab The Ball And Run With It

Just GRAB the BALL and RUN with it
We're talking BASEBALL by the BAY
In the LEFT FIELD bleachers we SIT
To CHEER each and every GIANT play

*TONIGHT is special - supporting BRYAN STOW
Let's show SF GIANTS fan support
And open our HEARTS and WALLETS as well

                                                              * The actual game where the Giants are collecting donations for Bryan Stow and family is Monday, April 11

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baseball Bats Are NOT for Hitting

EveryPUGGY knows I LOVES LOVES LOVES me some Giants Baseball. And I am SO excited that Baseball by the Bay has returned for another season. As you can see, I already have my rally towel, pompoms and orange&black collar ready to go for opening day. It's gonna be grand.

What's not so grand is what happened to Giants' fan Bryan Stow when he attended a Giants vs Dodgers game in LA last weekend. He was beaten SO SEVERELY that now he is in a coma with possible brain damage and disabilities.

As much as I love my Giants, I would NEVER consider it proper to snarl, bite or otherwise GO POODLE on somepuggy just because they happen to root for a different team than the WORLD CHAMPION SF GIANTS!
Beating a man because of the color of his shirt is nonsense!!!!!

This is a GAME my peeps n pups played for the FUN and ENTERTAINMENT of players and fans. It is NOT an earth-shattering event (such as the ongoing crisis in Japan, Haiti, New Zealand, etc.)

I am proud to announce that one of my Mommy's favorite radio stations -KFOG - and one of her favorite musicians - Michael Franti - have teamed up to gather donations to help Bryan Stow's family in their time of need.

In addition, in an act of TOTAL CLASS, the SF GIANTS are collecting donations for the Stow family AND will honor Bryan Stow at their Home Season Opener this weekend.

We all banded together to help Haiti. We all opened our wallets for Japan. Now is time to spread the love to one of our own in his time of need.

Follow the links to donate to either or both of these funds.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sid Started It

Sid (Pugslope) posted a picture of himself (from behind) staring intently at TREATS.
Here is a front view of me WILLING a treat to fall in my MOUTH!

Did it work, you ask?

Look at that adorable PUG MUG? Who could say NO to that?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And My Monday Blues Gave Way To . . .

Snuggles with my Mommy!!!

Now I can face the week with a smile

Check out Puglet's Cookbook! I have 2 recipes in it!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Moodiness

Today I am in a MOOD
Can't say if it is BAD, can't say if it is GOOD
Don't know if I am HAPPY, or even if I'm SAD
I'm not SNAPPY, and I'm really not MAD
But I woke up early and slowly recalled the DAY
It's gotta be MONDAY, what more can I SAY

Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't LOOK Now But It's FRIDAY!

I think I will just lay here and dictate

FEET                                                              FURRY
REACHING                                                 REBEL
IN THE                                                           INSTIGATOR
DIRECTION OF                                          DRAGS
ADORABLE                                                 ALONG
YOU                                                             YELPING

FANTASTIC                                                  FAST
RAINBOWS                                                 RACECARS
IN                                                                   INVADED
DREAMS                                                    DANGEROUS
ALWAYS MEAN                                         ALLEYS
YAWNS                                                       YESTERDAY