Friday, August 31, 2012

Captured Catitude

This is my sisteroid Sunshine the Cat. She is looking all pensive and stuff - at least to the 'rents, that is. What I KNOW that they DON'T KNOW is that while she has this thoughtful innocent look on her face, she is REALLY plotting some dastardly deed. AND usually she is plotting against ME and the BIRDS.

Like the other day she spilled the bird seed UNDER the cage. First of all, I have no IDEA why that cat was in the BIRD seed. Anyhoo, she sorta smushed it around and faked a sneeze to make some scatter to the other end of the room, and so on.

I wandered in just as she was skulking away with this sly sneaky grin on her face - like this

Doesn't that just give you the creeps? So I went over the the BIRD CAGE to see what was up. I was appalled at the mess and started to BACK out and tell Mommy about it when all of a sudden the BIRDS started screeching about the spilled seed (they told me later that they wanted me to let them OUT so they could "clean up" the mess).

Next thing you know in comes Mommy #2 with the sternest look on her face. When she saw me half under and half out from under the bird CAGE, she immediately came over saying (and quite loudly, I might add) "Noodles! What are you doing under that bird cage! You are freaking the birds out!!!" Then she spied the mess.

NOODLES!!!!! she roared..........

Need I say MORE!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Take BAT

I have been feeling a little - oh I don't know - BATTY lately. Here are the symptoms and tell me what you think

  • Most fruit bats have large eyes
I think as you can tell, I have VERY large eyes
I spend a fair amount of time under out fruit trees snagging fruit and eating it I can smell a FOODABLE from 4 rooms away!!!

AND you have to admit - the resemblance is uncanny

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Standing Small BUT Feeling Tall

Not really Wink Wink . . . 

The other day a great man died - Neil Armstrong. He was known mostly for a SMALL step he took in hopes of improving the future of all mankind (and I am SURE he meant PETS like me would benefit too). That small step, granted, was taken ON THE MOON, for pete's sake. But it was, nonetheless, a small step that represented a HUGE leap in aeronautics and space exploration in general.

It got me thinking - What, if anything, can a SMALL PETITE but rather ADORABLE PUG, like myself do to change the world? In all honesty, probably not too much. But I can try, and that can make a world of difference between success and failure, don't you think?

By taking my small step - following a new blog, passing the word on a new product, or even sharing the passing of a FURiend, I contribute to a greater mass of knowledge and sharing. I follow Bellatrix and she in turn follows Tiffy who follows Sabrina, and so on. Soon we have HUNDREDS of blogs linked and sharing stuff . . . and those hundreds of blogs are followed by multiple hundreds of people. . . and so on. One small step, in the end, has affected many many others in, hopefully, a positive way.

What brought this all up, other than Neil Armstrong passing away? Rescue groups and how they work. Yes, it seems far fetched but it really isn't. In this case, one person found a pug in a shelter. This poor pug was malnourished and had deformed legs. She was pathetic. But this person decided to rescue her anyway, nurse her back to health and see what would happen. Through a pug rescue group, this person met a pretty wild and crazy pug family who invited her and her rescue pug to a DOG birthday party to meet a lot of crazy pug people. Those crazy pug people posted Facebook pictures of the PAWty and included mention of the sad little rescue pug - no longer sad and sick (but legs still deformed). Someone (actually several someones) from this SPECIAL Fb group SAW the photos and fell in love with the rescue pug. Boom! Before you know it, someone in the group wanted to adopt the no-longer-so-poor puggy and she is soon going to move across country to her new FABULOUS home.

One small step can make a BIG difference. Imagine how much good could be done if we all kept that in mind?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Payton's Pink Present

I am perturbed in this photo. Notice the mouth.
Mind you, I LOVE the GORILLA!
I got a PACKAGE in the mail the other day. It was from my FURiend with wings, Angel Payton. Well, it was from her Mom who was acting in proxy for Angel Payton. See, Payton crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year despite WINNING the battle against PDE. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Payton in some way because she was THAT SPECIAL to me. She was strong as they come and quite a fighter. She helped PUSH PDE research forward with her stalwart battle against it and SET BACK the advance of PDE itself by never giving in to the HORRIBLE disease (Click here for more information about this dreadful disease that attacks PUGS).

Anyhow . . . I received this package from Payton and when I opened it, there was the softest most sweetest GORILLA toy with a SQUEAKER that I have ever laid eyes on. You can see from the photo above just how adorable it is. I immediately HAD to play with it . . .  But here is the unusual part - I played with it for almost an hour straight! And the next morning, as soon as I got up, I started playing with it as well. This has gone on for quite a few days now. The toy is in my bed so I also sleep with it during the day when I am home alone. Well, not alone anymore because I feel like ANGEL PAYTON is right there with me.

So thanks Payton's Mommy and Daddy for sending me such a special and heartfelt present. I cannot wait to meet you this coming SUNDAY at Pug Sunday in San Francisco. I am gonna give you the biggest hugs and kisses ever.

This is what I WANTED to do before - NOT
pose for some dumb picture!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Waist Not Want Not - The Adage Has A WHOLE New Meaning

Bellatrix's Daddy took this Picture

I am sure you will recall that after Bellatrix's AWESOME PAWty my Mommy said compared to all of the other PUGS I was F-A-T! Mind you, most weighed more than me but they were A LOT TALLER than me. I am a petite PUG. I am the SNOOKI of Cali Shores! So a little weight really shows.

Thank you to all who came to my defense, I appreciate it; although I must be truthful here . . .


I saw the pictures, I saw the proof. OMP where did all that weight COME FROM? So right after the CAKE Mommy put me on a, dare I say it, D-I-E-T. Yes, she cut my rations to almost nothing and changed all of my treats to HEALTHY ones (i.e. carrots, lettuce, plain yogurt, green beans, and corn cobs). It has been a tough 2 weeks. I had to keep my ACTIVITY (yeah, right! I am a PUG, people) up despite no snacks and no, well, FOOD.

But after two weeks, I can see results. There is a waist that I hadn't seen in a while. (I thought it was hiding under the bed!) And I can almost go through the sliding glass door again WITHOUT it being flung COMPLETELY open!

So I guess the old ADAGE can be rewritten from WASTE NOT WANT NOT (which I am clueless about) to WAIST NOT WANT NOT. Because when you are eating to your heart's content, your WAIST is definitely NOT anywhere to be found.

Welcome home, lil' one.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I feel very SAFE here
I have no need to MOVE
I can rest my PAW near
Here in this GROOVE

I know you'll PROTECT me
From things that make me FLEE
And right here at your FEET
Is the PLACE I wanna BE

I feel very SAFE here
I have no need to MOVE
I have everything for which I CARE
Most of all I have YOU

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday and BlogPaws Blog Hop

People ask me all the time
Noodles! How'd you get so popular?
Well, I tell them, I join BLOG HOPS. And furthermore, I visit all of the BLOGS pawticipating in the HOP. I don't always have time to comment, but I try to see them all and follow a few here and there. It takes time. It takes work. It takes DEDICATION.
So here's your chance to EXPLODE your blog traffic. JOIN ME in the 

Scroll all the way down to see all who have joined. And don't forget to tour participant sites. It is soooooooooo amazingly fun.

Oh Yeah, this is WORDLESS WEDNESDAY so here is a meaningful but silent PHOTO of MOI

My Head looks really LARGE, huh?

Just for FUN here is ANOTHER BLOG HOP

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Blinked

I was posed all cute and stuff. Hey Mommy! Now's the time! You can get a really great picture of me sitting like a PUG and looking all cuddly and wuddly . Mommy, who was doing something I DO NOT UNDERSTAND at the time (it involved a tablet thingy and a PONDERING look on her face), said "Uh-huh, just let me get my camera."

2798120 Million seconds later she comes bouncing back in the room all looking Happy. Uh, where's the camera Mommy? "Oh," she giggled guiltily, "I must have forgotten it."

Off she goes again for what SEEMED like a ZILLION hours. Finally she makes her way back (thank goodness because my cute PUG hiney was feeling a little numb) and SHE STILL does not have the camera! "I couldn't find the camera, so I grabbed my phone. It takes nice pictures."

So I mustered up all of my energy, opened my eyes wide and put a smile on my face. . .  and I waited. . . and I waited . . . and I . . .

Just take the photo, Lady! I wanted to say; but I didn't. I did, however, let a SSSSHHHHEEEEESH!!! slip out, though.

CLICK! "Oh that's a nice photo Noodles - only why are your EYES closed.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Brando - The Wild One

Brando as Johnny in
The Wild One

Johnny: [opening narration] It begins here for me on this road. How the whole mess happened I don't know, but I know it couldn't happen again in a million years. Maybe I could of stopped it early, but once the trouble was on its way, I was just goin' with it. Mostly I remember the girl. I can't explain it - a sad chick like that, but somethin' changed in me. She got to me, but that's later anyway. This is where it begins for me right on this road. 

Brando is a new Pug in Town, Blogville, that is. He was rescued by Saint J and brought to his home where many other LUCKY rescues also live. His story is sad and this week it got sadder when it was discovered that he is suffering from hookworms, whip worms, ear mites and, worst of all, HEARTWORMS. In a way though, he is so lucky. His new family noticed something was not right with him, took him to the vet and immediately started treatments to cure him. It isn't cheap, to say the least. But that is what SOMEONE who LOVES you does for you, no questions asked and no return expected.

That is called love and ALL PETS deserve this kind of treatment.

So we here in BLOGVILLE are calling on all pets - dog, cat, rabbit, horse, cow, gerbil. . . whatever - to send some powerful JUJU Brando's way to help him heal and spend the rest of his days without pain and with love all around him.

But this story is more than a call for JUJU. This is about that insidious killer HEARTWORM. It kills many many pets every year and it is totally preventable. So learn the facts (follow this link), get your pet tested today (our humane society does testing for less than a baseball game!), and follow with a preventative treatment every month. Your pet will be healthier and you will be happier knowing you did the BEST for your BEST FRIEND.

Friday, August 17, 2012

If WE could TALK

Sunshine: I may look like I don't care but remember . . .
Payback is a BEE -OTCH!!!

Noodles: What the PUG!!! Why am I in this thing?
How do I get out? I'm so SCARED!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

That's CRUMMY . . . or should I say CRUMBY?

This is a picture of Bellatrix's cake BEFORE it was served. Please forgive me Noodle and Mochi's mom for FILCHING your photos. Mine will not download.

This is the cake WHILE it was served. See my butt in the background. I seem nonchalant, huh?

These CRUMBS are what I was FOCUSED ON! CRUMBS, on the GROUND. I was running around to each group gobbling up all of the CRUMBS.
They were, for the record, as yummy as the CAKE!

Mommy says she is MORTIFIED. I am pretty sure that means she is Uber PROUD of me and my thoughtful behavior. After all, I save all those WAG Hotels folk from having to SWEEP up after the PAW-TEH de PUGS.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nothing WORDLESS About This Wednesday - More on Bellatrix's PAWty

When we arrived at WAG Hotel we discovered we were not THE FIRST to arrive. No INDEED! Waiting in the lounge were our FURiends Noodle and Mochi (and their 'rents Jennifer and Kevin PLUS their Grandma)! Also there were two NEW FURiends Hannah Banana and Baloo! They had PAWty collars on and looked all cute an' stuff.

Lo and Behold, before too long here come those perennial CUTIES Phoebe and Zoey (and their Mommy Susie) COMPLETE with pearl necklaces and ribbons!!!! I LOVES loves LOVES those two.

Right when we saw some peoples walking in with FIVE puggies on leashes, we heard the announcement that it was PAWTY TIME!!!!!

My PHOTOS are not too good, alas. Mommy #2 forgot her camera and these were taken with her NOT-SO-SMART phone. But I think you can tell we were quite the PAWty crowd.

Also in attendance were Spencer B, Tiffy Tippy Toes, Lola from Lafayette, Atlas from Pug Sunday, Lorette, Tia, Mona, Honey, and a couple of PUGS I cannot recall. BUT THEY WERE ALL sweet and fun. And there was even a NON PUG who I said Hi to, but that was all.

We ran around and around and around, mostly after Atlas who is a feisty almost-5-month-old. Before we knew it, it was time to go. So sad.

Happy Birthday Bellatrix, you throw the BESTEST parties.
And if you wanna see MORE and BETTER pictures of the PAWty, check out Bellatrix's blog. Her daddy took some PAWsome photos.

This blog is PART of a HOP!!! Go to BlogPaws and link up! Make some new FURIENDS.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PAWty Like It's 1999 . . . WHAT???

Saturday was the most mind-blowing experience of my life. It started as a normal day except I got a bath at 7 am.
That was when the weirdness happened. I was asked if I wanted to go Bye-Bye, and OF COURSE I said yes. I mean, when do I EVER say NO to Bye-bye???? Happily I got into my harness and leash and Mommy #1 led me outside and to the car. Then Mommy #2 followed with a CAT CARRIER and a map. This did not appear to be any kind of Bye-Bye that I'd ever gone on. We drove and drove and drove until we were really really close to this -

But instead of going over it, we turned into a big station for this

We climbed MOUNTAINS of stairs to reach a ticket box. Then Mommy #1 put me IN THE CAT CARRIER and took me through the gate. I THINK she was sneaking me aboard because she did NOT buy a ticket for ME! (editor's note: dogs in carriers ride free) I played along with the ruse, though, and kept quiet while in THE BOX. It was almost relaxing, to tell the truth.

We waited some minutes and then boarded this train-like thingy. It smelled of lots of different people but not a lot of dogs. Whatever. Then the doors slammed shut and with a LOUD, PIERCING whine the train took off. It was a noisy noisy ride which somehow lulled me to sleep. Next thing I knew we were exiting the train and TAKING MORE STAIRS!!! We emerged into light, air and lots of people! But I knew those sounds and smells - we were in SAN FRANCISCO!

I was allowed out of the CAT CARRIER at this point and we started walking. I was hoping we were going to see Puglet, Dutch and their human Amanda. No, Mommy #2 said. They are busy today with 1000 Pugs. BUT we have a surprise for you . . . you are going to see BELLATRIX!!!!!!

I was so excited by this news that I trotted down the street (well, of course Mommy #1 had a hold of the other end of my leash) SMELLING for BellaT.

When we got here Mommy #2 said "This is the place."

What happened next is even more amazing. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

                                                                                           Here's a hint, though . . .      

Monday, August 13, 2012


Mommy called me F-A-T yesterday
It was AFTER Bellatrix's PAWSOME birthday PAWty
She said of ALL the pugs there I was the POR-KI-EST
Some weighed MORE but they were all TALLER than me
I am supposed to be a PETIT PUG not a PORKY PUG

You know what that means
and ends with a AY-EHT!!!!

Bellatrix, BLESS YOU! At least I was allowed some of your YUMMY BIRTHDAY CAKE before the axe dropped on my allowed FOODABLES.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Teasing You THURSDAY

First Site

Second Site
I went two special places this past weekend. Here are pictures from both. I will tell you all about it TOMORROW.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Friday, just before I left for my BIG TRIP, I received some MAIL! It was a package. Since I was pretty sure I had not ordered anything from AMAZON recently, it was a complete and utter SURPRISE package.


It was from my buddy CORBIN! It was a prize for PAWticipating in his birthday PITTY POST PAWTY!

Look at what he sent me

Isn't that the COOLEST??? And there is a picture of Corbin. I think he is MOST HANDSOME. I was allowed to play with my new toys until we left for our ROAD TRIP. I was GOOD and EXHAUSTED for the long drive.

Thanks Corbin

Friday, August 3, 2012

Road Trip

Peek-A-Boo, what do I see?
A fun filled Road Trip waiting for me

Tethered safely in my spot
The trip is long but not too hot
Then we'll rest a little, and on we'll go
Off to a birthday party, ya know
We'll only be gone a day, maybe two
When I get back I'll tell my adventures to you.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

THIS Is NOT Fair, IF You Ask ME!

Sunshine the Cat seems to think she can do ANYTHING and no one will scold her, punish her, or even CATCH her. I have VIDEO proof that this is TRUE. I set up some SURVEILLANCE cameras around the house and this is what I captured.


(Please keep in mind I am in MY Sock Monkey bed)

It simply IS NOT FAIR that she is allowed to run WILD like this. I have hired an attorney and WE have filed a formal complaint.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday Blogpaws Blog Hop

This is what I did over the weekend!!!

Congratulations Marlene! You guessed correctly! Please email me your address so I can get your prize to you.
Thanks to everyone for playing.

I joined the BLOG PAWS BLOG HOP - so can you!!!!!