Friday, September 30, 2011


Thank you to evFURRYbody for all the BIRTHDAY wishes you sent to my Mommy. She said it was the BESTEST birthday AND birthday PAWty she EVER had in all her THIRTEEN YEARS!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mommy's BIG DAY

Hi, this is me, Noodles, the SUPER PAWty PLANNER. I have been working hard at making my Mommy's Birthday the best PAWty EVER!!!

I have balloons

I have favors

I have confetti

I have PRESENTS galore

and I have a cake

Please join me in a rendition of Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mommy - I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Down Low

Can you keep a secret? SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Tomorrow is Mommy#1's BIRTHDAY! She will be a brand new TEENAGER (Kinda like me)! So I am planning on throwing her a BIRTHDAY PAWty but she does not know about it.
So let's keep it on the DOWN LOW, okay?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tongue-tied Tuesday

There I was again last night with my TONGUE getting me into trouble. I don't know WHY I am so obsessed with LICKING! Yesterday I was particularly channeling my inner Licky Lou and was caught licking the FLOOR . . . licking Mommy's PANT LEG, licking the CABINET in the kitchen, licking my NOSE and licking the GLASS DOORS! I was constantly licking. Then when I couldn't lick SOMETHING, I licked the air.

I wanted to stop - I seriously tried to stop - but I COULDN'T STOP LICKING.
Mommy thought a walk would do the trick. HA! Fooled her!

Is there something short of TYING my tongue that might help?

I am open for suggestions because, frankly, I am tired of hearing

"Licky Lou NO NO!!!!" and "BAD Licky Lou."

What's a PUG to do?

Monday, September 26, 2011

WHO Did You Say This SOUNDS Like?

Today I am doing a book REVIEW. Yes, I actually read it and I have to say it was a UNIQUE and MEMORABLE experience. It all began when Mommy #1 brought this book home from the library. I had NO IDEA that is what a library had inside. All I remember of the place is walking around the building, eating tan bark from the playground, and ending up in the EMERGENCY clinic by Midnight because I thought my TUMMY would burst.
But I digress.
The library is filled with these wonderful things called BOOKS and this one is FABULOUS!!!

Say Hello to Zorro
By Carter Goodrich

Initially I wanted to like this book because it is about a PUG! Look on the cover! It is so OBVIOUSLY a PUG!
But it was really about this OTHER dog named Mr. Bud who had this really SWEET living situation. He has his own space, his own dishes and BEST OF ALL, his own routine. The unseen HUMANS do his bidding, cater to his every whim. And he loves it.
One day, along comes Zorro and Mr. Bud's whole world is tossed UPSIDE-DOWN!!!!
I am not going to tell you how it TURNS OUT. But believe me - it had me riveted to every page.
You know what my Mommy said when we finished reading the book?
" Doesn't that sound familiar? Like SOMEONE we all know?"

I have NO IDEA who she is TALKING about!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What I WANNA Say is . . .

P - "P" you suit me perfectly 

U- "U" you're quite unique to see

G-  "G" you sure look gorgeous to me

Alphabetically speaking I am the dog for YOU!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Got Beggin' STYLE?

What is your BEGGING style? Do you have several. Oh! Don't try and play dumb. I KNOW you all do it - some just do it better and more often than others.


 This is my preferred and practiced method of begging. Well, begging is such a negative word that I really don't like to use it. Let's just call it - getting what I want NOW! This particular picture displays a combo-move of mine which incorporated the sitting beg with the tearful imploring eyes beg.


Here is a vivid example of the standing method of begging. It is admirably performed than none other than Puglet. He first approaches the human holding the food very slowly, and then he stretches up their leg using his full length. If this does not work (and it usually does cuz he is CUTE) he adds a little snort BUT NEVER a whine.

What other methods of begging do you engage in? Let me know. I am working on a NEW ROUTINE now that I am sure will win me a morsal or two at dinnertime.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I was checking out my PUP-PALS and CAT-PALS in Blogville when I happened to make a comment on one. They had one of those word security thingys which are normally pretty LAME. But this time it was NOT!
My word was GRINIESS.
What, you may ask is GRINIESS? Well, I don't know. But I think it MEANS THIS


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ala Corbin

Corbin nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award last week. Thanks Corbin! I KNOW this is an award that is valued by Bloggers.

There are rules that apply to this kind award and they require some effort on my part - other than accepting it, of course - so here they are


Official Rules of the Award

1) Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post. see above - CHECK

2) Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself. see below - CHECK

 Since I tell E-FURRY-ONE everything about myself there aren't 7 things you DON'T ALREADY know! So here's what you do . . . .

1. I am smallish - about 14.5 pounds
2. I live with 2 Mommys, 2 aunts, 2 cousins, 1 cat and 2 birds. No, no plans for another cat to even it out
3. I love carrots, lettuce, pumpkin, beans, zucchini, broccoli, and Oh so many VEGGIES
4. I LOVE Lake Tahoe cuz I get to go on 3-5 walks a DAY
5. My Auntie B is NOT a relative. She is Mommy #2's BESTEST FRIEND
6. I am not well socialized and am shy around other dogs. BUT I am getting better and I don't bark at other dogs
7. BUT I am not shy with their HUMANS! I even gave Bellatrix's mom an ear nibble cuz I liked her so much
3) Give this award to up to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers. -CHECKISH      

Hmmmmm. This kinda makes the award seem like a chain letter and I don't want to piss anypuggy
off. So I shall ponder this part. BUT WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. . . . . 

4) Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news. see above #3 ULP!
BUT I WANT you to know that I am so HONORED that CORBIN sent me this award AND that he likes my little corner of BLOGVILLE. I have so much fun sharing my world with all of my Blogpals AND getting to know them as well. I hope to do this AWARD proud and keep on KEEPIN' IT REAL!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ima BEE, Ima BEE, IMA Bee . . .

A Queen Bee, that is

If there's an EMPTY BED, I'll take it
If a pile of fluffy soft blankets lies in my way, IT IS MINE
A pillow on the couch or one you lay your head on - uh-huh, MINE
That would be MY Sock Monkey BED
And my SNOOPY bed, too
Banned from the COUCH, no, I don't think so
Keep this in mind - If I want it, I WILL HAVE IT

Wait! do I see an empty lap too - hehheh, yep . . . I CLAIM it as mine!

Friday, September 16, 2011

They're Just HUMAN, After all

“Why, everybody knows a dog’s best friend is his human!” - Trusty from Lady and the Tramp
What would I do without my Mommys?

I wouldn't get COTTON CANDY!
I wouldn't get to go to Tahoe Meadows

I wouldn't get to go swimming

I wouldn't have painted nails.

I wouldn't be the LUCKIEST PUG in the WORLD with the bestest family EVER!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Movie Redux

It seems as if every classic and not so classic movie is being rework nowadays. In this past year alone there are more than 75 remakes in the works. Some of them are
  • Akira
  • Child's Play
  • Cleopatra (No WAY can I see this being better than Liz Taylor's)
  • The Crow
  • Dune
  • Excaliber
  • Footloose
  • Frankenstein (What? Every 10 years they redo this one??)
  • Godzilla
  • Highlander
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Robocop
  • Short Circuit
  • A Star is Born
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (What was wrong with the original???)
  • The Three Musketeers (See Frankenstein, same comment)
  • Total Recall

I can add another to the list - the ULTIMATE
pet love and loyalty film of all times
Whatcha Think????

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everypuggy NEEDS a Happy Place

This is where I SLEEP. Always during the day - sometimes at night. Last NIGHT I slept here because I could not stop being a Licky Lou. It was driving my already sleep-deprived Mommy CRAZY. So she banished me to my crate.

This is also where I go when I have been begging a little too much . . . or when people come over and I feel compelled to bark loud and outta-controlly . . . or when the 'rents have gone shopping and need to haul in bags of delicious FOODIES without wondering where that adorable pug has gone. . .

But hey! Being here is not like being in jail or something. I like it. This is my safe-zone, my HAPPY PLACE.

Do you have a HAPPY PLACE? Someplace (other than a lap) that you like to go to when the day is hectic? Someplace that you can snuggle down into and forget that you only got TWO SKIMPY MEALS and no treats that day? Someplace where you DON'T have to think of the bad things bad people do?


Lap of Luxury Pet Beds

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It has come to my attention that some of my, a-hem, readers think my recent posts have been . . . how do I put this . . . LAME!
I have just one thing to say to you - PHWWWTTTT!!!!
I admittedly have been short of time for expounding on my world.
I admittedly have been short of ideas regarding my world.
What did you say? You think THIS post is a thinly veiled attempt to write ANOTHER lame post?

Oh, uh, (sputter), oh, oh, OH!!!! (Gasp!)

In all honesty I did want to talk to all of you about something very important to all of us in Blogville, Pet District. It is the subject of RIGHT-OF-WAY. Yesterday I was REPEATEDLY told I was UNDERFOOT. Well, duh, I am at foot - to - ankle level, afterall. But this was said in a mean way and in no way in JEST. What these humans are failing to understand is that being nearby and "underfoot" is my RIGHT as a PUG, nay . . . AS A PET!
  • When you open the FRIDGE, I have a DUTY to be RIGHT there for a sniff or a dropped treat
  • When you cook, I am SWORN to stand nearby and protect you from TOO MUCH FOOD by consuming dropped morsels AND begging for bites 
  • When you are eating, it is my JOB to beg and beg until you realize how RUDE it is to eat in front of the PUG (even though she ate less than 15 minutes before you)
  • When you are picking the ripe tomatoes from the vine or the ripe apricots from the tree, I am the OFFICIAL quality control DOG and therefore duty-bound to sample EVERYTHING that lands into the basket
So please understand, HUMANS, I am just being a socially conscientious member of the household.
Oh, and . . .

Monday, September 12, 2011

Recycled AGAIN!!!!

I dunno - is it just me or have you all noticed a lot of RECYCLED photos of me lately? I only mention this because here it is SEPTEMBER and SOMEONE decided to post a photo of me at the BEACH! I have not been to the BEACH since JULY!

And in previous weeks we revisited Bellatrix's PAWSOME pawty HOW MANY TIMES?

Is it too much to ask for a new picture now and then?



Friday, September 9, 2011

In Need of an Alibi - STAT!


Here are all my furPALS who came over for my RAID THE FRIDGE PLAYDATE! OMD! We had so much fun I can hardly believe it. When Eh-furryDOGGY arrived I had a fridge that looked like this

It was full of all kinds of good-to-eat stuff. Mayor Frankie Furter showed up to give the food a seal of HIS approval. I think it is important that Mayor Furter not only approved but SAMPLED everything in my fridge. He chewed and chawed and then declared the PLAYDATE a GO!

We had a lot of fun playing. I even got the HOT TUB bubbling for my pup-pals.

My FURiends - Sid, Sabrina, Bailey, Benny, Lily, Corbin, Mochi, Macho, Marshmallow, Suki, Kippy Marrie, Tessa, Gen, Foo, Minnie (HUH! Where did Mack go?), Mia, Payton, Peyton, Zoe, Webster, Liberty, Tallulah, Petunia, Isabelle, Shane and Mayor Frankie - were all so energetic and exciting to be around! Thanks GUYS and GALS.

But I have a small problem now . . .

EH-FURRYbody is gone and the house is all cleaned up. I don't think my Mommys will be any the wiser about my unplanned and unpermissioned PLAYDATE - but -


(* I hope you all don't mind my using your profile pix. I just had an inspiration and went with it. No disrespect intended)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raid the Fridge

Hi Eh-furryone!
Mommy #2 is at work and Mommy #1 is at school so I thought today would be a good day to have a few FURpals over for a playdate. Whatcha think?
We could
  • Raid the Fridge
  • Hang out by the Pool
  • Languish in the AC
  • Raid the Fridge
  • Play with my Toys
  • Raid the Fridge
I am pretty sure no one will mind - Do you agree?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Do you see them? Right there in the upper right side of me! Two iridescent orbs of FUN!

I just discovered the wonder of chasing BUBBLES and I must say I don't know what took ME so long.

But I am here to say, Blow a BUBBLE near me and be prepared to be bowled over by 100 percent of my 14.5 pounds!!!

See - here they are again. What you DON'T see is the one I just caught in my mouth.

It was not yummy at all but I nonetheless had fun catching it and many of its brothers and sisters.

Mommy insisted on taking a video of my BUBBLE escapade. It isn't very good - shhhhhhhhh - don't tell her I shared that with you. She does NOT want e-furry-body knowing she is LAME with a video camera.

Anyhow, check it out below and PLEASE keep in mind that I TOTALLY CAUGHT more BUBBLES than she CAUGHT on camera!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I FORGOT this was BLOGday!!!!!

Now where did I put that COMPUTER!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mighty Hunter

Today I feel like a mighty hunter. See how well I am camouflaged. I totally blend into the meadow grasses and the wildflowers.Look! Look there in the middle of the rock. If you look really hard you MIGHT see me there.

I am like a lion. Stalking, stealthily moving through the tall grass. Strong and proud.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Be afraid . . . be VERY afraid.

Slowly I creep up on my prey . . . quiet as a mouse, nary a sound but the rustle of the grass. . . Shhhhhhhhh!

Suddenly I leap up and run at full speed! I move so fast I am a blur - running, straight on as an arrow leaving the bowstrings. THWANG! Once last burst of speed and I pounce as I meet my latest victim . . .

It never saw me coming!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nuttin' Honey

Sooooo . . . I was sitting around thinking of NOTHING - no, really, I was thinking of NOTHING - when my Mommy came up to me and said

"Hey Noodles, I need your advice."

I looked her in my totally BLANK I-don't-know- what- the-HOOPLA- you-are-saying way; CUZ really, I WAS sitting there thinking of NOTHING and she distracted me! Duh!
But I let her continue while I tilted my head interestedly and feigned understanding . . .

"So, Noodles, I was cleaning out your room and noticed Sock Monkey is getting a little raggedy. . ."

WHOA! I yelped! You DID NOT just say something about my Sock Monkey, did you? Don't be DISRESPECTING my SM - I just got him into perfect shape - softer here. . . less full there. . . a tickly fringe on the bottom . . . 

"No! I did not mean any disrespect at all, Noodles," Mommy backtracked. "It was just that. . . Hmmmmmm . . . maybe this is not a good time . . ."

Got THAT right Mommy-Dearest!

I turned away from her, gazed off into the distance and . . . NOTHING. Soooooo. . . I was sitting around thinking of . . .