Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Magic is ALL in the HANDS

Yesterday was so STRESSFUL for me. First of all, it was Monday. Second of all, I was home alone for a long time. Third of all, I had no one to cuddle with me.

So when Mommy #2 got home she noticed I was a little stressed. It could have been the wild anxious look in my eye or the way I was obsessively LICKING my nose. I don't know. In any case, she tried to talk to me calmly and make sure I was not sick.

As I sat next to her trying my darnedest to CHILL, I felt her hand reach around my ears and start massaging behind them. The she massaged my shoulders. All of the tension just melted away. It was better than a bully stick or a nice spot next to the heater. My Mommy has MAGIC HANDS.

I am currently plotting a way to get more of those wonderful MASSAGES. Maybe I could fake an anxiety attack or two? A few more visits from Licky Lou (touchy as sometimes I am crated when I am too much of a Licky Lou). It's worth the gamble, though.

 I wonder how long it would take her to catch on.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Let The Day In?

It is Monday already?
I got SO used to someone being home last week (Ski Week/Winter Break) that I am just not mentally prepared for today.
Monday??? How did that happen so fast?

We did a lot last week and I ALWAYS had company around to SNUGGLE with. I watched a TON of movies with Mommy, too. I think I LOVE Harry Potter.

And believe it or not I went to the DOG PARK three whole times. I even played a little with a couple of DOGS! And I learned to swing. And I got a new coat (more on that later).

But R-E-A-L-I-T-Y is sinking in and I am not ready for MONDAY.

Can someone turn off the SUN for a couple of more hours?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ima Swinger and Proud of it

getting my SWING on

We have been going to the new dog park quite frequently now that we know it is so close to our house. Whenever Mommy #2 has some free time, she packs me up and off we go to the DP. I am getting a little better about at least greeting other dogs. I have always been very social with dog 'rents, of course.

The last time we went to the DP was with Cousin C. She is the youngest of the humans in the house at 6 yrs. She loves loves loves me and I am pretty fond of her too. I stop short of L-O-V-E because I reserve THAT for my two Mommys.

Cousin C was so excited to take me to the DP. I think she was jumping more than me. When we got there, she hopped out of the car so fast she SCARED me! It was okay, though, as there were no other cars and very few people. The DP, small dog side was almost empty! Yep, almost empty. I think there were maybe 4 other dogs and 2 of those were MICROSCOPIC dogs!!! One was an 8 month old Chihuahua and the other an 11 month old mini Schnauzer that was SMALLER than the 8 month old Chi! So I ran like the wind a little with Cousin C and then I walked around and  visited the other dogs. I am not intimidated by small puppies so I even initiated a couple of butt-smelling Hellos.

I am not sure how long we stayed at the DP - long enough for Cousin C to gather ALL of the stray tennis balls on the grass. As it was starting to get crowded AND Cousin C was tired of playing alone, we headed out. BUT FIRST we stopped at the HUMAN playground so Cousin C could explore. There were a lot of cool things to climb on and while she did so, Mommy and I walked around. And around. And around. I was getting as bored as Mommy. When she spied the baby swings, I began to get a little nervous; but since I trust Mommy a lot, I went along with her putting me in the SWING.

Guess what? It was FUN! I kinda liked it a lot. You can see by the picture that I was casually sitting in the bucket with one arm hanging out. And then Mommy pushed the swing a little. . . WHEEEEEEEEEE! It was so FUN! We did it for a while longer and then it was time to head home again. I sure hope we go back to the swings again soon.

I am a SWINGER now, and PROUD of it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toying With Me

My toys went MISSING
I knew NOT where
I looked in the CLOSET
And I looked OVER THERE

I pulled out the dresser and looked BEHIND
Not a SINGLE toy did I find
I squatted LOW and put my Head
As far as I could UNDER the BED

Over, under, and ON TOP of the sofa
Not a Stuffie, Not a Squeakie, Not a single LOOFA
Finally I looked in the VERY LAST SPOT
My Very pink, Very large TOY Box

There they WERE each and every one
My rope, my Raccoon and even my BONE
I guess they didn't just DISAPPEAR
Mommy just CLEANED and put them all HERE!

Not my REAL Toy Box

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lemme Ask You One Thing . . .

WHERE did you PUT all of my TOYS?
Frankie Furter told me about this PARENT conspiracy
Coco Bean told Frankie about her disappearing TOYS
And now THIS????!!!!
HELLO TOYS . . . Where are YOU?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you Calling Me FAT?


SOME PEOPLE who shall remain nameless not only called me FAT behind my lovely BACK but they ALSO had the audacity to say that today is MY SPECIAL DAY known as FAT Tuesday. Is this some kind of cruel taunt? So I looked a little pudgy in that picture with Puglet last week. It was the lighting and the angle (no offense to your SPECTACULAR photography skills Amanda) that made my shape more boxy than usual. Honest!

I am so PUT OFF at having an ENTIRE day of excess thrown in my face AS IF I am the one guilty of over-indulging and gluttony. . . AS IF I am the one who uses a GYM membership sporadically . . . as if I am the one loosening HER belt slightly. . . AS IF!!!!

I will have THEM know that I am the epitome of a SLENDER pug if EVER there was one. Just look at my physique! Is it not NEARLY perfect?

I even heard FAT TUESDAY mentioned on the AM News! I swear I heard a news-anchor add "Noodles' Day" off camera. HAAAARRRRUUUUMMMMPPHHH!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Honoring Freedom

This week Mommy #1 is home from school ALL WEEK. Hurray for ME! It means I get round the clock attention and cuddling.  And this morning Mommy #2 was watching The History Channel and it had a story about Andrew Jackson and the freedoms he fought for (and the Native American freedoms he squashed). It reminded me of a story Mommy #2 often tells because it is 100% connected to the Presidents we honor this week and the personal freedoms they fought so hard to preserve.

I am grateful for the FREEDOM I have as a very pampered Princess PUG in a Middle Class American household. When I think about all those poor PUGS (and other DOGS) living in Puppy Farms and not seeing the light of day . . . SHUDDER. . . I am again grateful for my life.

What's the connection, you say? I have a POINT and I will get there, REALLY.

Many years ago, BN (Before Noodles), my Mommys traveled to China for a culture trip.  Mommy #2 ADOPTED Mommy #1 from China 9 years before and this was their FIRST return to China trip together. It was important for Mommy #1 to learn about where she was born and the long intricate history of her natal culture. Mommy #2 also wanted to share her love of the country and its people with her daughter. So for all the right reasons they planned a trip to China.

But it was the HEIGHT of the H1N1 epidemic and China was responding to world pressure to STEP UP THEIR GAME and make sure a repeat of the SARS epidemic (thousands of people died from SARS before China recognized the problem) did not happen. They had to have shots, doctor forms swearing to their relative health AND their temperatures were taken at every port of entry. A slightly elevated temperature meant QUARANTINE.

Mommys were healthy, though, and were sure they would have no problems at the checkpoints - and they did not. BUT LURKING in the row behind them was a Chinese national who did not fare so well. He had all the signs of H1N1 and was taken into custody by the Chinese CDC (Center for Disease Control). The rules were if you happened to be sitting 4 rows from an infected persom (4 in front, 4 behind, and 4 on either side) you could be QUARANTINED.

Yes, TWO days later Mommys and a few of their friends on the flight were pulled OFF their tour bus and taken into the hotel meeting room. There they were met by 4 HAZ MAT dressed CDC officials who took their temperatures, gave them masks and said "Pack your bags, you are being quarantined."

The Great Wall near Beijing

Gone was the trips to The Great Wall and The Summer Palace. Gone was the travel through the Yunnan to Shangri-La. Gone was their dream trip. For 5 days they sat in an unairconditioned hotel (89 degree weather with 90% humidity) with NOTHING to do - nothing they were ALLOWED to do because all activity was not good for people with respiratory disease (which they did not have).

Lijiang, Yunnan

They lost their FREEDOM for 5 whole days- they could go nowhere other than the hotel, they ate what they were told, and they watched tv. At the end of 5 days they had learned a lot - mostly

  • Freedom is worth fighting for because to lose it is devastating
  • China is still a great place to visit because the people are so warm and caring BUT they have less freedom than we do
So we really get into honoring the great men (and hopefully soon, some women) who lead this nation and work hard to preserve our freedom.

Where do I FIT into all of this? Well, Mommy #2 got a refund on a large part of the trip. She decided it was time to get Mommy #1 the dog she always wanted but that they could otherwise not afford. So they FOUND ME!!!

How much BETTER can life get? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Windy Wesnesday

Can you remind me again why I had to get up out of the warm cushy bed and go outside in the chilly windy DARK morning?

  1. I almost got blown into the next yard by a freakishly violent wind AS I was doing my bidness
  2. I got my PAWS wet and now my PAWS are really cold
  3. I heard all kinds of weird ANIMAL sounds outside but could not see a THING!

Who EVER heard of disturbing a PRINCESS during her BEAUTY sleep.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I know you are all waiting anxiously for news about my 1000Pugs photo shoot. It was on Saturday at Buena Vista Park in San Francisco. For those of you who are not familiar with San Francisco,well it is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world. This was my first trip there and I have to say NOTHING about my day was disappointing. In fact, just the opposite is true. I thought I was dreaming from the time I jumped out of my car at Buena Vista Park.

Buena Vista Park is like a slice of paradise in the middle of a city. It is steep and wooded. And when you get a peak through the trees, the vista is amazing! This way you see the Golden Gate Bridge and that way you see the City. Amazing. It smelled amazing, too - so earthy and rich. Neither of my mommys brought a camera to the park because it was, afterall, a 1000Pugs photo shoot and it just would not have been polite. So I went on GOOGLE and found some stock images of the park.

We were met by the official PUGSPOTTER, Ms. Kyra who is Lulu Louise's Human. Check out their blog at
http://thefogcitylu.blogspot.com. Ms Kyra was super super nice and gave me all kinds of pets and hugs while we waited for Puglet's human, Amanda to be ready for us. It was pretty cloudy and gloomy when we arrived in San Francisco and at the park. Not too too cold but I was sure glad I have a 3 layer COAT! Poor Ms. Kyra was shivering in her PUGSPOTTING spot.

Then Amanda was ready for us so we walked up the small hill to meet her. I had met her before at Bellatrix's Birthday Bash but I was not sure she remembered me. She did!!!! What followed was the most amazing thing I have ever done. Not only were there lots of TREATS involved but there was lots of SUPER MODELING and all of it OFF LEASH! I really felt at home in the park and Ms. Amanda is so nice and sweet that I did not want to leave her. But I had to because she had many more pugs coming to the park to see her that day.

After Mommys and I left Buena Vista Park we walked DOWNHILL to a dog friendly cafe called the Dobuce Cafe. It was a long way but worth it.

We sat there for a while and ate (yes, even I got some veggies) and then we had to WALK UPHILL to our car at the park. It was so steep!!!!

It was tough but we finally made it BACK to Buena Vista Park where our car was BUT we did not go to the car. We kept walking back into the PARK!! What the dog?!?!? We went back to where we were "SPOTTED" and there was Ms. Amanda! She was going to take care of me while my Mommys visited the city and watched the Chinese New Year Parade!!! OMD! I was elated! And I had so much fun hanging with Puglet and Dutch. Well. . . mostly fun. I was a LITTLE intimidated . . . but I was really enjoying myself. Mommys came and picked me up from their house when it was really dark and I was sound asleep.

I had SWEET dreams of San Francisco, 1000Pugs and Amanda/Puglet/Dutch.

Friday, February 10, 2012


That silly Capcha whatchamacallit send me this word


I think it looks like one of my favorite pastimes of all - Poetry. So here are a few of my Rhymes and Reasons (thanks Father Fagothey).


My best trick is done with my PAW. I excel at High Five, Low Five, Shake and Fist Pump. All of the tricks are pretty much the same motion for me - I raise my PAW; however, the humans change their PAWS to fit the command.

In return for preforming on command, I receive a treat - normally in the form of a carrot. I am currently on a mission to become the BEST High Fiver in the SF Bay area. And if it means I need to suffer and EAT more treats, then so be it.

I have been doing it so much lately that I think my PAW is getting a little swollen. Look at the SIZE of it in this picture!

I think I need some ICE stat!

Paw Power!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Musings

I am NOT really up to getting UP
I DON'T want to SEIZE the day
I'm just gonna lay HERE til time to SUP
Then it will be TIME to call it a DAY

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Does My Hair Look?

Mommy just informed me that I have an appointment for a 1000Pugs photo shoot!!!!

What'll I wear?
How is my hair?
Does this makeup work?

I need to get my beauty rest so I look refreshed.

I cannot WAIT!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's a Girl Gotta Do?

Back at the Dog Park, this lovely gentleman Boston was wowing all the girls with his sleek beauty and amazing athletic prowess. Me included, I admit. His coat was black and shiny. . . his legs long and lean. He was taller the Bostons I had seen before. And could he CATCH the tennis ball! Wow!

I SO WANTED to meet him, get to know him.

That is until I was drinking water at the watering bowl and MR. WONDERFUL sauntered up to the bowl and PUSHED ME ASIDE!

Do you see the indignation in my face? I was thirsty and he was twice my size. I attempted to get a sip of water one or two times more - BUT he would not let me get near the bowl. His human just tittered "Oh, he's like that all the time."

I'm thinking he should be taught better manners than that. It was, afterall COMMUNITY water and not his PERSONAL bowl.

After the water confrontation, I wandered off to bid farewell to my new found FURiends at the DP. MR. WONDERFUL sidled up to me all friendly-like. Uh, excuse me MISTER, I said. You can't share the water bowl with me - you can't share a butt sniff either!

Some DOGS!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Barkin' in the Dog Park

So I was sitting in the sun in the backyard. . . Both of my mommys were gone and my Auntie T was puttering around the house. It's nice in the backyard. I'm NOT complaining.

When I heard the door open, I knew they were home at LAST and I ran to the screen door and BEGGED to be let in. I had missed them so much - even the nice warm sun cannot make up for the absence of my mommys. It had been 4 hours, after all.

They were all excited to see me too and tell me they had TWO surprises for me. The first surprise was a Bully Stick. I loves loves loves me some Bully Stick. I don't get them too often, though, because they GROSS out the VEGHEADS I live with. The second surprise was the BEST - they were taking me to a dog park they had just heard about. Jennifer, the nice human who owns Biscuits Give A Dog A Bone, told them that the soccer park at the end of the main street through Japantown (where Biscuits is located) had been remodeled and a dog park just opened there a month ago!

A DOG PARK so close to my house! Did the SUN transport me to HEAVEN?

So we harnessed and leashed me and headed out to check out the DP. Look at all the GRASS at the DOG PARK! And it was soft and green! There were a lot of dogs there but honestly, I prefer to stay close to my Mommy. See, that is her purple she in the photo.

My Mommys tried to get me to interact with the dogs there. I tried. I greeted each and every one of their HUMANS! Frankly, I don't totally buy into that theory that PUGS are DOGS. I relate better to HUMANS.
I tried and every time I approached another dog my Mommy would take a picture.

Here are some of the dogs I met.
The official Greeter at the DP, Tank. He is 8 years old.

Scout- Like the SMALLEST Yorkie I have ever seen

This poodle BARKED his fool head off!   

What an assortment of dogs there were!

It was like the BEST day ever and I cannot WAIT to go back. Both of my Mommys said we will go a lot because the DP is so close to home and so nice.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping at Biscuits and a TIP

On Saturday, my Mommys went to our favorite Dog Boutique - Biscuits Give a Dog a Bone in Japantown, San Jose. Not only is the shop really sweet, but the owners are so friendly AND caring. They care A LOT - about dogs, about rescues, about the community, about health, and so on. Mommy says there are not many dog boutiques that can make the same claim. Inside Biscuits is a panoply of eatables and wearables for dogs of all sizes. Organic, holistic, and good-for-you are the words that best describe everything at Biscuits - even the toys.

Mommy was really just there for a Bully Stick for lil' ol me; but while she was there she also signed me up for a TEETH CLEANING. Now that I am approaching 3 she wants to make sure my teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible. Not to mention that a certain PUGGY who shall remain nameless is less than THRILLED with anyone seeing my teeth much less cleaning my teeth. My nightly teeth cleaning routine (Oh, um. . . weekly lately because SOMEONE has been particularly difficult) usually consists of me chewing the brush for a couple of minutes and then Mommy #1 holding me while Mommy #2 tries (in vain) to scrub at LEAST the outside of my back molars without popping my eyeballs out.

While chit chatting with the owner, Jennifer, Mommy found out about a dog park that had just opened down the street. That is only 2 miles from our house!!! Normally we travel more than 10 miles to go to the dog park! This was such exciting news that My Mommys immediately left Biscuits Give a Dog a Bone and promptly drove home to get me! Tomorrow I will tell you about the Dog Park.

Thank you Jennifer for the tip!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - HUMILIATION!

I am simply MORTIFIED!!!

Mommy - find your camera QUICK so you can post GOOD pictures of me.