Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catnip Controversy

We animals in the household fared VERY well at Christmas. Not only did we get treats galore, but we also scored some pretty nifty toys. I got a loofa dog AND a squeaky toy, for example. Sunshine the Cat received some CATNIP toys and a bell or two. By the end of Christmas Day, though, Sunshine the Cat had lost ALL of her toys. Really, they were gone.
Let it be known here and now, I had NOTHING to do with the disappearance of those toys.
I realize in the past, when I was but a puppy, I frequently raided Sunshine the Cat's toy box and took out her catnip toys. I was young and impressionable.
But I am more mature now and I understand the sanctity of ones toys.
And I HONESTLY don't know HOW that little sock of catnip got into my bed.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Resolve to NOT Resolve

I have tried to make resolutions (okay, I AM only one year old so I have only tried ONCE) but they are just not me. Basically we are talking promises one makes, right? Promises we hope to keep, right? WELL, I make promises all the time FULLY with the intention of keeping them. They just don't always work for me.

Let's take the promise I made to Mommys #1 and #2 just  a WEEK AGO -

Noodles the Pug,

As you can tell by this picture taken the day AFTER Christmas, I DID NOT keep THAT one!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tomorrow . . . Yes, tomorrow . . .

I think about getting up and starting that unimaginable task of taking down Christmas but then I think . . .


Yes . . . 


That will do for now.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Job Well Done

Santa said I did very well for my first time riding in his sleigh. It was fun seeing my house from way up high! I tried my best to give every puggy the gift they asked for, as well.

The rest of the weekend I just chilled, ate A LOT, and played with my new toys. I also took many many naps.

I am already counting the days until next year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Number One Elf Noodles

Thank you Bloggie Pals!
I got the job working Christmas Even with Santa Claus HIMSELF - thanks to my letters along with your Christmas Cheer and good wishes.

(Hmmmm. I think I have a FUTURE in this!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

Me practicing to join Santa Claus - if he'll hire me
This is my FINAL shot at convincing Santa to give me my BIG Christmas WISH. I have done all the TALKIN' now's time for the WALKIN'!

Lemme, lemme give you a HAND
Lemme fly through the air with the GREATEST of ease
Deliverin' presents where ever you PLEASE
I been good, I been KIND
I been, what's the word, NUTTIN' but FINE
I can be the BESTEST lil' ELF
I'll even reach the HIGHEST shelf
I'll HELP you help YOURSELF

Santa, SANTA my man
Gimme a chance to show you I CAN
Grab my hand, let's reach for that STAR
Make this CHRISTMAS the brightest by far
I been helpful, I been SWEET
I been tiptoeing, LIGHT on my feet
I WILL be there without a PAUSE
To help you out DEAR SANTA CLAUS
On Christmas Eve, spread GOODWILL TO ALLS

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter to Santa, TAKE THREE

SO WHY, you ask, do I want a JOB? Quite simply, if I get a job with Santa Claus, even just a seasonal helper, my Mommy #2 can spend more time with her family. We miss her lots cuz she is working TWICE as much as she should.

Dear Santa Claus, or should I say
Dear Ol' St. Nick, or should I say
Dear Father Christmas, or should I say
Dear Kris Kingle, or should I say

PLEASE, please, please let me ride in your SLEIGH

Dear Dasher, or should I say
Dear Dancer, or should I say
Dear Prancer, or should I say
Dear Rudolph, or should I say

Please, PLEASE, please let me TAG-ALONG

Dear Comet, or should I say
Dear Vixen, or should I say
Dear Donder, or should I say
Dear Blitzen, or should I say

Please, please, PLEASE let me SPREAD GOOD CHEER

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Take Two - Letter to Santa Claus

Now where is that "N" key?

Oh! Hi there. I am continuing with my open letter to SANTA CLAUS. It isn't really presents I seek. It is a JOB . . . I want to be his lieutenant or head elf - something like that. I guess that makes my letter more of a Cover Letter, huh?

Here goes

Santa, Dear Santa, I need me a task
Something simple, if it's not much to ask
I want to help pack up your sleigh for a flight
I'll work really hard from morning to night

I sure hope it does the trick. I am kinda running outta TIME!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa . . . the prologue


I have been an especially good PUG this year. After all, I turned ONE.
If that isn't GOOD, then Buddy here's a REAL bone

I know you're really busy, so I'm gonna keep this brief.
Just bring me lots of presents - maybe one of them of beef?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Declaration of WHAT????

FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!!!! Remember a couple of days ago when I posted THIS?????
I know I gripe a lot about my sister Sunshine the Cat. The truth is most of the time we get along fine. I hit her - she hits me, I chase her, she chases me . . . and so on.
But lately she has taken to sleeping in MY CRATE! That is my HAPPY PLACE - my SAFE ZONE, if you will!
So I have written a declaration. It goes like this

WHEREAS it has been determined that said CRATE is mine by right and legally is my property;
That said interloper, Sunshine the CAT, has willfully taken it upon herself to INHABIT what has already been established as my property;
FURTHERMORE the subject, SUNSHINE the CAT, has resisted any attempt by myself or anyone else to extricate her from the premises;
THEREFORE it is declared on this day FRIDAY December 17, 2010, that we shall co-HABITATE the premises UNTIL or IF a reasonable solution can be DETERMINED.

SIGNED and WITNESSED by Noodles the Pug

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Snowball, oh snowball
I know not what your are
I live in California
And the snow is kinda far

Snowball, oh snowball
If you ever come my way
I'd make a beeline outside
So we can play and play

Snowball, oh snowball
You look so fluffy and white
I bet that if I took a bite
You'd be a little yummy, too

Snowball, oh snowball
Maybe just for Christmas Day
You can hitch a ride on Santa's sleigh
And take a trip my way

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It TOTALLY worked!

Here I am FLYING in my new SLEIGH!
It was pretty late last night when all of the good thoughts kicked in.
In fact, the Christmas lights on our HOUSE had gone out and they usually stay
on FOREVER!!!! Anyhow, I was sitting in my sleigh pondering
when all of a sudden it began to lift up. I thought Mommy was
playing a trick on me - but she was SNORING on the couch so I know it
was not HER!
This was a trial run. I wonder what I can accomplish by Christmas with a 
little practice!!!
Thanks for all the Christmas Spirit!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Need a Little Christmas Magic

My humans and I were watching Elf the other night and in this movie a lot is said about Santa and his sleigh. Riding in his sleigh seems like so much fun. Since I am a pug who is always up for adventure, I thought it'd be fun to have a magic sleigh as well. Then I could circle the globe in search of new and different treats!
After rummaging through all of the closets and even the shed at my house, this is what I came up with - a laundry basket. Doesn't look like much of a sleigh right now, but just wait until I add the tinsel!
All I am missing, according to Elf is some Christmas Magic to make it fly - and this magic comes in the form of Christmas Spirit. Not sure how to come by this spirit thing. I am pretty sure it is not the smelly stuff Mommy calls spirits.
I implore you, bloggie pals, do you know how I can get some of this Christmas Spirit? I really wanna make this sleigh thing fly.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Shopping

 (To the tune [sorta] of Jingle Bells)

Grab the keys, grab the keys
It's time to hit the mall
We've only got a short time left
'Fore Santa's yearly show, Oh!

Grab the keys, grab the keys
Before we miss the sales
I need think of what to buy
And what cards I should mail

Speeding down the road, praying for green lights
There isn't a close space, so I'll have to park alight
I see sales tables there, and another over here
If I make it past this hour, I'm gonna need a beer

Grab the keys, grab the keys
And help me tote it all
Wrapping! Bows! - Of all kind
We'll manage all, and keep in mind 

Grab this one, and 'member Dear
Christmas comes just once a year

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Chance Workout

I was feeling a little BLOATY last week - maybe a little leftover pudge (haha, PUG PUDGE) from Thanksgiving, perhaps? Any ways, Mommy decided I needed to become one of the BIGGEST LOSERS, so she restricted my treats by A LOT and lowered my portions at mealtime. She said it was only for a while - or until I lost that excess PUDGE. OH MY!!!! I thought I would be DIETING forever!!!

Then she consulted Jillian's (of The Biggest Loser) website for training tips to shed the unwanted pounds. She put me through the paces for HOURS with the following tasks:
  • STAIRS - I had to run up and down them OVER and over again. Thirteen up . . . thirteen down . . . and again. Pant, PANT! Extra points for also running down the hall and teasing Mommy.
  • WEIGHTS - I carried Mommy's SHOES from one room to the other and back - and ran away from Mommy when she tried to get them, and back. Whew. It is EXHAUSTING to lift those shoes!
  • POWER CORE - Reach for that snack on the table and down . . . reach and down . . . reach and down . . .Bonus points if the snack FALLS DOWN after a couple of these!
  • SNAKE - Wiggle UNDER the coffee table and out again. Find the BALL under there and out again. Take Rocky Raccoon under there for storage and out. You get the PICTURE.
  • POWER WALK - Drag Mommy down the street for FIVE minutes and slow down . . . DRAG for another 5 minutes and slow down. FINAL 5 MINUTES MAKE IT WORK, huff and puff. . . and slow down.
WHEW! That is exhausting but I think well worth it. Here is an AFTER picture. Tell me . . . did it WORK?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The FUNNEST Furiest kind

left to right: Chloe, Riley, Aunties' arms and legs, Noodles
Everypuggy needs a FURIEND - even lil ol' adorable pugs like me. And although I have worked on my social skills some, I am still a PUG-IN-TRAINING and need a lot of practice.
So while the FAMILY was away playing in that place called Disneyland, Auntie B arranged a couple of playdates for me.
I consider Riley, Chloe and Rocky my bestest furiends - actually right now my ONLY furiends.
Despite that, I was not really the nicest to them when we visited. Maybe it was the fact my family DITCHED me. Dunno.
I TOTALLY intimidated Chloe! She tried to be nice and I was a BEE-AWCH! Hmmmm.
Sorry Chloe, I will work on this cuz I like you and want to be your furiend.

Riley DUDE!!! Chill-AX! I know you wanna play but since you are THREE TIMES my size, you sorta scared the bee-jeebers outta me and I snarled in return. I will work on my BARK if you work on your BOUNCE!

Rocky, you know I wanna play with you but you just stand there and STARE. I think. You have so much hair over your eyes, I cannot tell. Maybe that is the problem. You can't SEE!!! HAHA. I like ya still, buddy.

I wish I could visit with all my BLOGGER buddies in person. I KNOW we will all be the bestest of FURIENDS as well. I am gonna keep practicing until I get this FURIEND thing down.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chicken Dance

I don't know about you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE chicken. Mommy #2, the vegetarian, bought a WHOLE chicken the other day JUST FOR ME! I was so happy I danced around the kitchen. It went something like this-

See me shaking my tail feathers? What you can't see from this picture is me hopping up and up and up trying to get a glimpse of that chicken. Mommy cooked it in hot water for a long long time, then she let it cool some, and then she started tearing it off the bones.
I offered to help being I am an EXPERT and eating chicken, but she said no, it was OKAY. But she did give me some pieces if I SAT very quietly.
Later on she gave me some fresh cooked chicken for dinner.
I clucked all night long.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sob Job

Me and Mommy has the sobs
Cause Mommy2 has two jobs
We barely have time to cuddle
Our crying tears make a puddle
She's gone at night Shes gone at day
There's not at all time to play
We see her in the dawn of day
Unless weekends when Mommy has ballet
She says goodbye and gives a kiss
We give her a hug with big bliss
I miss her so much
But she helps a bunch
Hope she reads this
I love you kiss kiss

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too Pooped to Pose

When will my humans LEARN
Posing and prancing is a hard TURN
I did the SMILES
I did the NOSE
I did the MILES
I did the SHOWS
So please Mommy let me CHOOSE
To just lay here and take a SNOOZE

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wonders of the World

Everyone says they have a LOOKALIKE somewhere in the world, I just found mine...The Great Sphinx of Giza! I thought that I might have some royal power in me and now I'm definitely sure of it! Am I a fabulous creature of mythical proportions or what?