Monday, November 24, 2014

While Mommys Are Away

My Mommy went away to San Diego over the Thanksgiving week. Molly, Sunshine the Cat, the Birds and MOI are here at home with Auntie T. It isn't all that bad if truth be told. Auntie T is so so so good to us and makes sure to give us treats. Plus we get to sleep in her soft comfy bed! Ahhhhh.
We did get a picture sent to us about what we are missing. Suffice it to say there will be some COLD shoulder giving when the 'rents return. comes through AGAIN with a Winner Product

We are reviewing Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plus. They are teeth cleaning chewies that work in conjunction with Tropiclean water enhancer to keep out breffies sweet smelling. We already KNOW the water stuff works because we reviewed it and loved it. How would the chewies be?
Well, I don't know if you can tell how anxious we are to open that package? Well it was worth the wait (see us sitting in photo 2?). They not only smelled out-of-this-world but OH THE TASTE!!! They are INTERSTELLAR! No! They are the SUPERNOVAS of breath chewies! My mouth is watering as I write this. Excuse me a moment while I wipe slobber off the screen.
Mommy, as usual, checked the ingredients which are something else! This is what their website says:

Our Advanced Cleaning System features a unique design that uses the mechanical chewing action to simulate brushing and help reduce plaque and tartar. Selecting specific wholesome ingredients like whole flaxseed to work as an abrasive, baking soda and parsley as a breath freshener and our Jinsei ™ Green Tea Extract to promote dental wellness. Our dental chews are proudly Made in the USA. 

Do you see anything artificial? I sure don't. All in all, we give these treats BIG PAWS UP! On a trick scale, we would jump through HOOPS for these.
Thank you for this opportunity. Although we were supplied with the treats, these opinions are our own. PERIOD!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Foughts

We're Sharks. . . as in Hockey

I had a lot of exciting blogs planned for this week but they did not happen. Besides the Showcase ZAPPING all of our energies, there was a lot of other stuff that trumped what I prepared. Hopefully I will have time to pull it together next week and do some reviews and thinkings and stuffs.

I have some good news to report about Bailey. It seems she is perking up and responding to her environment. She isn't completely out of the woods yet because her brain is still swollen and her back boo-booed. So keep those POTP and JUJUs going. It appears that they are working.

Blogville is amazing, isn't it?

Speaking of which, I just heard about the Blogville THANKS-athon happening on Thursday (Thanksgiving. . . get it?). Go to Frankie Furter and Ernie's blog OR Sarge's page for more information.

I'm gonna be holding down the fort while the 'rents go traveling SOUTH to see a MOUSE. So I need to sign off now and set up the computer in my pen.

Have a great weekend and we will chat next week.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

BAILEY Needs Blogville's HELP!!!!

POTP Please

Hello everypuggy
I just found out that our dear dear FURiend Bailey, from Bailey Unleashed is in a very POOR way after suffering a fall. She is still in the ICU and is only marginally responsive.

She NEEDS our POTP right now and some JUJU Fairy dust too.
And her 'rents need to know we are all there to send them LOVE and HUGS over the INTERNET.

Keep Bailey in your thoughts. . .


Internet Injury Keeps Noodles From Posting

We had no INTERNET yesterday. Ummmm, let me clarify. . . WE had internet at Casa de Noodles but those at home are not able to use it. The one who could, Mommy #2 was at work with a BROKEN internet.

So I am posting a Wordless Wednesday today since I couldn't do it yesterday. I am all discombobulated now.

Mommy #1 didn't want this pic to be about her

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And The Show Went ON. . .

I decided I needed to involve myself with the show my Mommys were in. I went down to the THEATER (I took light rail as it is really really close to my house and stops right at the theater).

I entered the backstage door and walked right up to the stage. I looked around but could not see anyone . . . just an empty stage with a spotlight shining on the center.

Then the curtain raised.

I trotted over to the LIGHT and I felt the warmth of the light on my head. Hmmm, I thought. WHY NOT? So I put on my most intense face and I started to DANCE - I danced with all my heart and all my soul.

Not Noodles. I found this doing a Google search and it was
from a Pinterest pin. I couldn't find the origin so THANK YOU
to whoever took this pic and I hope it is okay I used it.

Then I sneezed, farted, and woke myself up.

Mommy's performance went really really well and both Mommys were pleased with the weekend of effort that went into the Showcase. They were both so exhausted, though. So they stayed home yesterday to recover from the intense activity. We spent a lot of time curled up on the sofa watching tv shows we had missed. Then Mommy #2 made soup for dinner so the house smelled all nice and vegetably. It was a good day.

Cue Curtain. . .

Friday, November 14, 2014

No Bidness Like SHOW Bidness

This is the weekend I dread most out of the whole year - more than shots weekend - more than running outta food weekend - more than ANYTHING!

This is Show weekend. Beginning today the Mommys are building sets, fixing costumes, and performing ballet. They come home for short bursts of sleep. Yes. I get cuddles. But I am sorely lacking in Mommy+ ME time. 

It's gonna be a long long weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dusting Off My Tutu

This here TUTU has gotten a lot of work lately. This is one of my JUJU TUTUs and today I am donning it for my FURiend Phoebe.

You see, Phoebe has NOT been herself for a while. Long enough to worry her MOMMY who, believe me, has enough on her plate these days with SCHOOL WORK. And the program she is in, the MOMMY, that is, is very very demanding and time-consuming.

Anyhow there is talk of scary stuff like Pancreatitis and Addison's disease. NEITHER of these are something I want to happen to my dear PHOEBs.

So help me help my dear FURiend and her MOMMY (who is ONE of my favorite humans) by send out all the extra JUJU you have laying around the house. They can use it right now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Freedom - Thank You to Those Who Preserve IT!

I am a free PUG.
I can speak my mind.
I can wander where I will (as long as it is safe).
I have plenty to eat.
I have a warm bed to sleep in.

This is all due to the VETERANS and those still SERVING in this country's military. Thank you for keeping me safe and happy.

I am sending out gratitude to the many who serve and who have served. I am sending LOVE to those who are special to me like Cousin B currently in Afghanistan. . . Ms. S who is FULLTIME National Guard. . . and so on.

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Latest Nemesis

I get a long with nearly everyone and everything. Especially something called FOOD. I pride myself with being able to identify it, LOCATE it, and eventually SCARF it down. In fact, it is not uncommon for the human side of the family to spot me HARVESTING strawberries from our many planters.

So it is with no small amount of puzzlement that the other day I came across these "beauties," as Mommy #1 deemed them -

She said they were (are?) POMEGRANATES and they are a particularly DELICIOUS fruit. So, I said. Gimme some! If it's food then I need to TASTE it and approve it. No, Mommy quickly said. While the fruit itself is fine for DELICATE FLOWERS like myself, the seeds are not and each globe has GAZILLIONS of seeds. I didn't believe her so I immediately went to GOOGLE to verify her claim.

 There appears to be some validity to her claim of a GAZILLION seeds within the rather colorful but odorless orbs.
I was about to protest loudly that she was over-exaggerating when I cam across this photo of JUST THE KERNALS.

Look closely - see the seeds?
Not willing to admit defeat, I GOOGLED whether or not DOGS, like Molly, and PUGS, like myself, could possibly eat the delicious looking kernals.
What I found out is that the antioxidant in pomegranates is very very good for pets BUT the seeds can cause intestinal distress. So the advice from GOOGLE is to not give your pet POMEGRANATE to eat.

Sigh. I was so looking forward to the delicious sweet taste of the juice as the kernals BURST between my canines. Oh well. I guess I will have to make do with the PLETHORA of fruit still found in our yard - strawberries, cherry tomatoes and apples.

Friday, November 7, 2014

TEE Hee GEE Whiz I Dunno Far Be It From Me. . . . or TGIF

Well here it is - another week down the CHUTE. I really don't have much to add to that and my assistant MOMMY is TOO busy to really help me out.
So I thought I would do what I do best - resort to 

We have lots of things shaking in the next week so 
TUNE in and See what I COOK up
In a figurative sense
I do not COOK.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prayer Thread For Macey (Three Little Pugs)

Dear Blogville FURiends
Our furiends Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, and Angus Mac from Three Little Pugs
are asking for prayers
or thoughts
or Juju
or whatever spiritual help you can lend to them.

Their little human, MACEY, is not doing well and the DOCTORS don't know what is wrong. She
goes in for further testing on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 8:20 am (central time).

So join me TOMORROW at 8:20 ct - NOODLES THE PUG along with Molly and Sunshine the Cat - in sharing a prayer thread in hopes that whatever is ailing Macey can be discovered AND CURED.

Share the Prayer Thread

Hi Macey - This is ME, Noodles, Sending YOU Some . . .

Noodles, the JUJU FAIRY

Hi Macey
My name is Noodles and I am a JUJU Fairy pug. Actually, I am just a pug but I have this ability to send JUJU anywhere in the world and help out those in need. Some call it PRAYER - some call it FAITH - I just call it JUJU.

So very early this morning - about 6 a.m. California time to be exact, I got up. I did my bidness as usual; shouted out to my peeps in the neighborhood; and dashed inside to gobble down my morning REPAST (that means meal)! Why the hurry? Well I have something very important to do this morning. . . I need to get the strongest JUJU known to PUGDOM out to a very special little person - YOU.

You see Macey, I have known about you for a very long time - like most of my life and most of yours. I have shared - right along with the rest of BLOGVILLE - all that JOY you bring to your family. I have smiled at your adventures, giggled at your amazing outfits, and well. . . cried a little when you were hurting. Kinda like now. And my biggest hope is to keep on smiling, along with your family, as you go through a long and wonderful life.

What I am trying to say, as I wiggle into my JUJU TUTU and clasp on my JUJU WINGS, is I love you Macey and I am sending you the BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST LOVE I can muster. Hang in there - 

Monday, November 3, 2014


Mommy pushed me away with this look of HORROR on her face. What? I asked. Do I have something on my CUTE lil' pug nose? Or maybe a little itty bitty EYE BOOGER that needs removing?
NO! She said with a note of utter disgust. Your BREATH smells something AWFUL! Have you been eating disgusting things?
Well, for the life of me I couldn't figure out what she MEANT by DISGUSTING things. After all, to a PUG almost anything is eatable, disgusting or not.
Well, Mommy huffed! I am going to do something about this horrid breath of yours!
Help was on its way via a most unusual avenue - CHEWY.COM included a rather unusual choice with their OCTOBER review items. Tropiclean water additive.

It removes plaque and tartar, eliminates harmful
bacteria in the mouth, and gives your pet pal 12 hours of breath so fresh you won't mind the face licks.

According to the information found on, TROPICLEAN is
  • Simple to use 
  • Reduces plaque and tartar 
  • Reduces risk of periodontal disease 
  • No brushing required 
  • All-natural formula with aloe and green tea
Mommy rubbed HER CHIN and smiled - this is in the right direction, she said. Then she checked out the INGREDIENTS (as we ALL learned, she is a stickler for this)

Purified water, Citric Acid, Cytlpyridinium, Chlorophylin, Glycerine, Potassium Sorbate, Green Tea Extract.

Nothing UNTOWARD there. . . . Okay, she said, we will try it. AND WE DID.

OMP!! This stuff is the BOMB! It makes our water taste so good that we have been doubling up on our daily REFRESHMENT! And all Mommy has to do is put a few capfuls into our water bowl (it depends on how LARGE your bowl is, of course. Ours is GIGANTIC because there are THREE of us sipping from it ALL DAY).

But, the proof is NOT in us drinking from the fountain. No, no, no. While it IS IMPORTANT that we like the stuff enough to ingest it, the REAL TEST is in the result - out BREATHs. Well, I cannot vouch for Molly or Sunshine because I DO NOT KISS them overmuch. But I do KISS my MOMMYS and you know what?
They - STOPPED - making - that- HORROR- face. In fact, Mommy #2 even told me I had sweet breffs (she talks baby talk to me sometimes)!!! She didn't even say THAT to me when I was a sweet lil one with PUPPY breath!

This product is a WIN WIN in my book. If you wanna be kissable - and granted, there are some who don't - then try TROPICLEAN. It works.

*Note: This is not a substitute for regular dental care. As we all know, healthy teeth and gums equal a healthy pet.

DISCLAIMER - we were not paid for this review. We were given ONE bottle of Tropiclean from in exchange for our honest opinion. This is our HONEST opinion.