Friday, August 30, 2019

Yard Sales BECOME Me

STEP right up and get bargains galore at the twice decade-ly YARD sale at MY house. We have all kinds of goodies to delight one and all - and everything is priced to SELL.

I'll be there happy to help and looking CUTE. I have done this kind of thing before - when I was younger. Mommy set up my pen in the shade near her and we waited, we snacked, we chatted - until a customer came by. Then we made our pitch and hopefully made the sale. I can't recall exactly. It was not an overly successful yard sale that time. It was too late in the season. Everything was hauled off the charity at the end of the day - something Mommy does not like to do if she can help it.

Like my hat in this PHOTO? How much is it? Hehhehheh - IT'S PRICELESS as it was a gift from my Bestest FURiend who I've yet to meet, Princess Leah. I would never sell it under any circumstances. BUT - I do have a nice variety of toys going for PENNIES, I tell ya. PENNIES. Get here EARLY for the best selection.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trying Hard to Keep it Wordless - and Failing

Lulu is begging

You all remember Lulu? She went back home Saturday to be with her Mami. I know she missed her a lot. I'm okay with it although it was kinda fun to have a youngun hanging around.

Molly is Begging
So Molly likes to be the center of attention. It happens. Especially when you are a blonde beauty as she is. Because, you know what? She GETS a lot of attention.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I've Got To Be Me . . .

I have GOT to be me, Noodles the Pug. This means I

  • SMELL like a dog. Molly doesn't. She smells like shampoo and soap and perfumey stuff. It's her natural smell, honestly! Me, I smell like a dog. Not a dirty dog or a wet dog (unless I happen to be either of those things). Just - like a dog AND I am okay with that.
  • Eat too FAST. This is a classic PUG trait and I am proud of my prowess. I can clean MY bowl in under 5 seconds and land-shark Molly's before the 10 second mark. I am THAT good. Why, do you ask? Well . . . because I am a PUG.
  • BELCH like a drunk. Rich smelly belches are my specialty. At one time, it was my food. Mommy discovered I cannot tolerate a lot of pea protein. So, once she took it out of my diet, my spontaneous belching stopped. But I can belch on command, and use it frequently to clear up personal space.
  • Have soft VELVETY ears. It is my spesh-ee-al-ity (any Neverending Story fans out there?)
  • Have LIQUIDY eyes that I completely exploit for my own benefit. Want an extra treat? Liqudy eyes. Do a No-No? Liquidy eyes. Don't want to pee in the RAIN? Liquidy eyes.
  • Can eat my weight and THEN SOME. It's a fact that I NEVER get to prove.
  • LOVE to Cuddle. All the time - as long as it is not hot.
  • Am so LUCKY to have NOT one BUT two of the best MOMMYs ever.

Monday, August 26, 2019

I Have a Good EXCUSE This Time!

Okay, okay, okay. I know I went missing AGAIN after PROMISING not to do it ever ever again. But it was not my fault - BOTH of my MOMMYs went missing. It was a normal Wednesday and then - it wasn't! They grabbed their suitcases AND LEFT. I had no idea this was in the works and it upset me quite a bit. Normally they do not leave at night so I was comfortable with the idea it'd be a normal bedtime routine.

This time they went to D23 Expo. D23 EXPO is the special fan fest of all things Disney that happens every 2 years. Neither of my Mommys had ever been to it although I had heard them FOR YEARS discussing it in a sort of abstract way. This time they went. Everything I know is from what they TOLD me and not what I actually KNOW.  Basically they flew to Anaheim on Wednesday, played in Disneyland on Thursday, and attended D23 Expo on Friday. They got home early evening Saturday. So it really was just long enough to mess with my blog, thanks Mommy.

In Disneyland, they made a BEELINE to the new land - Galaxy's Edge. It is a re-creation of Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu. Those who are not Star Wars fans have no idea what I am talking about. They really liked it although because it is so new there is not a whole lot to do, very minimal shade and sitting spots, and only 1 ride.

Walking into Galaxy's Edge

OmiDOG! That's the Millennium Falcon!
They LOVE, love, love Disneyland, as you all know. . . and they brought me back one of the really cool looking DISNEYLAND Spirit Jerseys and a FAKE Mickey Mouse Waffle. It squeaks so I like it - I was a little disappointed AT FIRST because I thought it was REAL FOOD.

The next day they went to D23 Expo. They got there at 3:30AM to wait IN LINE!!! Is that crazy or what? They took their stadium seats, Kindles and water bottles - THAT IS ALL. They were not allowed to bring anything LARGE into line, NO outside food, and no FILLED water bottles. That stuff was available to buy inside the convention center. And it costs $$$! But they said it was so worth it because they got to see THIS GUY

Robert Downey Jr

And these other inductees to the Legends of Disney

Top to Bottom
Left: Jon Favreau, Kenny Ortega, Robin Roberts
Middle: Barnette Ricci, Christina Aguilera
Right: Diane Sawyer, Ming-Na Wen, Better Midler's daughter Sophie
Wing T Chao

How exciting, huh? Hans Zimmer and James Earl Jones were also honorees but could not attend. Mommys said it was worth the waiting for almost 7 hours just for this ceremony. BUT THERE WAS MORE!!!!

D23 is an Expo so there were booths and booths of all things Disney and announcements of upcoming projects. Mommy #1 was so excited about the new Marvel Land being built in CA Adventure. Mommy #2 was very happy to participate in VoluntEARS. It was a lot of stuff to see and do, and Disney fans to talk to. They talked a lot!

Both said the elaborate costumes and more simple cosplay outfits were incredible. The imagination some HUMANS have!!!

Then they came home to me. It is all good now.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

FurBaby Abuse

I realize I look cute and all - but do I really have to endure endless FUNNY photos when I am just as cute unfunny? This is a very good example of what I am talking about. YES, it is funny to have a donut on my head. YES, it is adorable that I have that "Why me?" look on my face. AND yes, I know everything I do is magical to my Mommy. . . but . . .really. . .

I do many many other cute things that are NEVER caught on film.


Note: This is the same donut only used properly


And this all time CLASSIC

I'd totally put my paw down and protest . . . only . . . I'm just so darn CUTE!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Cakeful for Mommy's Big Day!

I CANNOT move. I ate too too much *BIRTHDAY cake yesterday. It was good, though. As you know - NOTHING beats BIRTHDAY cake.

I think Mommy had a good day yesterday. She worked a lot, which is not unusual. But in-between, we got a lot of snuggles in. That was the best.

After she got home from work in the evening (yes, she has two jobs), the WHOLE family gathered around the kitchen table and sang Happy Birthday to Mommy #2 and Aunt B. They are twins, you know. I can totally tell them apart, though.

They opened cards and gifts and it was all so happy and fun. Since it was already late at night, after cake it was lights out. Not for me and Mommy, though. We cuddled on the sofa and watched the evening news before calling it a night.

I must say, though, Mommy might BE another year older but she certainly doesn't look any different today than she did yesterday.

I love you Mommy.

*Editor's note: None of the furbabies ate REAL birthday cake. They each had a pet appropriate treat which I called a piece of birthday cake. SHHHHHHHH! Don't tell Noodles

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Happy Birthday Mommy - Because I Love Her

Today is a special day - it is my Mommy #2's birthday. She is 29 years old, she said. Considering Mommy #1 turns 21 in a month and a half, I kind of doubt that. Whatever makes her feel good.

I love my Mommy #2 and NOT because she feeds and houses me. No. It is much more than that. She is the BEST

  • Cuddler
  • Snuggler
  • Hugger
  • Head Kisser
  • Walker
  • Carrier
  • Bath-giver
  • Pawdicure expert
We are not doing a whole lot for her (and Aunt B - they are twins) big day, as she has requested. But I do know


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Musical Beds

This is LULU changing beds - again. It is constant movement with her. I think it is because there are so many choices here whereas at home she has only one bed. AND most of the time at home, she is on her Mommy's lap.

But my Mommy is usually in her office working during the day and I sit right under her chair AND as close to her feet as possible. It makes me happy. Molly often sits by the front door so she can BARK at the MAIL person. If she decides to sit in one of the office beds, she will pick what ever bed I am in and force me out. On occasion we occupy the same bed - if I am feeling particularly peckish and won't move on. You see, it really does not matter to me because I always have my Mommy's feet to sit near (and sometimes, on).

So Lulu will venture from bed to bed to bed, just to explore the different perspectives, I suppose. Or maybe she is like Goldilocks - this one is too soft. . . this one is too hard. . . this one. . .

If it makes her happy, then I am all for it. I want my GUESTS to feel right at home and THAT is why I have no problem sharing my things. . . even my food, kinda, sorta. Hmmmm. I guess I really DO have a problem with that BUT I have no choice. So . . .

Monday, August 12, 2019

Our Current Normal

Today SOME things got back to normal. For one thing, the painter is done and only has to come back and do some touch up. For another, my Cousin C, the youngest of the household, started school today so she is not downstairs snacking and watching streaming tv on her computer. She will be gone until late afternoon now. So it will be just Mommy #2 and us.

As you can tell, though, we still have our house guest Ms Lulu with us. She is like one of the gang and just does what we do. Today we watched The Today Show for a while as the rest of the household got up, dressed and out the door. We like the show a lot for it's variety of topics and its personable hosts. This photo shows us listening to Savannah Guthrie interviewing Bodie Miller and his wife re their new projects.

Then Mommy got going with laundry and kitchen clean-up. AND NOW she is settled into her office to do some work. She works from home, you know, and that means we get a lot of together time even during the week. She doesn't like it (the working from home) - but I DO.

This is a view of us "HELPING" Mommy do her account reconciliations. She says a lot of HBO words when she does them.

It is supposed to be HOT today as well so we have to plan our potty breaks accordingly. It is too hot on the NON-GRASS (it was a victim of the drought and Mommy, Aunt B and Aunt T have not figured out what is the best solution) to do our bidness later in the day.

So that is about it for the Monday version of excitement here.

I'll let you know if that changes. YAWN!!! Time for my mid-morning nap.

Me and my Calorie-Free Cake from Princess Leah

Friday, August 9, 2019

Regally Red Faced

So I don't get it. Last time I celebrated National Pug Day on my blog, it was August. FB even had a memory I could share about it. So I wrote a POST about it being National Pug Day. And . . .

THEN I find out it is National CAT Day! AND . . .

National PUG Day 2019 is OCTOBER 15 this year!!! I am so flummoxed. I mean - shouldn't it be the same every every year? Isn't that what it means when you have a NATIONAL (something) Day? Same day every time?

So, I apologize to all the KITTIES I slighted with my post. It was nothing PERSONAL.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day of the PUG - Also known as el ocho de agosto

Happy National PUG Day! This is the day to celebrate all the wonderful things about PUGs.


  2. Compactness
  3. Expressiveness
  5. Casualness
  7. Cuddliness
  8. Comicalness
  9. Curly Tailedness
  10. Velcro-ness

Oh My Pug! I could just go on and on. But I can tell you, I am happy happy happy to be a pug and I know my TWO MOMMYS love that I am a pug too.

Here's more proof of my adorableness

This is a RARE photo of Mommy #2 BUT . . .
Look How CUTE I am!


Mastering my PUG SIT

That's all for now FOLKS! Have a wonderful DAY OF THE PUG!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wordless Wednesday Override

Do You See IT?

The Nerve

I was never very good at Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Tuesday Tongue Show

It is Tuesday
I gotta say
Special tho it is
My Tongue is in
Most the day
I like it thataway

Today only
My tongue has fled
From my cute little head
As its bred
to do and do and. . .

Monday, August 5, 2019

Paint the Town - Or At Least the House

Soooooo. Remember back (to Friday) when I said I was looking forward to a weekend of cuddles and Mommy time? Well, that did NOT happen. In fact, a lot of the time it was "Noodles, you have to move." and "Noodles, you are in my way." and "Noodles, you cannot sit there." And there was such a todo to boot! Furniture was taken apart. Clothing and knick knacks boxed. It is craziness! All because some DUDE came by last week and bid on the painting we need done IN THE HOUSE. The outside was done a couple of years ago. The inside is a mess.

This is just a SAMPLING of the disarray.

Apparently by Friday we will have a cohesive look to the inside and a date for new carpets. These are all things that have needed to be done for a long time now.

ON TOP OF THIS, My Mommys - yes both of them - went to a PARTY without me. It was my Uncle D's BIG BIRTHDAY. I can tell you this, they were gone PAST my dinner time.

And the next morning, they were OUT the door by 9:30am! This time they went separate ways. But Still!!

Talk about painting the town. They were all over town doing this and doing that. Then. . . then. . . Mommy #2 came home and spent the afternoon AT THE STOVE doing this

Yep. She is jamming again.

So that left little time for YOURS TRULY. I spent so much time just snoozing with one eye open awaiting their return. It was just crazy.

Friday, August 2, 2019

TGIF! and Stuff

I have absolutely no reason to publish this photo but to torture Sunshine the Cat. She likes to pass herself off as super sophisticated when in reality she is kinda nerdy.

So it is finally FRIDAY and that opens a whole world of possibilities. I do hope I get some time with BOTH of my Mommys although I know they are gonna be flitting here and there. That is what Summer is all about. It is not like Winter where we stay indoors and snuggle a lot.

I started off my day quite benignly enough with a call to my people (barking) from the backyard, followed by a tasty meal. Then I sat in my CHEWY BOX BED and pondered life.

Then I HELPED Mommy #2 make her iced coffee and nachos (for breakfast??? So wrong) and made sure it ALL stayed on the plate while she walked to the television room. Once I was sure she was safely seated, I sat on her feet to keep her safe and warm.

When she moved to to office, SO DID I!. Right now, as she types this post, I am SAWING LOGS in my office BED. It is a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

I think this will conclude the excitement for my day. Anything else that goes on is a mystery waiting to unfold.

While I have you here, I want to give a HEALING shout-out to my BFF Princess Leah. She is feeling a little under the weather this week. She is better today but not yet back to her lovely perky self. So I am sending out GOOD VIBRATIONS to you, Leah! Feel better soon.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Maliciously ATTACKED and

See this SWEET and innocent PUG here? Yes, the cutest PUG PRINCESS in the whole world. Well, she was ATTACKED this morning when she was snoozing in the RED BED. ATTACKED, I say.

And then . .  . and then . . . she was held CAPTIVE (on Mommy's lap) for HOURS and HOURS. There was this odd sound in the air - something like a BEE buzzing or a DRONE flying overhead. And there was HEAT. Horrible isolated heat on her toesies!

And Why? WHY? WHY??

For this