Monday, July 31, 2017

The Monday Morning Blues

It's Monday Morning
And I got the Blues
It's Monday Morning 
And I got the Blues
Jus' gonna lie here with BLUE
Cuz he's got the Blues TOO

It's Monday Morning
And I got the Blues
It's Monday Morning
And I got the Blues
Lulu left me and Molly
For Her Mommy's new Shoes

She smiled BIG. . . . .
Gave her Mama a GRIN. . . . .
She skedaddled as quick as can BE. . . . . 
I got the Monday Morning Blues
And you'd have 'em too
If Lulu left you this way

It's Monday Morning
And I got the Blues
It's Monday Morning
And I got the Blues
Gonna pick up my HEELS and head to the Hills
And find my Lu-lu-lu

I got the BLUES. . .

Can you see she is grinning from one silly ear to the other?

Friday, July 28, 2017

And The FUN Continues . . .

Lulu Rockin' The Hat

Do you remember our house guest from April - LULU? Well, she is back. I was just complaining to Mommy that I never see Lulu and, truth be told, I kind of missed her. She is funny because she is so young and full of energy. And she is CUTE as anything with her red "beard" and her "Flying Nun" ears. Really, what's not to like? Well, as luck would have it her Mommy and Aunt are both on vacation RIGHT now and couldn't take her with them. So we stood up high on our haunches and said SEND HER TO US!!!!

So Lulu arrived on last Friday night and I am telling you it has been non-stop fun since the minute she arrived. We have been playing chase the pup and wrestling and playing bitey-mouth almost non-stop! I am feeling like a PUPPY again. I think at this point you could say we are a bit like sisters more than FURiends. Yes, we are that close.

Mommy tried to get a VIDEO of Molly and Lulu playing; but true-to-form they stopped playing just as she started recording.

But I think you get the idea. Usually they are much more energetic.

Note the 3 beds lined up. That is because Molly and I were fighting over LULU'S bed and ignoring our own bed. So Mommy added the bed from Molly's crate (that Sunshine the Cat and I use but Molly never uses) so we could all have a bed while she is working. It worked. We happily all nap close to Mommy on our own beds.

All too soon it is time for Lulu to go home. Her Mommy and Aunt return this weekend and will be anxious to have her home. I, PUGsonally, cannot wait for the next time Lulu comes to stay.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Make a Baseball Hat

This is the baseball hat my Mommy made for Bark at the Park. It's pretty cool, I have to admit and I didn't mind wearing it while sitting in my seat (the sun was in my eyes and the hat helped). Walking around was another story as I kept shaking my head which would dislodge the hat and position it on my CHIN. But most of the time I wore it.

The nice thing about this hat is it was cheap and mostly used stuff Mommy had around the house. It is made from a FOAM sheet like the kind you get for kids' crafts. She and Cousin C found a pack of 5 6x8 sheets at Dollar Tree. Then Mommy went online and found a pattern for kids' visors. These she printed at 50% and it was perfect for a pug head.

This is where she got the template for the visor -

But she didn't want a visor so she put her thinking CAP on and figured out a way to make the head piece. She GOOGLED sun visor hat pattern for dogs and stared at them until she came up with a plan. She cut a rectangle of FOAM  the width of the visor inside - about 3" - and the length of the foam -7 3/4" . This she glued to the visor and on the other end she folded to make a canal to pass elastic through.

On the visor, she used a ballpoint pen and made two holes (one on each side). She attached the skinny elastic to one side and threaded it through the backside of the rectangle where she made the canal. . . then OUT the other side and over to the hole on THAT side of the visor and VOILA! It now had some shape. But she needed to add a chin strap to hold the hat on and create ear holes. So she took thicker elastic and sewed it onto the elastic between the visor and the canal. It made a kind of "V" shape. That's where the ears go.

Molly's hat - see how her ears feed through the "V"

I kinda like this Mommy

This picture was before she sewed the other side and the elastic was too small. But see how it fit?

That's it! I now have an Oakland A's baseball cap that I can wear to ALL BALL GAMES. I think it is cool. You can decorate it any way you choose. We made one for our FURiend Fezzik as well. His was a manly BLUE with a baseball drawn on it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wordy Wednesday, Blog Hop with Blogpaws, and Wednesday Affirmation - So Much To Do!

 If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was testing out a new harness from Kurgo for
I plan to write a total review next week for where I will let you know all the plusses and minuses of my experiences with the harness. I want you to see the restraint in action, though. Do I look cute or WHAT?

It's time for another Blog Hop with Blogpaws. If you don't know about Blogpaws then check them out and join the fun. It is a great way to make new FURiends.

Hop Here

Finally, what's a day without a little Affirmations? I have done 41 so far. Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If It Tastes Good You Gotta . . .

If it is food you oughta
If it tastes good you gotta
If you smack your lips you wanna
If you like it you're gonna

Monday, July 24, 2017

Wonderful Summer Weekend

It was HOT this weekend. Highs were approaching 100 degrees F (38 Celsius) this weekend which meant Mommy was canning. No one understands how this happens; but every time she brings out the canning equipment, the temperatures rise. It is the weirdest thing. It was NOT supposed to be so hot but somewhere along the way the trade winds shifted the Peninsula heated up.

Mommy was ambitious. She made 5 (FIVE) kinds of jam. She did not want any of the fruit to go to waste and what better use (other than eating) than making jam. That way she can share it at Christmas and everyone gets a little taste of Summer during the cold winter months.

I helped her pick white peaches from the house we are staying at. It is a labor of love, I tell you. And I loves loves loves white peaches. Mommy made sure to give me some once we were done.

I see a Peach
After we picked the peaches we headed to our REAL home to cook them. Mommy made Apricot, Apricot Habanero, White Peach with blueberries, White Peach Chardonnay, Yellow Peach Mango - all jams.
That took all day! I supervised the whole time and for my efforts I got some apricot and yellow peach as well. Later in the day Mommy gave me an Oravet dental chew to clean all off that sugar.

We were exhausted following all that jamming and the temps being so high did not help. Fans and AC help but don't completely eliminate the oppressive heat.

Sunday was a day of rest. We slept in and ate a leisurely breakfast. Then Mommy #2 and I sat on the floor and she read while I napped. It was a perfect day.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Peachy Keen Says I

OMIGOSH!!! Look at this bounty. Mommy #2 and I picked peaches last night. In the past we have only been picking up the ones that fell as the ones still on the tree were too green still. I don't know where the ripe and overripe ones on the ground CAME from but it appears NOT the tree. 

But I am segue-ing away from the topic. The POINT is we finally found fruit ON THE TREE that was ripe and yummy. Mommy walked around and found quite a few that were ready to pick - a whole BOWL FULL, as you can see.

I simply could NOT contain my excitement. "All these peaches - FOR ME? Mommy you ARE a dear one. . . I will pose next to MY bountiful peaches and sing your praises. . ."

"Wait. . . what. .  ? They are NOT ALL for me? You're making more JAM? Just how MUCH jam do you need Mommy? You don't even eat the stuff!"


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dear Princess Leah - I Confess

Dear Princess Leah,
Thank you for the PAWsome birthday toys. I cannot tell you how much I am loving them. Well maybe I can. You see - they have squeakers. I love squeakers. I go KAH-RAY-ZEE for squeakers. At like, 2 am I go crazy for SQUEAKERS. So I thank you for the squeaky toys - my MOMMYS, not so much.
I think the PUG card is real cute and it even has a double curl like I have. It isn't even a PUDGY pug so it closely resembles me. I am a little cuter, though; and I have a DIAMOND on my forehead. But that is a minor thing. I loves the card and Mommy #2 loves it so much she is going to do something she seldom does - she's gonna FRAME it.
BUT- and there is always a B-U-T - I MISTOOK the TURKEY LEG toy for the REAL thing. I don't know why - it did not have any YUMMY smell like a REAL Turkey Leg. But I stuck my teeth into it and chewed with RELISH. Not real RELISH so what I mean to say is GUSTO. It did not taste like TURKEY, though.
Mommy is not sure it is repairable.
Sorry not sorry.
It was fun and, in a way, tasty.
Love Noodles

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

No, I WON'T Be Silenced Just Because It's Wordless Wednesday and Other NoodlesISMS

Can YOU tell I have a PEACH in my JOWLS?

Definition of ism

  1. 1
    :  a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory

A Doctrine

EveryPUGGY has a right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Puppacchinos

A Cause

SAVE the yogurt - it is a LIMITED resource

A Theory

Did I just hear a peach DROP?

Join Blogpaws in a BLOG HOP in celebration of Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let's CHEW-y On This for A Minute. . .

This box is MINE

You all know I am a HUGE fan. This was true before I became an influencer and continues the MORE I work with them. The variety of items they sell is staggering. The prices are competitive and in some cases less than BIG BOX stores even with the added shipping costs. The convenience of having your products arrive at your door is hard to quantify BUT think of how many more cuddles you get when your human does NOT have to run to the pet store for food! Yes, I am a fan and I am SPOILED by

As a Chewy Influencer, I get to choose from a monthly list of items to review. It is great because I get to try new foods, treats, and toys and all I have to do is write a review! It is truly a win win for me. So when this month's newsletter arrived I was all prepared to pick out a treat because, I hate to say this, we are running low on TREATS.

Nothing against my Mommy #2, but she does overreact a bit. When it was revealed at the Dogter's office that I had PUT BACK ON a couple of pounds, she tossed away all of the old treats and put me on a NO TREAT diet. Yeah, it worked but now I have a shortage of treats for when I am really really deserving.

But I digress.

The last newsletter was FILLED with all kinds of tasty, I assume, treats for Dogs, Cats and even LIZARDS. But my eyes filled with tears of JOY just looking at them and I could not decide what I wanted. Mommy volunteered to help and SHE noticed there was a special HARNESS available to test. There was a limited number to test so no promises. My current harness is as old as I am so I really needed a new one. But There's MORE! This harness is also a seatbelt for the car. Yes, you heard me right. It will, theoretically, keep me safer in the car than even my crate. Mommy and I had tried these so-called seatbelts in the past and took them ALL back. You see, I am a master at wiggling out of them. That's right - to accommodate my NECK they were all too loose for my HEAD and CHEST.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is different in that it adjusts in 5 spots for a better fit! And it crash-tested up to 75 pounds and 30mph!!! That's a pretty good recommendation. So to make this long story short, we chose to review the harness.

The package arrived in TWO DAYS only and boy was I excited! I tried it on RIGHT AWAY. Ummmm, that's a fib, actually. I was at LAKE TAHOE when it arrived. But as soon as I got home, I tried it on.

I like the chest pad and the fact I pretty much
step into the harness

It is a very sharp looking and HEAVY duty harness. It took a while to make the adjustments and Mommy ended up adjusting down ALL of the spots. She had ordered a medium because the lowest weight was 16 pounds and I was closer to 17 pounds when we went to the VET.

The top loop is where you hook the  seatbelt

Remember back to the story above about DIET and NO TREATS? Well, apparently it worked because the harness was TOO BIG. I could totally wiggle out of it and THAT was exactly what Mommy did NOT want. The guideline is TWO fingers under the harness all around. But Mommy could put her whole hand.

You can't see it but this is quite loose. Overall
the look is sharp
So Mommy contacted Ms. Natalie at and told her the problem. We understood there was a limited number and were quite bummed that we might not be able to review the harness. We picked an alternative TREAT just in case. Well - we needn't have worried at all! Ms. Natalie said she wanted us to be able to review the harness and she would send one right away. I asked her about the one that didn't fit and she said to donate it to the shelter or gift it to a FURiend in need. 

If you remember Lulu who stayed with us in April, well she is just a little bigger than me and she does not have a seat belt. Her mommy lets her sit on her lap! That is so unsafe. So I am letting her try out the harness that does not fit me. If she doesn't like it, then I think Pablo, my other FURiend just might. My point is - is like that! Rather than the expense of shipping it back and re-shelving it, they would rather it be donated, scrapped if broken, or gifted. Their customer service is the best.

So stay tuned for my future adventures with my new Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness. I hope it is everything I dreamed it would be.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tha' BARK Happened

Hats FIT - now let's get ROLLIN'

On Friday Molly and I, along with huMOMS and Cousin C, took a drive to BART, caught the BART train to Oakland, and attended BARK AT THE PARK. If you have never been to a BATP then you totally need to do so. It is a lot of fun. This was my 5th time attending and I gotta tell ya, each year I enjoy it. I was a little disappointed at the lack of vendors, though. Not that I need ANYTHING, mind you. But it is nice to see the stuff, get freebees (who DOESN'T like free stuff? And it is usually so handy), and chat with the vendors. And last year there was an ICE CREAM (soft serve) machine on the concourse. It was so yummy.

The lack of vendors aside, there was one I was very very very anxious to see again and that was the Lucy Pet Products/Foundation Gnarly Crankin' K9 Wave Machine. I gotta tell ya, it is the adventure of a lifetime to experience it. Not only was there a wave machine, but there was also a booth with Dr. Karen Halloran, the Lucy Pet resident vet. She was there to tell people and their pups about the new food Lucy Pet Products has developed as well as inform them of other LP Products like the conditioners and shampoos (which I use to keep my coats shiny, clean, and bitchin') and Sunshine the Cat's favorite - the Lucy Pet Cats Incredible ammonia eliminating kitty litter. More on that later.

First . . . Molly and I SURFED!!!!

I am telling ya - there is nothing like it. The FREEDOM of riding a wave (yes, the human held on to us the FIRST time. I did a second one SOLO) cannot be beat . . . except perhaps sticking ones head out of a moving car . . . but in any case, it was PAWSOME!

Then we visited the booth and talked with "Doc" Halloran. She gave us the inside scoop AND SOME SAMPLES of Lucy Pet's new food. I was so excited to try this new prebiotic-good-for-your-gut food! In fact, I ended up doing just that during my pregame warm-ups dinner break. It is every bit as good as Doc said and I give it a big 4 pseudo-thumbs up on flavor, texture, and crunchability. The gut health will have to wait until I get a big bag and try it out! They have kitty food too and Sunshine is going to try it tonight.

If you are not familiar with Lucy Pet Products and its associated Foundation, check it out. I included links in this post and my sidebar has a link as well. It is a stellar company that believes in giving back to the community by offering free spay and neutering for cats. The products division helps fund the foundation. I loves loves loves companies that give back. What a great mission.

After going through the line and getting our shot records checked, we received our goodie bags and allowed to enter the park. First stop was the Avoderm photo spot. In the past this was a very professional spot with REAL photographers. Not this year, though, and the guy at the booth only took photos with OUR phones. Hmmmm. Not happy about that. I still look cute but iPhones lack depth and rich colors.

Our seats were in the bleachers which at Oakland are pretty nice. They face the sun which can be a problem but overall - for bleacher seats - they are pretty nice.

Even pups get seats. I spent most of the game in my seat but opted for Mommy's lap once in a while.

Mommy and I took a walk and found this photo spot. I look pretty good, huh? If I could have held the bat I would have.

The Jumbotron had live feed of the field parade. We opted not to parade this year but in the past I have done it. I was looking for my FURiend Fezzik. He was there and he eventually got on the Jumbotron but not for the parade. I was on the Jumbotron as well. Mommy was so surprised she did NOT get a photo of my 15 seconds of fame. When she finds it, though, she will post it.

As the sun went down it became quite pleasant and I enjoyed it that much more. I tried a SELFIE and I kinda like it - though I was aiming to get the action in the field as well. We had fun and all but after 9 innings of baseball it was time to head home. I was tired and slept most of the way which I could do because I was in a bag AND did not have to drive home.

Sunshine tried the hat on for size

Our loot from the goodie bag
It was the best day and I look forward to it again next year. Really! I mean it! If you have a chance to go you totally should. In the meantime, here is a little Affirmation to start your week.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack. . . whatever that means! To Me it MEANS #Athletics #LucyPetProducts #BarkinthePark


Today we are going to Bark in the Park. I have gone a number of times and it is always fun. I meet lots of peeps and some pups. There are vendors giving away free stuff and talking to the huMoms. BEST of all. . . Lucy Pet Products/Foundation will be there with their Gnarly Crankin' K-9 Wave Maker and I intend to get my SURF DOG on. If you look on my side bar, you will see the Lucy Pet medallion. There is also a link that will take you to their website. Not only do they sell great products, but they give back to the community by offering free spay and neutering in the Los Angeles area (right now). They are a stellar group of humans.

Mommy and Lil One (who from now on will be Cousin C as she is not little) made these PAWSOME baseball hats for us. I don't look happy and I apologize to Mommy. It was early in the morning and before my coffee so I was not having it. I am sure when the time comes I will be all over the hat and shirt.

I am hoping to meet up with my FURiend Fezzik and his awesome huMom Susie. We manage to find them every year and a couple of times we even sat together, I am hoping it happens again this year. I just know it's going to be a lot of fun and I will tell you all about it on Monday. In the meantime, please check out Lucy Pet Products and Foundation. I loves loves loves them.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

All Vacations End

Photo by Aunt M - note how high the lake is

Today I decided to feature pictures taken by my AUNTS. This vacation was extra special because it was with my Mommy #2's 4 sisters. I might have mentioned before that this was the first time in THREE of my LIFETIMES that they were all together. They each have a different perspective and I thought it worth sharing. My Aunt T did not take any pictures at all which is weird - but OKAY!

Aunt M took a lot of walks. She likes TEXTURES and found a lot of different ones so she took pictures of them. This photo shows one of the unusual things about wildfires - they jump around. One place will be totally burned out (to the right) and another will be unscathed (to the left).

On one of her walks this cutie came up to her. His human was running along the same path as Aunt M was walking. But the pooch, Murphy, I think, kept lingering. Even when his huDAD called him! Finally Aunt M took his picture - and boy did he pose beautifully! After that he left and joined his huDAD on his run. He just wanted his PICTURE taken! BOL!

No. . . Aunt M is NOT that tall. In fact, she is the shortest of all 5 sisters. Somehow - maybe the slope of the path we were on - the perspective makes me look verra wee and Aunt M GIGANTIC!

This picture is by Aunt L. This is the street we stayed on
Aunt L had a very different photo style. She went for the scenery and I think she captured the HUGENESS of the mountains and the wide open vistas. I can almost smell the fresh mountain air emanating from her pictures.

she said to PLEASE ignore the reflection of her ARM in the mirror

Finally I have some pictures my Aunt B took of the flowers around the mountain chalet we stayed at.

Aunt B likes flowers. This is a really nice
picture full of color and shape. I like the way
the light plays along the petals

These two pictures look like the plants are Larkspur. I'm not sure as it was hard to gauge the stem, petals, and leaves from the picture to accurately identify them.

Aunt B says Fox Gloves is one of her favorite plants because she can imagine foxes having their little paws nestled in the "gloves".

Aunt B also likes the clouds when they appeared (not too often the whole weekend). Look at the variety of clouds in this one picture - whispy, fluffy and kinetic. It is a super shot.

Finally in S. Lake Tahoe near the casinos (at Stateline) are these moving sculptures. Aunt B took this as Live because her camera can. That was you can get a snippet of movement when you press on the photo on her phone. But downloaded is another story. I think you still get a sense of movement, though.

And that was it! We headed home after 2 nights - it was just a long weekend. But we share a lot of memories from our little mountain reunion.