Monday, October 16, 2017

Mom's Away and I'm So Blue

Mommy #2 took off again! This time she and Aunt B went to San Diego. For Aunt B it is work - for Mommy there is no good reason. She wanted to go because she always wants to go with Aunt B when she goes to convention BUT Mommy cannot usually afford it. This time it was close(ish) to home. Plus Mommy loves San Diego and likes to take any opportunity she can to visit. She sent me some photos of what she is up to so I thought I'd share with you.

This is the view from the promenade in front of her hotel. You
are looking at Coronado Island here

Downtown San Diego. She was just past
 Sea Port Village down in the Marina 

This is a statue of the famous WWII photo called
The Kiss. It stands next to the Midway, a Navy
carrier now a museum

This is a view of the Naval Station on Coronado Island. That
is the Aft portion of the Midway on the right and a modern
carrier on the left in the distance at Coronado

Mommy and Aunt B took a tour of the Midway and really enjoyed it. There were a lot of Naval veterans who were docents at the ship and they told a lot of stories and gave background information about the running of the ship and what it was like to be in the OCEAN on the ship. She said it was very fascinating. Her favorite part was being on the flight deck and seeing all of the planes and helicopters. While they were there, she and Aunt B got to see the Disney Wonder take off for Mexico. If you have never been on a Disney Cruise or seen it take off, you gotta. It is the most festive and fun thing ever. Or she she told me because dogs other than PLUTO are not allowed on the cruise.

This is the inside of a deli Mommy walked to. It is downtown
but close to the convention center. It has wall are dedicated to
the world famous San Diego Comic Con
In the background of a walking bridge. It looks like a sail.
It connects from Mommy's hotel and Petco Park (you can see an
edge of the park on the left side of the picture)

This is Mommy's hotel. It is surrounded by the
train yard/docks on the left, Petco behind, the
Convention Center to the right and the San Diego
Bay/Coronado from the front.

I'd say she has it pretty good there in San Diego. Once she returns, I am going to let her know how much I appreciate her having fun and leaving me at home!

In the meantime, KEEP those costume photos rolling in AND pass the word. The more the merrier! I will post them on Thursday and Friday. And remember, you have until MIDNIGHT Saturday October 21, 2017!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

HI NOODLES... We came back.. and your mommy LEFT.. somethingy wrong with that, if you ask us.
OMD we will do our BESTEST to try and get you pics of us in Claws Tooms.

Julie said...

Wow. looks really lovely where Mom is...BUTT...hare DARE she go without you!!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Pug Slope said...

Looks like your Mom and Aunt are having a good time! Sorry they couldn't bring you along. Hopefully they'll have some nice souvenirs (perhaps of the treat variety) for you when they return!


stellaroselong said...

We have GOT to get our pictures sent to you. Looks like mom is having a great time. stella rose