Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Noodles, The Gifted Pug #ChewyGoodyBox

A Beauty and a Scholar
  1. having exceptional talent or natural ability.

Oh! What's that? There is another meaning to GIFTED? You mean I am NOT the smartest pug in town? Oh. . . I see. I may STILL be SMART but you meant I have RECEIVED GIFTS! I see. Hmmm. That kind of changes what I was going to write. Gimme a minute to collect my THOUGHTS.

Well, yes! I have certainly received a bumper crop of GIFTS over my 8 years. I am a very fortunate pooch. 

Here is the proof - the new CHEWY GOODY BOX: Tiny But Mighty. That sorta describes me, huh? Anyhoo, this all came about when Ms. Natalie from contacted me about RECEIVING and REVIEWING their newest product, right in time for the HOLIDAYS, the GOODY Box. Well you know me - I said SURE.

There were THREE (3) to choose from:

  1. Bone Appe-treat (A surprise dog treat selection)
  2. Meow Your Talking (A surprise cat toy and treat selection)
  3. Tiny But Mighty (A surprise dog toy and treat selection)

Now I WANTED to choose a box FULL of treats but SOMEhuman made me choose the "activity" box with a toy. She pointed out my treat restrictive meal plan as proof the Bone Appe-treat was a BAD IDEA. Also, she was afraid the Bone Appe-treat might be for bigger dogs which is cool for me, a BIG dog in a small package, but not Molly the petite princess pup.

Doing my research and based on other GIFT BOXES I have received over the years, I knew the Chewy Goody Box was priced comparably and offered about the same in terms of what it might include. WHAT I didn't know was how much and what kind of STUFF would be used to create the GOODY BOX.

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Bear with me while I chronicle one of the BEST DAYS of my life -

Is This for US?

Look Noodles, there is something in the BOX

Whattha? It's a box in a box! That isn't fun.
But it is a CUTE box, right? How did those
Goldfish crackers get on there?
This is what we found inside. HOLD onto your KENNELS! This you will NOT believe!

Is that AMAZING? There are ONE, TWO, THREE Treats, One Two Three cans of ULTRA food, and a SQUEAKY TOY. Excuse me while I HIDE the toy for my pugsonal stash.

Think about it. Top quality treats. . . and some SNACKS. . . and a toy. That is some serious GIFTAGE. I can really see how this is the best idea for PET GIFTS. I have already started my list of FURiends who will be the lucky recipients of one of these. 

If I can add one suggestion for CHEWY.COM regarding these Goody Boxes, include somewhere the gifter can indicate allergies of the giftee and have some allergy-free snacks ready to substitute. That way NO PUGGY gets left out of the joy being as GIFTED as I am.

Thank you for sending me one goody box free of charge so I can try EVERYTHING and then give you my unbiased opinion* of such. 

*All opinions are mine and I do not get paid for them


Anonymous said...

I've heard about the Chewy boxes. You sure look purely pug happy with the one that was sent to you. I suspect the Basset at my house will be asking the jolly one for one of those this coming holiday. Mew Mew & talk wiggles! -Valentine of Noir Kitty Mews

The Daily Pip said...

Looks like you won the doggie lottery! Have fun!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those are the coolest boxes
Lily & Edward

Mia the Pibble said...

yum yum!! You are one lucky pooch!! I'm drooling all over the keyboard!

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Boxes filled with all sorts of goodness is simply the best! Enjoy

Idaho PugRanch said...

That is a lot of good stuff in that gift box!
Hazel & Mabel

Morrie Major said...

Oh my goodness what a great box!!
I keep seeing these Chewy boxes all over Blogville and I'm very sad to learn they don't post to Australia :(
Thank you for posting though - at least I can live through your excitement!
Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)

Julie said...

Woohoo, pawfect, a grand box of goodies fur a VERY beautiful and gifted girlie
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

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