Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TWO DAYS REMAINING!!!!! And By The Way, Mommy's Home

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Midnight FRIDAY, October 21, 2017

So I was so HAPPY Yesterday because my Mommy came home from San Diego. She shared some PHOTOS with me so I am sharing them with you.

********************************Dateline Wednesday *******************************

This is the MAP Mommy showed me of her walking route. The bottom right, where it says Hil and Park Blvd, THAT'S where Mommy started every day. The Hilton Bayside is where she stayed. Today she walked along Harbor where the Convention Center is. Then she cut to the promenade along the Bay.

This was the front of the convention center AND Mommy's shadow! It doesn't look so long but IT IS. This is letter F and Mommy started at letter H. She was heading to A way way way down the street. On the Map this roughly corresponds to the Gaslamp District which was across Harbor, the railroad tracks, and the lightrail tracks from the Convention Center.

When Mommy got closer to these twin towers she thought it was a pretty picture - especially with the palm trees lining the roadway. She remembers when San Diego only had a couple of tall buildings like this. That was a long long time ago.

Mommy walked up to Sea Port Village and then crossed back to the bay side. She walked a third of the way around the park right in front of Sea Port Village. She had planned to do it all but was running out of time. 

 That is the Coronado Bridge in the background. It is iconic and it links San Diego with Coronado Island. Remember Mommy had lunch on Coronado Island yesterday? Well she crossed that bridge to do so.

Before she knew it, it was time to get her and Aunt B's luggage and check out of the hotel. They waited a while at the airport because the flight was delayed over 45 minutes!! She was reading a good book so she said time just FLEW! Haha, Mommy. The above photo is of San Diego by Seaworld. This was the last they saw of San Diego as they flew away.

At Last!!!!! SAN JOSE! Do you know the way to San Jose? I sure don't. I live here and I would get lost trying to get here. Mommy says it is really easy, though. One loooooong highway ride.

See the shadow of the plane on the freeway? Isn't that a cool shot? Aunt B took it.

I am so happy my Mommy is home that I CAN'T STOP grinning! I hope Mommy does not go ANYWHERE for a good long while. I miss her too much when she does.


stellaroselong said...

I know you are so happy that your mom is home. Those pictures were so pretty. I hope my mom gets in gear and sends you some pictures of us. stella rose

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE are thrilled to hear that your mommy FINALLY came home to you.
Did she bring a Sandy Eggo to you? Does the Sand help hold the Syrup and Butter on them?

Julie said...

I tell you what Noodles, you have the most BEAUTIFUL of grins!!!!
Glad to hear Mommy is back home with you and you can snuggle as much as you want.....and I hope she brought home some TREATS to make up for her desertion
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Idaho PugRanch said...

Good that mommy is home now! Our mom knows that view of flying into San Jose but she hasn't been there for a few years.
We just sent our pictures to you!
Hazel & Mabel