Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wente Vineyards Yields More Than WINE

What shall I choose from the WINE list?
 Dog Days of Summer at Wente Vineyards was more than just a canine gathering. It was also a showcase for some local businesses. Mommy and I loves loves loves this kind of event, because we usually get a lot of good information (there was a Vet there) and some fun products.

We visited this one table where a woman PAINTED portraits of pets. The next table was for Dog Behavior training - as if! I happen to be an abnormally well BEHAVED PUG. Enough said. There was a dog whisperer type who I TOTALLY dissed because he worried me; and there were 2 dog boutiques that had some really great goodies like leashes, tee shirts, and catchables.

The most unique item was something called Pup-A-Top. The name alone had Mommy guessing what it might be all about. It looked like a dog tag - so what made it so unique?

So we approached Trent, one of the developers and the President of Pup-a-Top, and asked the


  1. What is a Pup-a-Top?
           Well, it turns out Mommy was MOSTLY right. It is a DOG TAG. But it is more! It is a fun and   functional dog tag. The Pup-a-Top, in addition to being customized, is also a full -fledged BOTTLE OPENER! Mommy gave this a "HMMMMMMM" because she firmly believes you can't have too much ID on your pooch or PUG, and you never know when you might need a bottle opener!
  1. How did the idea come about?
           Something about a pool, a dog, and a beer. Okay, okay. cute story - cute dog (not nearly as CUTE as MOI). Ultimately it was a A-HA moment which led to some serious design considerations and business outlines.
  1. How do I get one?
          You can buy the Pup-a-Top through their website as well as some local (SF Bay Area) pet stores and boutiques. You can choose from TWO sizes - Standard (dogs over 30 lbs)  or Chihuahua sizes - AND 13 colors!!!! All Pup-a-Tops can be customized with up to 3 lines of engraving.


You can WIN one by entering our NEW CONTEST!!!!! I will have all the details for you TOMORROW June 7, 2013. So please, please, PLEASE come back tomorrow and see how you can WIN A PUP-a-TOP of your very own!!!!

HAPPY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Entering and winning contests are fun.


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Why didn't we think of this!!

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Elgor82 said...

What will they think of next ... Wish we could come up with one of these million dollar ideas! BOL

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