Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally Finalists

Petroglyph Dogs

OMD! It was so so SO HARD to choose only FIVE finalists from all of the FINE entries! I had to enlist help from Auntie B, Auntie T, The Birds, Mommy #1 and a random STRANGER on the STREET just to pick out FIVE. So Here they are for ALL OF YOU TO VOTE ON!!!!!
ONE DAY ONLY! Be fair now. You can vote for yourself but just do it ONCE please.

     Payton said...   "Uh, EXCUSE me, Sunshine! You're getting in the way of my leg lifts and Pilates so I can be sure to get extra treats on Christmas.

Frank The Tank said...  (muffled Noodles voice) "I knew that wrapping the Christmas gifts with super glue was a bad idea, I'm stuck to your whiskers! Ouch!"
 Buddy said. . .    Sunshine: "No noodles, not middle toe...Mistletoe." *silly dogs*

 Corbin said. . ."Santa SAW you knock me on my butt, Sunshine... he's watching and you'll be sorry on Christmas day."    

1.    *Kel-z*!~ said...Says in a whisper "Alright sunshine here's the plan! U run under the tree n make an ornament fall n break. When they all rush in 2 c wat made the noise I'll make a mad dash n grab some of those yummy Christmas cookies 4 us!!! Ready? Break!!"

 So vote for your faves in the COMMENTS of TODAY's BLOG. You have 'til Midnight PST.

 Check out this page for ALL of the entries. They are all so PAWSOME!!!!


MochiMachoMarshmallow said...

Hey Noodles
I Mochi votes for Corbin... I thinks Corbin is cute.
Macho votes for Buddy... he finds it funny
Marshmallow votes for Kei-z... he said that's what he would do.


Nana Gail said...

yah i think you would enjoy another bro or sis to share your day and also you can blame a lot on them, but the most important thing is someone to love.
naney gail from over at the wilma the pug place.come vivit

Frank The Tank said...

Aww I didn't even see this post till today! I would have flogged on my blog for votes! Love Frank x x x x