Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What the H Happened to Twenty-twenty?

Hi Peeps and PUPS! It’s been a long long long time - I KNOW. It all started at Midnight December 31 when it became 2020. Life has NOT been the same, I tell you! It’s just gotten weirder and weirder in some awful and not so awful ways.
First of all - well . . . This happened

You all know about my new BRO, Rigatone. I like him and all but man oh MAN! The boy energy coupled with the puppy energy! Sometimes I just don’t know which way is up. Molly’s having NONE of it and spends a lot of time upstairs DARING him to cross her path. Which he does so then she chases him and yells at him. And he’s so good natured he just gallops away - and the does it again. I like him most of the time but he will get my goat when he sidles over and purposely LICKS MY BOWL!

Then there is Mommy #2’a work. She is an essential worker and goes to the office every day. Her hours are weirder, tho, so she leaves very early in the am. She does cone home earlier in the day but it is not really compensating. She is gone and for me that is a hardship. I was so used to her office being HOME! It’s good to have Mommy #1 home and Aunt T and Cousin C, tho.

Mommy’s hours are also why MY BLOG never gets written. I can’t do it myself and she’s not home to do it. Eventually we will figure it out.

I worry about her a lot being out among OTHER people. The virus is everywhere and you just can’t be certain where it is safe. She says her office takes extreme measures to make sure she is safe. And she has to wear a mask when she is at work as well. She says it’s not so bad but she does miss the potlucks and camaraderie in the office. Nowadays they just do their thing and go home. All “socializing” is via Skype.

Mommy and Mommy also participated in a birthday celebration via ZOOM. It seemed pretty fun only they weren’t people I know or care about. I was hoping one of the peeps would be Princess Leah’s folks so I could chat with her at the same time. But they weren’t on the Zoomabration.

On the one hand I love having the family around all the time - but on the other hand, I can tell they are stressed and trying hard to make everything seem normal - but it’s not.

Remember when everyPUGGY said “Have a Nice Day!” whenever they left or ended a phone call. Do you every hear anyone say THAT anymore? No - you don’t huh? It’s been REPLACED just like normal has been. I am on the fence about it - it seems sincere but sad:

Be Safe and Stay Well

It’s just not doing it for me. . .


Kinley Westie said...

Yeah, dis whole year are a disaster.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

2020 - it is a train wreck of a year. Lady sometimes sign things stay healthy and sane😜