Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Work From Home Means a Blog Day

Here I AM!!!! I have NOT disappeared nor gone AWAY. I AM HERE!

Whew! I am glad I got that off my chest. Ever since Mommy went to work in an office, I have been stuck in LIMBOland with this blog. She just doesn't have the bandwidth (her term, not mine) to get my posts published in a reasonable time. She hopes she can find that magical rhythm again soon.

So life is NOT really normal but we keep plugging away at being happy, healthy and hole. Yeah, that should be whole. . . I played with the language because I couldn't think of a reasonable word with an H. We have Mommy #1 and Cousin C home ALL THE TIME. Aunt T is home most of the week - goes into her office 1 MAYBE 2 days. Mommy and Aunt B go to work because they are essential workers (they work government finance and property taxes. Money is essential to keep the government running. As Mommy puts it - there is no government money or services without taxes - and it is her (and Aunt B's ) job to collect it. So they strap on their masks and arm themselves with hand sanitizer and go to work. It is the new. . . can I really say NORMAL? I sure hope this is not normal and that someday soon we can return to life before PANDEMIC.

My Mommy #1 graduated from university with a Bachelors degree in Finance and minors in Math and Urban Studies (teaching). She was hoping for a job or AT LEAST a paid internship in finance but with companies shut down, those opportunities also shut down. BUT she was offered a paid teaching job through Teach for America. It is a two year commitment but she is okay with that. Teaching is actually her dream so it works out. Sadly her college career ended with the beginning of Shelter in Place (SIP). There was no ceremony. . . no saying goodbye to her friends . . . no senior outings . . . nothing normally associated with the end of 4 years at university. There will be a graduation ceremony at some time but it may be a year down the line. She is handling all of that well, though. She is a SUPERSTAR in my mind,

So all I gotta say is I am healthy and in a month will be 11 years old. Can you believe it? I feel like a puppy, though. Until THAT puppy starts to jump around and run in circles.  .  . then I realize I am NOT a puppy at all.

Love you my FURiends


Sandy said...

FROM LULU: Hi Noodles! Thanks for the update! I was thinking about you guys. I miss you! When “normal” gets back to normal, we have to get together. I still haven’t met the new guy. He’s probably going to make me nervous...you know how I get...but I bet he’s a lot of fun. Hopefully we’ll be able to get together soon. ❤️

Kinley Westie said...

It stinks so much for people graduating this year. This whole thing stinks.

AnnieBelle said...

Miss you all, Noodles!

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