Thursday, June 15, 2017

Celebrating the DUBs #dubnation

Please forgive us Golden State Warrior fans if we are obnoxiously in LOVE with this team. You see, we spent years. . . no DECADES . . . where the team didn't make the play-offs. Where everyone said "Golden State Warriors" with a snicker and a sneer. They were simply not good. . . or had some good players who just didn't connect . . . or, well think of an excuse and it probably fit.

But right here and right now, this is their time - this is our time. The team has so much talent and is peopled with some very intelligent and admirable men. They epitomize T-E-A-M. And I admit, it is exhilarating to be a part of it - to be a part of Dub Nation.

So today, instead of dwelling on politics, wondering where my teeth went, and fretting over when my NEXT meal is. . . instead, I am watching a parade - THE PARADE. And I am reveling in the spectacular season of one of my fave teams. Pugsonally, I cannot think of a better distraction.

And look at the city of Oakland - often depicted as a rundown city of crime. Where as there are some elements of that, for the most part Oakland is a city of promise and a city of amazing history. It is a beautiful town sprawled against the backdrop of hills and preceded by the emerald waters of the San Francisco Bay. Yes, this is Northern California - a place I call home (but I live 40 mins south of Oakland).


Unknown said...

Oh my, this reminds me of when our Super Sonics won the title. Such suffering for so long a time. You do know that you have a former Sonic on your team, Kevin Durant. Of course he never played as a Sonic as our team was sold to OKC in a fashion that is still unforgiveable in Seattle. I do NOT purchase Starbucks coffee due to this sale. Go Warriors!!!!!

Julie said...

Woohoo and well done them!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx