Monday, June 26, 2017

Fun With SELFIES!!! Enter My Contest Today

As you may know, I am having a CONTEST. It is a selfie contest and I am asking everypuggy to send me their BEST selfies and at the end of a week (June 29 is the contest end) I will pick a KITTY and a DOG winner for gift baskets! I think this is sooooooo much fun and I wish I could enter.

But before I show you the latest SELFIES, I want to chat for a while about something fairly important. I am talking about. . . Getting along.
I think there is too much strife in the world. There is also too much finger pointing and posturing. Why can't we all recognize that we are all the same and basically all want the same thing: food, a warm/dry place to sleep, companionship. Once we all realize we are all working toward the same goal, maybe then there will be room for compromise and working together to a mutually beneficial solution. Imagine how wonderful that would be,

We were actually all being good girls here


So without further ado . . . here are the NEWEST SELFIES to enter the contest

Pepper, Baby and Mom
Timmy's cousins

 Artie (Stylin' Summer)

Auntie B's grandpup

 Miss Daisie (lower step) and Lady Shasta (upper step)

Time's a ticking away so enter TODAY!

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