Monday, November 11, 2019

This is a Very Different Vet

Happy Veterans Day!!!

When Mommy first wrote this BLOG POST, she put V-E-T. It made me QUAKE in my little bunny slippers! I like my dogter and all - but that doesn't mean I like VISITING him all the time. And last month I was there a few times. SOOOOO. I was worried that when Mommy said we were celebrating VETS, well I assumed. . .

I am happy that I was wrong (something I seldom admit to). Instead this is the day we celebrate VETERANS of the armed services. Those are the humans who work so hard to keep us safe from foreign invaders and usurpers and what have you. I am not really clear what it is all about; but I am glad they are doing it. I love being SAFE.

Also, this is the beginning of SHOW WEEK for Mommys 1&2. Neither of them is dancing anymore, but they still volunteer to help out the dance studio owned by Auntie D. So every year they are missing from home ALL DAY and most of the NIGHT in order to put on the best show ever. I know it is because I have seen it.

I will miss them BUT I know they are doing something they love. You know how those THEATER folk are. They are so drawn to the stage.

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