Thursday, November 7, 2019


SO, as you now know, Mommy's last two weeks have been anything but normal. She was so busy and then the new job started. AnyHOWWWWWW, my Halloween Costume idea went by the wayside.

To make matters WORSE, I got sick on Halloween Morning - I was all sulky and my tail was down and I was TREMBLING. I was hurting. Mommy checked my limbs for injury and felt for fever. Luckily none of those things were conclusive. So she gave me an antacid and went to work. She planned to call the DOGTER when she got to her office. She also talked to her SUPERVISOR about leaving early to take me there. The supervisor said sure. Mommy left early in the afternoon.

Mommy RUSHED home as fast as the traffic would allow. When she opened the door I bounded up to her like normal. I was telling her the ANTACID worked and I felt perfectly NORMAL and did not HAVE TO go see the dogter.

Nice try, Mommy said and took me anyhow. The DOGTER gave me a once over and declared me FIT AS A FIDDLE and sent me on my way. Told you, Mommy.

When Mommy got home she rushed around the house making things ready for Trick or Treaters and making dinner for the HUMANS in the house. It was nearly TnT time when she remembered I needed a COSTUME if I was going to greet guests at the door.

This - my very first Halloween Costume (That's a Bowl of Noodles) was what she choose. It still fit. The only difference is I STILL WORE MY HALLOWEEN POWER PAWS.

So, that was a little disappointing. But I did totally ROCK the costume and made it my own.


Matilda the Boxer said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with breaking out a classic costume! And this way your momma has LOTS more time to make a totally epic 2020 costume!

Idaho PugRanch said...

We are glad that you got feeling better and we love your bowl of noodles costume!
Mabel & Hilda